Dreams Related To Lice

Lice in your hair

A dream in which you find your hair to be full of nits and lice has positive connotations. It signifies that you are about to increase your financial assets or you might become the recipient of funding from an unanticipated source.

Killing lice

A dream in which you observe yourself trying to get rid of lice in your hair by exterminating or eradicating these insects must be considered a forewarning. It foretells the change of your good fortune to more dire circumstances which might in turn have a profound effect on your performance. Additionally, this dream could signify that you might be indulging in too many trivial or meaningless affairs.

Red lice in the hair

I am a girl. I wanted to know the meaning of the dream I had one day back. It started from my boyfriend, who was taking me to my home and I was introducing my family to him and after sometime he left and after that I see myself with some stranger (a girl) and my brother preparing to go somewhere. I start combing my hair and I saw small red lice here and there in my hair, I was trying to get rid of them and I ended up in front of a mirror, getting rid of even bigger red lice clinging to my hair tightly.

All three scenarios in your dream are pointing to a bountiful future. First, introducing your boyfriend to the family reveals your desire to make your parents proud. The boyfriend represents your personal decisions and general path in life, so showing him off to your family also represents your pride in what you have achieved so far. Second, the stranger is the embodiment of prosperity. You and your brother are going to stumble upon a million-dollar idea which will propel you into a very exciting and lucrative adventure. You only need to stick together and avoid letting superficial concerns between the two of you, so you do not end up dragging each other down. Finally, all those lice in your hair symbolize wealth which could stem from an inheritance or an untapped resource. They also refer to things that are bothering you. Your subconscious is basically telling you that you are missing something. All the assets and ideas idling away inside your head need to be tapped for huge returns.

Lice eggs

Dreaming about the presence of nits and lice eggs in your hair foretells the good fortune which is about to befall you. It signifies the opportunities and prospects which would allow you to become more affluent or better off financially.

Infestation with lice

A dream in which you perceive yourself to have a lice infestation can be considered a good sign. It signifies that you are about to become affluent or wealthy. It also symbolizes that you would live your life in opulence.

Combing lice out

A dream in which you see yourself running a lice comb through your hair for the purpose of getting rid of the lice is a good sign. Its an indication that you would be triumphant in resolving certain issues and problems which might have been meddlesome for you for a long period of time. By getting rid of these hindrances you might be able to live a stress-free and happy life.

Trying to kill lice with your hands

A dream in which you find yourself killing the lice with your own hands is symbolic of the meaningless or trivial activities which you might be indulging yourself in. It is also significant of the empty expectations or meaningless labors performed by you which would all be in vain and might have no positive outcomes.

Lice and blood

I saw that I am picking four or maybe five lice from my beloved's head in my dream. Every time when I picked a lice, on the scalp, I saw a blood spot on his head. Dark red colored blood came from his head. I am scared, what does it mean? Tell me please.

Picking out lice from the head of a loved one denotes a positive turn of events in both his and your future. Lice tend to represent problems and frustrations, so removing the lice from your partner's head actually suggests that together you two would find a solution to the issues. With your help, he would be able to overcome whatever challenge or difficulty stands in his way. However, this does not mean it would be easy. As indicated by the blood on his scalp, it would require effort, trust and passion from the both of you before anything is resolved.

Lice on pets

A dream in which you find your pets or other animals infested with lice has ominous connotations. It portends periods of great hunger, difficulty as well as dire financial losses. You could be subjected to these calamitous events one after the other or at the same time.

A small number of lice

Dreaming about a few lice in your hair portends the negativity which is about to enter your life. It indicates that you are about to face some regrettable and ill-fated circumstances which would prevent you from realizing your goals and hinder your progress so that you are unable to complete your projects the way you wanted to.

Head lice

Head lice or lice in your hair is generally a positive dream symbol that is often associated with wealth. The more head lice you find, the more money you would earn in reality. You could acquire lucrative financial assets thanks to well-connected friends or financial advisors. If you are working on a venture or a startup business, then you may receive a surprising source of funding which would be instrumental in your company's growth.

Lice on a pillow

A dream in which you discover lice on a pillow or a bed sheet is symbolic of the fact that you might be reunited with people from your family with whom you have been estranged for quite some time. This dream could also signify that things are going to change for the better in your household and there will be periods of bliss and harmony in your home.

Removing lice from hair

I saw myself taking out with my hands scorpion like and sized lice from within the scalp of my head out of the tangled knotted hairs.

A dream in which you see yourself catching or getting rid of lice in your hair could portend some negative circumstances. It could be an indication of infirmity and ill health in store for you. These health problems could bring with them a great deal of emotional upheaval and be quite time-consuming, they may not be resolved or gotten rid of easily or right away. This dream is most likely reflecting that your body is starting to sense or detect some changes or warning signs related to these possible upcoming health problems.

