Dreams Related To Leech

Leeches and earthworms

Good morning, I had a dream about leeches crawling with earthworms. Can you please help?

The leeches and earthworms crawling around could be considered an ill-omen. Such a sign portends the possibility of having hostile interactions with coworkers, colleagues or partners in business. This, in turn, could turn your workplace into a stressful and tension-filled environment for you. There may be some clues as to the root of your coworkers' disagreeable behavior if you are willing to look for them, but such a compromise would require a great deal of patience on your part.

Fighting leeches

My dreams tend to contain adventure. In this one, my sister and I have to defeat an evil man who has sent man-eating leeches to kill us. We slay them fearlessly. Next thing I know, I am in the bathroom in my house (which is a reoccurring place), and the leeches are all over the floor but are smaller. I don't understand the meaning of the leeches?

An attack by a mysterious man using leeches on you indicates that accumulation of obligations or tasks during this particular period of your life is becoming a heavy burden for you to handle. A mixture of anxiety, exhaustion and symptoms of burnout seems to be a dominant theme in your waking life. Excessive perfectionism, stressing over hard work you need to complete and alike may be contributing to fatigue that you may not even recognize or acknowledge at the moment. On the other hand, hiding in the bathroom of your home, coupled with the images of miniaturization of leeches, can be indicative of your ability to overcome this burden by relaxing and finding some free time to simply enjoy life and reducing your workflow loads to the level that doesn't cause stress.

Squeezing out leeches and worms

Couldn't hold my pee. I peed even on the floor, but tried to catch it with a container like a pitcher. It was full. Then 2 leeches were on my left hand. I tried to remove and was successful. Then one worm was crawling on my left hand nerve. Checked my right, was a lot. I can even squeeze them out from my right hand. I tried to remove everything out by squeezing hard and I saw my right hand looking like an empty used glove because it was just the skin. Lately I have been dreaming a lot... Snake.. worm.. poop.. flower.. clothes and sometimes my late father is with me in my dreams and some members of my family.

This is a fairly complicated dream to interpret, due to the numerous signs you have provided. However, the general impression of this vision is negative in nature. Specifically, the imagery of the leeches all over your body could indicate becoming involved with a group of gossipers. You may have recently found it fun to swap stories and information with others about a common acquaintance, which are most likely unflattering in nature. However, seeing yourself peeing on the floor suggests you may also be giving away a little too much information about yourself in these little chats, meaning you may soon find yourself the victim of some vicious rumors backfiring on you if you are not careful to keep your personal matters under wraps.