Dreams Related To Library

Being inside a library

Spending time inside a library during the course of a dream vision can serve as a warning that you are putting to much strain on your memory powers. You may be trying to remember too much in too short a time, which could lead to forgetting most if not everything that you are trying to learn. Alternatively, this symbol is also thought to indicate the presence of a man or woman in your life who is an excellent aid or assistant in your daily life. They make your life easier by helping you organize or complete tasks in a timely matter.

A vision of yourself in a library can also be interpreted as a sign that you tend to bring out the worst in others by associating yourself with distasteful individuals. Your true friends and family probably do not appreciate some of the people you tend to hang around with. This symbol is also associated with being good at studying and understanding ancient history, culture and traditions.

Watching after a rabbit in a library

I went into this huge library. Saw a bunch of old co-workers. One had a few animals with him and he asked me to watch his rabbit for him, while he finished what he was doing. It got loose and I had to chase it around and every time I picked it up, it bit me. So, I ended up wearing winter gloves to help the situation. Finally my friend came back, so I put the bunny in his pet stroller thing. And then I left as well and walked out on to a college campus-like atmosphere, that's been in my dreams.

The library speaks of your personal journey and a continuous learning as you grow. It is your mind's repository for all the knowledge gleaned from your collective experience as you continue to face different situations. The rabbit you chase around in this dream, which you eventually catch, is an allusion to potentially trivial and annoying problems or issues that are interfering with the progress and success of your professional as well as personal life. There is also a sense of nostalgia which maybe reflects your own inability to fully accept and let go of the past. Perhaps there are loose ends you have yet to tie up and only when those are dealt with can you fully move on with your life.

Studying at a library

Spending time perusing books and studying inside a library, be it a public library or one inside a school, means you would soon be coming up with new goals for yourself or taking on new projects in reality. In order to make some good headway on this new path, you may need to seek some advice from a friend who has already started working on the same thing you are trying to accomplish.

A library hall

Seeing or entering a library hall while you are dreaming may mean that you would soon be shocked or caught off guard by a sudden revelation. This information or news would probably be quite unexpected, possibly changing the way you look at someone or a particular task. This symbol can also suggest you would do something embarrassing or shameful that would make others think that you are a lazy, stupid or bad person.

Going to the library

Going to a library while you are dreaming suggests you would soon undertake a large project that would require your complete time and dedication. While it would eat up a lot of your free time and energy, it is unlikely to benefit you in any way once it has been completed. This would leave you feeling drained and disappointed.

A library in general

The general image of a library is considered the manifestation of collected knowledge and experiences. It can carry slightly different meanings and interpretations depending on the circumstances within the vision. For example, a large, well-stocked library can point toward having a logical mind and a good memory. You could have a knack for remembering minute details or be good at tasks like debating. However, a library with few books or a disorganized system for storing them means you have trouble accepting or processing new information, meaning you would have trouble keeping up with logical arguments or important details.

A library on fire

Watching a library burn down in a fiery blaze predicts soon losing your best friend or another close companion in reality. This may be a sudden parting due to outside circumstances or the end of friendship due to growing apart. Alternatively, this same symbol can mean that you lack connections who share your same spiritual mindset or that you do not have many comrades who share your opinions.

A rabbit flying inside a library using its ears as wings

I dreamt I had to return a rabbit that had long ears like Dumbo to a library. I had no cage and the queue was long. I let it go by accident and it started flying around the library using its ears. It was only flying about the head level. It was tricky to catch again, but I did and had to hold it by its neck, pin down in my arms. It was a big grey rabbit, I then queued to return it.

This dream contains both positive and negative imagery, making it more difficult to come to a concise interpretation. Rabbits are often associated with success and improvements in your standard of living. This could include getting a promotion or better job, which is connected to the sign of waiting in line. Waiting in line, however, usually means facing troubles at work, such as people trying to sabotage your success or the profitability of your projects. You are likely to fall victim to their schemes, losing face and respect in your work environment. While this situation could hurt you, the final sign, chasing and catching the rabbit again, suggests finding redemption and overcoming whatever plan was set in motion against you. This vision gives no indication as to how this comes about, so you should be on the lookout for chances to prove yourself and make good use of your skills and talents.

Getting advice from library staff

Receiving advice from a librarian while visiting the library, whether it was about a book or about another of their services, can be interpreted as a sign that you would have to make a choice in the near future. Other symbols within your dream could make it clearer as to the seriousness of the choice or the potential subject.

Loaning books from a library

Dreaming of loaning books from a library can be interpreted as a positive sign, suggesting that you are open to receiving help or advice whenever you need it. This dream may symbolize a desire for knowledge, guidance, or support in your waking life. Loaning books represents the willingness to seek information and wisdom from external sources, while the library embodies a vast repository of knowledge. The dream implies that you may find peace of mind and reassurance through the insights and assistance provided by others when faced with unclear or challenging situations.

