Dreams Related To Leg

Hairy legs for a woman

For a young and single woman, a dream in which she envisions her own leg or legs covered in hair could be foretelling that she would assume an imperative and controlling position in her current or future romantic alliance. For example, she could become a strict and authoritarian wife after the marriage with her current lover or with someone new whom she would meet in the upcoming future. If the dreamer woman is not fond of such a perspective, it could turn out to be useful for herself to reevaluate her general attitude in life and possibly make appropriate changes to alleviate the upcoming circumstances.

Nicely-shaped legs

Regardless of the actual attributes of your legs in waking life, a dream in which you see them as nicely-shaped and well-built is to be considered a good omen. It foretells good fortune and signifies a cheerful and happy upcoming future, both for yourself and your closest surroundings. Additionally, such a dream illustrates that you currently have or would have in the future many reliable and dedicated friends in your life, as well as other people who would eagerly support you in times of need and come to your side whenever you may benefit from their assistance.

Exposed legs

A dream in which you witness someone's legs being accidentally uncovered and exposed, for example, due to a sudden blow of the wind or as a result of the owner's move or change in posture, is an exceptionally favorable sign which could be foretelling future success in business agreements and negotiations. As a rule, such dreams portray a woman's legs being exposed, but this is not an important detail. Additionally, such visions may be indicating that the sexual aspect of your current relationship with your spouse or partner in love is a joyful, passionate and exceptionally pleasant one.

Your own legs

A dream in which your own feet are an important detail that grabs your attention, be it your legs in general or just a part of them, for example, the knees, thighs or toes, is to be considered a warning that you could find yourself excessively worried about your feelings and emotions in the upcoming future. Although it is impossible to predict the nature or direction of said concerns, it is important to assess the status quo and analyze whether it is possible to resolve current issues and questions, thus preventing their development into emotional disturbances that would later take a toll on your well-being.

Legs not working

Dreaming that your legs are not functioning properly in the dream realm can have multiple interpretations, depending on whether you felt you had an actual inability to walk or if your legs just felt too weak to walk. In the case that you were unable to walk, it means that you would be unable to work for sometime in the future due to an illness or injury. In most situations it would not be anything serious, like a cold, but you should be extra careful nonetheless. In the case you felt your legs were too heavy or weak to move, it suggests that you would feel some mental lethargy or exhaustion that would cause your performance at work to suffer. This may simply be a lack of motivation or it may be triggered by some event at your workplace.

Missing a leg

If you happen to see a dream in which you lose or have already lost one of your legs, regardless of the circumstances leading to this event, know that this vision could be speaking that you would be deprived of half of your financial assets or other material property in the upcoming future. Most likely, this loss would happen due to some unexpected and hard-to-prevent circumstances. Moreover, if in your dream you have envisioned yourself losing both legs, be aware that this omen could be portending sudden bankruptcy, absolute impoverishment and all related hardships that may follow. The specific cause of such a scenario is impossible to predict, so it could be crucial to stay alert for any possible dangers.

Legs frozen

Many times I have the same dreams when my legs are frozen from walking and I fall down on the floor.

A dream where your legs freeze up and you are unable to walk has negative connotations in the dream world, as it suggests that things are not likely to go your way in the near future. You may have difficulty accomplishing tasks that where no problem before, such as household work or tasks related to making your basic living. Your troubles would have a negative impact on your mental well-being, making you feel depressed and frustrated. Now may be a good time to step away from unessential responsibilities so that you can focus your energy on the things that matter most.

Wounded leg

A wounded leg in a dream warns of potential problems related to your finances. Your emotions may be getting in the way of making rational choices or taking proper care of your money. The real problem is that you are too open and free with your spending. You need to be more thoughtful about when and how you spend your hard-earned cash.

