Dreams Related To Leather

Leather in general

Leather as a dream symbol, such as the presence of clothing in leather or seeing items and furniture covered in leather, is usually a positive sign. This means you may attract the attention of the opposite gender or people you are interested in. This attraction or interest may stem from your renewed confidence in yourself and your abilities. Similarly, you could expect smoother transactions and positive developments in your work or project because of your self-confidence and motivation to succeed which would be evident to your bosses and colleagues.

Furniture upholstered in leather

Seeing furniture with leather upholstery, such as a leather upholstered sofa or a recliner, denotes lies and deceit ahead of you. The deception and betrayal may start off as petty arguments and conflicts, though they may eventually snowball to more serious allegations and slander. All the work you have put in trying to build a good name and reputation could easily come crumbling down if you do not play wisely or strategically. This may be your subconscious preparing your for the emotionally draining and psychologically trying times in your future.

Leather boots

Leather boots, especially on the feet of someone you are attracted to, is a lucky omen to see in a dream. It means this person is likely marriage material and your future together would be successful if both parties are enduring and flexible, much like real leather. If you share a common belief system, it may provide better protection and insulation for your partnership.

Dressed in leather

Dreaming that you are dressed in leather, such as sporting an all-leather ensemble, donning a leather jacket or wearing leather pants or leather shoes, is a very auspicious symbol of success in reality. Specifically, your success may result from successful ventures, trading stocks online or market exchange. Your financial knowledge and overall know-how coupled with a bit of luck would finally bear significant fruit as you get massive returns from your investments. If you play your cards right, you may be able to retire early.

Black leather

Black leather, like a black biker jacket or leather pants on you or someone else in your dream, generally denotes deception. Maybe a close friend would stab you in the back which would permanenly damage your friendship or totally end your relationship. Alternatively, if the leather is black and dirty, then the issue or conflict would happen between you and your romantic partner. You or your significant partner may commit adultery. Eventually it would come to light which would force you to reevaluate your entire relationship.

Leather accessories

Wearing leather accessories or just seeing them on other people, maybe even looking at leather merchandise like belts and bags inside a boutique, portends favorable events in your personal life. You would experience stability in your current relationship and if you are single, then you will likely find someone you would have a real connection with. In addition, this could also be a good thing for your family as you would have a harmonious and loving bond with your loved ones. Things would slowly fall into place and life would get better for you.

Red leather

Red leather as a dream symbol portends celebration. It could be seen in this dream as red leather shoes, a couch, a leather-bound book or other items made of red leather material. You could attend a big gathering or party where you would socialize wiith a lot of new people or people from your past whom you have not seen or talked to in a long time. A reunion could be coming up for your family or a school homecoming of sorts. Whatever social occasion it may be, you would thoroughly enjoy it and even make lasting connection with some of the other attendees.

A smooth leather surface

Running your hands on leather, like a leather sofa or other items, and feeling its smooth surface denotes the fulfillment of your dreams especially your artistic pursuits. This means that your upcoming success and achievement would likely not happen in your regular work or usual routine, rather this would happen for your passion projects or undertaking of yours on the side. Perhaps it is because of the fact that this is a break from your normal routine, so you have more energy and enthusiasm to pursue it.

A pile of leather

Seeing a pile of leather, such as in a tannery with all leather hides or animal skins in neat stacks or piles prior to processing or manufacturing, generally points to a happy existence ahead of you. Not only will you achieve happiness, fate would also be on your side. Being blessed with luck and fortune would help you achieve bigger and better things, both personally and professionally. So long as you keep going, something would always steer you into a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones.

Book covers made of leather

Seeing leather book covers or books covered or bound by leather, inside a library or a bookstore, is an indication of your desire to pursue higher education. If you have not finished your undergraduate degree, then you may want to go back to college and get your diploma. If you have already graduated from university, then perhaps you are considering graduate studies or a second degree. Alternatively, this can also be indicative of your desire to learn or experience something new or completely out of your comfort zone.

Selling leather items

Selling leather items in your dream, such as leather jackets or bags and accessories in a store, points to stability at work and at home. Your projects and other undertakings would move at a comfortable and manageable speed. It would also be relatively peaceful in your household as you and your loved ones. This stable period would allow you to gain some perspective about your life and maybe even use this time to help you gear up, save your strength, to eventually pursue your goals with more fervor and enthusiasm.

Buying leather items

Buying leather items like belts and bags, perhaps when you bought a leather jacket for yourself or a bag as a gift for someone, means bullies may try to break your spirit or intimidate you in your workplace. It is also possible that you would run into trouble with a group of people who may try to ostracize you from your social group or even discredit you by criticizing your character. They may be working against you out of pure spite, though it is also possible that you have committed errors that you are not acknowledging. Some self-awareness may help you know exactly where you stand on this predicament.

Tanning leather

Dreaming that you are in a tannery and tanning leather, or watching someone else tan the leather, could be a hint that you need to go to the dentist for oral prophylaxis or similar dental procedures to take care of your teeth. You may have been too busy that you have neglected proper oral hygiene. Alternatively, it could foreshadow financial troubles. Specifically, you may lose a significant portion of your assets and experience being impoverished. You may go broke because of impractical purchases or indiscriminate spending, so you may have to rein in your impulsive buying sprees.

Cutting leather

Dreaming of cutting leather, such as tracing the pattern of a leather handbag or for a crafts project, means you may get yourself involved in petty arguments or debates. Negligible issues may spiral into something bigger. This could be fueled by irrational emotions or occur during a drinking session making it more likely for things to get out of hand. When cooler heads prevail, it may not turn into a serious mess, but if you allow emotions rather than reason to get in the way, then you may have a harder time at fixing things.

Cleaning or washing leather items

Cleaning or washing leather items, such as wiping off molds and treating the leather with solutions, unfortunately means you could get sick sometime soon or someone you love could suffer through health issues. You may have been focusing too much on work and other commitments, so your body has started to react negatively to being overworked and stressed out. As such, the leather requiring cleaning depicts an unhealthy body which needs medical attention, perhaps this also means that you have to take better care of yourself or you have to take care of your loved ones so you can make more memories together.

Pleather instead of leather

Pleather or artificial leather usually made from plastic or polyurethane material suggests possible defamation or character assassination against you. There are personalities in your social circle whose alliances may easily shift when they have something to gain from your downfall. In a way, this could be an early warning for you to start being more socially savvy or even more discerning in choosing your friends and allies both at work and in your personal affairs. Being too trusting and naive could easily make you vulnerable to lies and betrayal in general.