Doing something other than studying at a library

Doing something unusual or inappropriate in a library, like eating, talking or dancing around, can often reveal a tendency to hide your true intentions and motives from others. Your lack of authenticity around your own friends could mean that you have a reason to disguise your true intentions, suggesting you are using them for some reason.

Refusing help from library staff

Refusing or declining help that was offered by someone who works in a library reveals that you would soon find yourself suffering and unhappy in reality. The cause of your mental or emotional anguish would be someone else's act of deception, meaning you would be tricked or used by them for their gain.

Ghosts in a library

I was in a giant library and I was looking for a room to rent and a ghost was following me and the head librarian came up to me and told me that ghosts were very drawn too me, but not in a bad way and not to be afraid. I went into another room and a ghost was following me and then it left and another ghost came and followed into another room and then I left and went to my car.

The library in your dream speaks of your personal journey and the lessons you have learned. It is your mind's repository for all the knowledge gleaned from your experience in different situations. Finding a room to rent is likely an allusion to your desire for personal growth. However, in order to do that, you need to be able to face your ghosts. The ghosts following you around can either symbolize your mind dwelling on things which cannot be brought back, or it may point toward past issues you have been trying to avoid. In both cases, there is an important lesson you need to learn before you would be able to move on to the next chapter of your journey.

Realizing you are in a library

Finding yourself in a library during a dream vision, particularly if the realization dawned upon you suddenly, suggests you are subconsciously not satisfied with your current social situation. You may desire more variety in your interactions or need some fresh faces to liven up your day to day communications.

The reason for this particular dissatisfaction may find its roots in your own tendency to put on a facade when dealing and interacting with others. Because you pretend to be a different person in front of others, you attract those whose personalities or habits do not actually suit you. With that in mind, it may be better to be more honest with yourself and others.

Working in a library

Acting as a librarian in a dream world, such as letting people check out books or shelving them after they have been returned, means some negative developments may take place for you in reality. In most cases, this is thought to be associated with troubles with the brain and mind. For example, you could suffer from headaches, migraines or blackouts.

A library building

The library as a building carries a special meaning in dreams. It can serve as an indication that you would soon spend or devote some time to a task or subject that is deeply important to you. If you were able to actually enter the building during your dream, it suggests you would be successful in this endeavor, bringing you great happiness and satisfaction.

Talking to a librarian at the library

Approaching a librarian inside a library to ask for a recommendation or where a particular book is can reveal an upcoming decline in health. Your overall well-being may suffer as a result or illness, disease or some other health condition.

Buying a library

Buying a library as a philanthropic gesture or out of personal interest can be interpreted as a sign that a problem you are currently dealing with could benefit by being reviewed by a lawyer or another legal professional. This second pair of eyes comes with the background knowledge necessary to aid you in your decision making process and can help you, if needed, get the right paperwork filled out and submitted to pursue legal action for or against some party.

A very huge library

A particularly large or grand library in a dream can shed light on your ability to collect, access or retrieve information. You may be adept at gathering facts and figures from multiple sources on the web or talking to people directly to gain firsthand knowledge of their feelings and experiences.

Compiling your own library

Compiling your own little library in the dream world, such as setting up shelves and curating a book collection in your home office, predicts you would soon be involved in some minor tasks or have to take care of some unimportant business. Whether you chose to do these things yourself or were assigned them is unclear based on this vision alone.

Boyfriend getting shot inside the library

I had a dream about my boyfriend getting hurt and he got shot by somebody he doesn't know and I watched it happen so fast and I cried my eyes out and just held him in my arms crying so hard and screaming. And all of it happened in the library at our school.

Watching your boyfriend get shot in a dream portends upcoming challenges affecting your bond. Him getting shot and subsequently dying in your arms could represent the fading passion between the two of you. Perhaps you sense some distance or detachment from him which is why this symbolism appeared in your dream vision. Though it appears that you are still invested in saving or strengthening your romance, as evidenced by your emotional reaction to the events in the dream. Maybe you need to get to know each other more, symbolized by the library setting, in order to understand the issues getting in between the two of you.

Meeting an ex at the library

I had a weird dream where I was skating and stopped at this library. I saw that some people where doing class. Then I saw an ex lover in the class. She had a bald spot, and I remember asking her had she forgiven me. She said no, but still wanted to talk. I told her that she missed out on that along time ago. She asked for my number and told me to give it to her before class, I did. And she stated that she would unblock me.

The setting of the library in your dream vision reflects your personal journey through life and the lessons you have learned thus far. The library is a representation of your mind's storehouse for all the knowledge and experience you have gained over the years. Dreaming that your ex-lover was in the library and balding could shed light on both the prominent position she once held in your life and the trouble and hurt she caused at that time. Her willingness to unblock your number and contact you in the dream realm, rather than suggesting she is still interested, predicts that you would soon be surprised or confused by some event or action that occurs in reality. You could soon be shocked by something your ex does or suddenly and unexpectedly meet someone who replaces her in your mind and heart completely.