Someone pulling your legs

A person who pulls your legs in a vision is a metaphor for involuntary servitude. You could be bossed around by someone in your circle. The dream is telling you to grow a backbone and stop agreeing to unreasonable requests. This dream could also refer to the idiomatic expression "pulling your leg" which means somebody is tricking you or lying to you. Be careful with charming and articulate people. They could be manipulating you into doing something you will regret.

Breaking a leg

Your feet support your physical walk and posture in waking life, just as your friends are the support of your soul and spirit. That said, a dream in which you envision yourself breaking a leg may portend an upcoming situation that would lead to yourself losing a close friend. For example, this breakup could be the result of an unexpected disagreement, a relocation or even a drastic change in general attitude or lifestyle preferences. Additionally, such a dream could be foretelling significant difficulties and hardships related to your work or personal business. These issues would not be necessarily financial by their nature.

In the medical world, breaking one's thigh is considered to be one of the most dangerous and traumatic injuries of all related to the limbs. As such, a dream in which you envision yourself experiencing such a fracture is an ill omen indicating an upcoming accident of great magnitude, up to the point of being fatal for someone, not necessarily yourself or someone from your closest surroundings. A similar dream in which you witness yourself breaking your leg in the ankle region could be foretelling that you would embark on a controversial and questionable undertaking or assume an attitude that would subsequently make you regret this decision.

Absence of legs

A dream in which you envision yourself being legless, be it physically, as after an accident or amputation, or functionally, as being unable to feel and move them, should be interpreted in regards to your age and overall background. If you are a mature man, know that such a dream could be foretelling that your spouse or partner in love would question your loyalty and sincerity in the nearest future, be it as a result of your own actions or external circumstances you would have no control over. Alternatively, if you are a young man this dream could be indicating that your current projects and undertakings are doomed to absolute failure. Also, if the legless person in your dream was not yourself but a close relative or friend, this vision could be foretelling that in the upcoming future you would invest a lot of time and efforts into helping someone resolve their problems but this attitude, probably, would not be a philanthropic and caring one on your part. Most likely, you would be secretly chasing some kind of personal gain related or subsequent to the provided help.

Shaving your legs

Witnessing a dream in which you are in the middle of shaving your legs may be a sign indicating that you could lose a close friend or mentor in the upcoming future. Regardless of whether you shave your legs in waking life, this vision foretells approaching quarrels and disagreements between you and the person in question, which could eventually lead to either a temporary or an ultimate break-up. Take into account that these conflicts would not be necessarily initiated by yourself, as it is impossible to predict who would bear most of the fault for these arguments and therefore, it is important to do your best to defuse the situation even if you would feel that justice and fairness are on your side.

A long hair on the leg

A long hair that looks 50cm long on my leg that I was pulling out and took it out.

Long hair on your leg suggests idleness and lack of confidence. You tend to overthink and over-analyze things which often result in stagnation. Fortunately, dreaming that you are pulling out the hair represents your willingness to take more risks and inject spontaneity into your life. Being overly cautious has kept you from experiencing more out of life and this realization would finally propel you into action.

Legs covered with tattoos

Some psychologists believe that one's desire for a tattoo is symbolic of a strong willingness and resolve to cut out blood bonds and detach oneself from his own family. Regardless of whether this thought is true or not, a dream in which you see your feet covered in tattoos of some sort is usually interpreted as an ill omen that foretells you could lose your family in the upcoming future. If the dreamer is a man, such a scenario could involve either his original family or the one he established by marrying. Alternatively, if the dreamer is a young woman, a similar dream could be indicating that her husband, fiance or partner in love would soon pass away.

Legs with large veins

If you happen to see a dream in which a pair of legs entangled in a net of large veins strike you as an important detail, be aware that this is not a positive sign. Such a vision foretells upcoming challenges for all those dreamers who are striving to successfully conclude a business agreement, as well as for entrepreneurs involved in the field of commerce in general and direct sales in particular. Although it is impossible to predict the nature of the approaching challenges, it is very likely that you would have to invest a lot of time and efforts into settling them in your favor.

