Dreams Related To Lie

Telling a lie about a scary insect

I have a scary bug that I'm trying to get rid of by convincing someone that is a cat so they take it.

A scary bug is often thought to be the manifestation of dark, pessimistic thoughts. You may be struggling to keep a positive mindset in reality, leading to this image of you trying to convince the bug to go away. But no matter how much you try to tell yourself everything will turn out okay, you may still have trouble truly believing it. The key to getting through this period is in the image of the cat. The cat taking the bug represents small trouble and inconveniences. In essence, this vision is suggesting that you distract yourself with annoying, inconvenient tasks to distract yourself from larger troubles. For example, now may be a good time to clean out your refrigerator or to schedule that doctor's appointment you have been putting off.