Exterminating lice

Dreaming about exterminating the lice by killing or poisoning these insects is an ominous sign. It portends that you are about to be confronted with the demise of a near one, either your in your family or people to whom you may be related.

Lice on your body

A dream in which you see lice creeping or crawling on your body is an indication of your unjust behavior towards a certain individual. This unreasonable attitude might become a bone of contention between you and the people whom you have known for a long time.

Catching lice

A dream in which you see yourself catching lice portends negativity. It is an indication of periods of infirmity and ill health in store for you. These health problems could bring with them a great deal of emotional upheaval and be quite time-consuming, they may not be resolved or gotten rid of easily.

Crawling lice

A dream in which you see lice crawling on your hair or parts of your body must be considered a forewarning. It portends that you are about to become financially indebted and become incapable of paying your bills or compensate the expenses related to things you might have bought or acquired recently.

Realizing you have lice

A dream in which you find yourself suddenly realizing that your hair has become lice-infested portends negativity. It signifies infirmity or ill health for you which may require a great deal of attention and financial means in order to be resolved.

Talking lice

A dream in which you find lice having a conversation with you or talking to you is a sign of unanticipated revelations. Additionally, it could mean that you might become the recipient of news which is both genial as well as gratifying.

Combing out lice

Hi, I would be really grateful if you could help me with my dream. I had a dream that I am having a lot of lice in my hair and I am trying to comb out all the lice. I have spread a white cloth where I see a lot of lice falling on the cloth when I'm combing my hair and I am trying to kill one by one. Please help.

Having a dream where you are combing lice from your hair is a negative sign associated with health problems. In particular, it points to sicknesses and conditions that take a long time to get over and heal. You may be having this dream because you subconsciously understand the workings of your body, and you can tell when you are feeling run-down or off. If you were able to successfully eradicate the lice in your dream vision, you may be able to avoid most, if not all, of the more serious side effects of your illness.

Lice laying eggs

Seeing lice laying eggs in a dream must be considered a sign which is warning you of upcoming tedious and difficult endeavors which you might undertake. These tasks could prove to be daunting as well as time-consuming and would require a great deal of effort and zeal on your part to reach culmination.

Trying to wash lice off clothing

A dream in which you perceive washing lice off your clothes must be considered as a forewarning. It is an indication that it is time you start being attentive towards people who may be scheming behind your back and who abhor you. Additionally, this dream could signify that you might be perplexed by and worried about false accusations and gossip circulating about you which create an inaccurate perception in people's minds about who you truly are. These rumors might even be intended to slander you.

Unable to locate lice

Dreaming about the fact that you do have lice but are unable to see or find these insects portends negativity in your life. It signifies that you are about to face dire losses or that you might have to make certain sacrifices or forfeit the things which you consider to be of the utmost importance for you.

Lice jumping in all directions

A dream in which you witness lice jumping in all directions has ominous connotations. It signifies that there are troubles and worries in store for you. You may become the recipient of portentous news which might prove to be dismaying and infringing on your otherwise relaxed and balanced lifestyle causing it to become imbalanced.

Looking for a treatment against lice

Dreaming about searching for a remedy or a treatment to exterminate the lice from your or your child's hair indicates the good vibes which are about to enter your life. It signifies that you would be successful in overcoming certain obstacles and hindrances which have kept you preoccupied for a very long time. With your efficiency and hard work you would soon be able to get rid of these problems.

Lice bothering you

A dream in which you find yourself being perturbed or vexed by the presence of lice in your hair or on your body indicates the fact that you are about to receive financial aid or help from the most unexpected and unforeseen sources.

Dirty house and kids having lice

My children were small and dirty, they had lice and my house was in deplorable condition. It was the house where my children were born with my first husband. I was trying to fix the house and clean my son's bed full of lice and smelling bad and asking him to take a shower. My first husband was there too pretending he was going to fix and clean the house.

Envisioning your house in bad condition is a sign that unfavorable occurrences or situations are about to take place. You would have to face these issues head on and resolve them before taking care of anything else. Discovering lice in your children's hair suggests you normally have good luck, but you may be fighting against your natural state by taking on tasks or behaviors that do not actually represent you as a person. For example, your efforts to clean your house could allude to relationships you need to repair. You may have unwillingly abandoned the connections because you thought you had other priorities. However, mending those ties could be the first step to turning your situation around.

Lice in someone's hair

A dream in which you find yourself detecting or looking at lice in someone else's hair is symbolic of the good vibes in your life. Its an idication of a great deal of good luck and fortuity which would come your way and would have a profound positive effect on all of the projects which you have undertaken.