Someone cutting your legs off

A dream in which you witness a person or a group of people attempting to cut your legs off is a symbol of your current state of affairs in life. It is likely that you subconsciously feel subjugated and influenced by mischievous individuals or harmful habits, and yet you chose to act as if these circumstances do not cause you any substantial damage. As a result, you could have deprived yourself of the means to confront these people or habits and get rid of their detrimental impact on you. It is recommended to re-evaluate your status quo and assess whether you can undertake something to improve it and thus bring more freedom into your everyday life.

Someone with a broken leg

Dreaming of someone with a broken leg symbolizes a fortunate disruption in your friend's life from a spiritual standpoint. Generally, it suggests considering this event as a mnemonic reminder to provide support and assistance during challenging times. In essence, the dream advises offering help and being there for your loved ones during their time of need.

Misshapen legs

A dream in which a pair of misshapen legs strikes you as an important detail, regardless of whether these limbs are your own or someone else's, could be an omen foretelling that you would commit a series of self-centered and rude actions towards someone in the upcoming future. This attitude on your part could be insulting and painful for the person in question, and would subsequently come back to you in the form of significant losses and hardships either of physical or emotional nature. Long-term effects of such events are impossible to predict but could require a lot of time and efforts to be alleviated.

Lifting and twisting a leg

A dream in which you see yourself lifting and twisting your leg could be the harbinger of an approaching business or undertaking that could be described as exigent and challenging at the very least. Most likely such a project would demand a tremendous amount of time and energy to be conducted and fulfilled successfully. This interpretation could be especially precise if the twisting that took place in your dream happened in some bizarre and frightening way. Additionally, such a dream could speak of your keenness to procrastinate and postpone important tasks instead of getting rid of your laziness and finally do whatever has to be done.

Extremely long legs

A dream in which you see yourself as the owner of a pair of extremely long legs can have various interpretations depending on whether you are a man or a woman. If you are a man, consider this vision to be a favorable sign foretelling future victories and profits resulting from whatever project or activity you would be involved at the time. However, if you are a woman, know that the usual interpretation of such a dream consists of approaching roadblocks and challenges that could hinder your success in achieving your goals and aspirations. Additionally, regardless of your sex, a dream picturing unnaturally long legs could be symbolic of your laid-back and thoughtless attitude in life, which could later result in significant troubles you would have to deal with.

Legs assisted by crutches

Envisioning yourself using crutches to assist your legs in the process of walking is usually interpreted as a sign foretelling an approaching need and resolve to acquire a new skill or qualification in order to meet the ever-growing demand related to your occupation. For example, you could enroll in an online course, become a student at a college or just purchase a pack of self-education books on your topic of interest. Alternatively, this could be a step in seizing a totally different job if your current one has become unable to meet your financial, professional or personal aspirations for whatever reason.

Legs tired and aching

I dream that my legs are very tired. I usually need to get somewhere but the destination is unclear and it doesn't seem desperate that I get there but I'm on a journey. My legs are so tired, they ache and one step feels as if it gets nowhere. Male, 62, bad back and sciatica in real life.

Your legs represent your physical and emotional state in dream visions. They can also refer to confidence and control. As such, your dream vision likely reveals your weakening resolve as a result of your own physical limitations. The weakness of your legs and the resulting tiredness could be a reflection of your real-world health problems. Perhaps you have also been feeling under the weather or stressed out lately. This current condition could in turn be affecting your mental state. Maybe your health is not as robust as it used to be and this is making you feel blue. There may still be a lot of things you want to accomplish, yet your body can no longer bear the brunt of the physicality needed to attain those goals. On the other hand, this may also be an indication of your growing frustrations about your health. Maybe you think you have been doing everything necessary, yet you cannot find a reprieve from the pain. Your mind could be telling you not to stress out over things that are out of your control. Instead of dwelling on things not going your way, it may be in your best interest to focus on what is within your powers to change.

Many legs in basement window

If in a dream you find yourself in some sort of an underground room observing from the basement window a multitude of legs or feet passing by, know that this is a favorable sign. It could be foretelling that soon you would be able to find a long-lost or misplaced object in your household, an item which you have already searched high and low for and eventually grew hopeless of locating. For example, it could be a nostalgic memento, an important personal or corporate document, a book you have never had a chance to finish reading or even some cash you have carefully hidden and forgotten the specific place.

Someone with one leg

In the dream realm, seeing someone with just one leg can be interpreted as an allegory for overcoming challenges and moving forward despite a loss or setback, symbolized by the amputation. This dream represents the existence of a friend or an important person in your life who has faced adversity but continues to persevere. You must offer support and encouragement to this individual, recognizing their strength and resilience in their journey of overcoming obstacles.

A wooden leg

A dream in which your own leg is switched for a wooden limb, regardless of its complexity and quality, could foretell an upcoming situation in which your family and friends would start harboring doubts about the nobility of your intentions and your honesty in general. Most likely, this deteriorated attitude of the people you hold dear would be the result of your recent deeds and behavior, but not necessarily. Alternatively, a similar dream could be a predictor of approaching treachery and deceit coming from someone who would simulate acting for your good while, in reality, would just be fulfilling their personal ambitions.

More than two legs

How fast could we run if we had three or four legs instead of our own two? This thought is an interesting, yet absolutely pointless one when it comes to actual running. Similarly, a dream in which you envision yourself having more than two legs could speak of your keenness to fantasize about easy victories and overnight fame instead of putting enough efforts into gradually achieving your goals in reality. This personal trait could be regularly causing you much trouble, as the people who get acquainted with you may become initially enthusiastic about your aspirations only to be eventually disappointed by your inability to bring these dreams to life.

As an alternative, a dream in which you see yourself as the owner of more than one usual pair of legs could signify an upcoming reunion with someone or something that you had lost in the past. Most likely, you have invested a lot of time and efforts into finding this object or person but were eventually left without a trace of hope for a successful outcome. For example, it could be a personal item forgotten in the park, a beautiful man or woman seen briefly from your car's window or a childhood friend who has lost contact with you several decades ago. Keep in mind that it is impossible to predict whether this reunion would be a happy one or not, so it is recommended to prepare yourself for any of the possibilities.

Unable to control legs

A dream in which you find yourself unable to make a step in the desired direction, either due to an impaired control over your feet or an absolute paralysis of the limbs, portends upcoming financial hardships and losses. Most likely, this deterioration of your life's material aspect would severely affect both yourself and all members of your household. Although it is impossible to predict the source or cause of this looming impoverishment, it is safe to say that it would result in an absolute inability to meet even basic human needs in the worst case scenario.

If you are a woman and see a dream in which you are unable to move your feet and walk properly, be aware that this could be the harbinger of a questionable marriage to a laid-back and careless man, who would lack the energy and ambitions to set and reach significant goals in life. Eventually, picking such a spouse could result in having to live in poor and uncomfortable conditions not long after the marriage. Alternatively, if you are a young man, such a dream foretells that your future wife could be a rather short-fused and easily irritable person incapable of directing your domestic routine the right way. Most likely, a significant period of time would be needed for the two of you to finally reach a healthy and functional alliance.

Disproportionately thin legs

A dream in which you observe your own legs being extremely frail or disproportionately thin compared to the rest of your body could be a sign that major changes are happening in the thoughts, beliefs and notions of the people around you. These metamorphoses are not necessarily negative ones, nor they are bound to ruin your relationship with these people, but most likely are the result of your recent deeds, words and attitude towards them. It could be important to carefully observe the direction of said changes and promptly take action should they prove to be harmful to you.

Someone's misshapen legs

A dream in which you witness a pair of crooked and misshapen legs could be foretelling that you would soon be faced with a new adversary, rival or foe. This interpretation is especially true if you have seen the deformed legs in your dream at a close range or significantly magnified in another way as if, for example, in a picture or drawing. As an alternative, such a vision could be indicating that the plans and projects you are currently harboring are questionable, risky and associated with many hazards that could eventually ignite an open confrontation between you and your competitors or challengers.

Performing an action with your leg

A dream in which you envision yourself using your leg or legs to perform a specific action, for example, kicking the ball during a football game, driving a car by pressing its pedals or even performing martial and acrobatic tricks, indicates that in the upcoming future you could partake in projects and tasks which would eventually lead to legal proceedings, such as court litigation or arbitration. Take into account that it is impossible to predict neither the specific events that would result in said circumstances nor their outcomes and the subsequent impact on your life.

Someone caressing your legs

A dream in which you envision someone caressing your leg or legs against your desire and approval is considered to be a sign foretelling future arguments and fiery debates which could escalate to an open confrontation or even a violent fight. The vision you have witnessed in your dream contains a symbol of your personal space being violated, so it is natural to interpret it as a harbinger of another kind of violation that could possibly take place in your waking life in the upcoming future. It is impossible to predict who would play the role of the oppressor in this case, therefore it is recommended to stay alert at all times.

Receiving someone's legs

A dream in which you envision yourself obtaining someone else's legs, for example, as if they were donated for transplantation, is an extremely favorable omen. As a rule, this symbol is interpreted as one foretelling that you would never be left alone in times of need, as your friends and family would always be there for you. Most likely, you are a person who knows well how to establish strong bonds with the people you hold dear and thus can always rely on their wholehearted support and assistance in dealing with any kind of hardships that life could throw your way. This is essentially what your dream could be portraying - when you would be unable to stand and walk, the people who love and respect you would become your legs to prevent your fall.

Legs covered with scales

A dream in which you see your own legs covered in scales, regardless of whether they appear to be fish or reptile scales, is a symbol portraying your inclination towards immoral and reprehensive behavior, as well as all kinds of sinful activities. The described keenness could be taking place in your subconscious mind, and not necessarily manifesting in the form of actual deeds. In any case, this propensity could be slowly corroding your personality and leading to a gradual decay of your image in the eyes of those people who somehow feel or see this predisposition deep inside your character.

Unattractive woman's legs

A dream picturing yourself observing a pair of woman legs and perceiving them as unattractive or even repulsive could speak of the absence of significant goals and ambitions in your life. This interpretation is especially true if you happen to be a man who has to provide for his family. The dream you have seen could be indicating that you are generally content with where you stand in life, and thus see your main duty in feeding your family and paying the rent, with nothing greater or more complex than that. It is impossible to predict whether this attitude would change in the future.

Having three legs

Envisioning a dream in which you are the owner of three legs instead of your usual quantity of them in waking life is traditionally interpreted as a sign that you could be considering yourself an exceptionally talented person, the lucky owner of a prominent set of skills, a bright and creative mind or just a highly energetic and competent individual. You could be subconsciously believing you are on the same level as heroes, geniuses and global trendsetters but, to your disappointment, no one seems to acknowledge these claims. Additionally, a similar vision could be indicating that you have all the means and qualities to become a fabulous performer, for example, an actor, singer or musician.

Being pulled by legs at school

New classmates were pulling my right leg. Wanted me to participate in something. I held on to an old classmate's leg. The old classmate was originally going away but helped me when she saw I needed help. The old classmate sat calmly on some grass while I held on to her leg and I was terrified.

A dream wherein you see other people trying to pull your legs has negative connotations. It signifies financial losses or money shortages. The classmates pulling your legs could refer to individuals in your waking life who would like to create problems for you. However, the fact that you had someone to hang on to should be an assurance that you would prevail despite any obstacles placed in your path. Make sure you remain wary of anyone trying to cause trouble or take advantage of you.

A legless woman

I'm not close to her at all but I dreamt that she had both of her legs. I also remember sitting outside a restaurant with her sitting without her legs braiding my hair. And I asked if it hurts.

Specifically dreaming that someone has both of their legs in a dream, whether they have legs or are an amputee in reality, is a positive symbol associated with success, fortune and progress. In a sense, the presence of legs literally refers to moving forward with some aspect of life. However, the idea that this woman did not have her legs later in the dream could mean the halting of progress or some type of impediment to success. Even though you are picturing someone else in this state, it seems you may be the one suffering from a lack of progress recently, as having your hair braided points to sadness and distress. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your recent results or you are not improving as quickly as you have in the past. In any case, instead of worrying how quickly you are moving, focus on how far you have come and the happiness you would feel upon reaching your goals.

Being chased by a boy's leg

I was with my mum and my younger sister and we went to a train station and a little boy's leg chased me through the train and my mum and sister got off and left me on the train. When I got off, the leg followed me and rolled onto the train tracks and a train ran over it.

The train station in this dream indicates a dilemma. You are faced with a difficult decision and you are running out of time. The boy's leg could be a symbol of youth and freedom. One of your choices requires giving up control and a little bit of freedom. To move closer to your dreams, you need to put your trust in people who have more knowledge and experience than you. Of course, this does not mean that you become passive. At the end of the day, you get to decide what you want to do with your life, but a little guidance would not hurt.

Burnt legs

Burnt skin in the dream realm signifies distress. The location of the burnt skin on your body will provide a clue about what type of distress you are currently experiencing or will be experiencing in the coming days. To see or feel burnt legs means you probably feel a lack of willpower. Perhaps you need to have mental toughness or develop your strength in facing difficult situations, instead of withdrawing or walking away. Gaining mental fortitude will enable you to rise above challenges and be fortunate enough to achieve your goals.

Rash on legs

According to Jungian interpretations, the meaning behind a rash on your legs in related to aspects of your reality that take up too much of your attention or cause you annoyances in wake life. Your confidence may have taken a beating because your independence and self-sufficiency have taken a hit, likely due to circumstances outside of your control. Frustration and disappointment are other common emotions related to this symbol. Furthermore, noticing that the rash was infected may mean that your have ignored or repressed these feelings for too long. Take care of your mental health and talk to someone who may be able to help you overcome this challenge rather than suffering in silence.

Legs being weak

In general, legs that feel heavy or weak to the point that you are unable to walk well represent a lifestyle that puts a strong emphasis on work and results. As such, experiencing this sensation or situation in the dream realm may give you some answers to lingering questions you have about work-life balance and what it means to succeed. You may be getting ahead in your career based on your ability to turn off your brain and dive into your work. However, your physical needs, mental well-being and close relationships may be suffering due to this state of affairs. You may want to reevaluate exactly what you want and what you are willing and not willing to sacrifice to get it.

Someone losing their legs

Envisioning someone losing their legs in a dream symbolizes a fear of losing the ability to move forward or make progress in life. Generally, it reflects a sense of vulnerability and a fear of being handicapped or limited in some way. Furthermore, this dream highlights a need to address feelings of powerlessness and find a remedy to regain a sense of control and mobility. Seeking therapy or developing a plan of action to regain a sense of control in your life would be a good strategy.

Pulling screws and nails out of your legs

Dreaming of pulling screws and nails out of your legs signifies a symbolic process of growth and maturity. The screws and nails represent emotional or psychological burdens that you need to release. This dream encourages you to confront and address unresolved issues and challenges that may be hindering your personal development. Just as removing these objects from your legs brings relief, letting go of emotional baggage can lead to a sense of liberation and self-improvement. Embrace this dream as a call to face your challenges head-on, mature, and grow, allowing yourself to move forward with greater strength and resilience.