Dreams Related To Leaf

Sweeping leaves

Sweeping up old, dry leaves that have fallen to the ground symbolically represents slowly gaining control of a situation by gradually creating a strong foundation for yourself. In this case, the act of tidying up the leaves that have been floating down from the trees represents slowly and carefully tending to a relationship or situation that, with time, would set you up for great success in the future. The work may seem tedious and even pointless sometimes, but do not give up.

A green leaf

Perceiving a green leaf symbolizes being young and free-spirited. However, this is not always a good sign. On the flip side, this vision suggests your tendency to become immature at times and your likelihood to commit reckless behaviors. As a result, you might face humiliation, and people might view you as disgraceful. Making carefully planned decisions is in what you do is advisable at all times.

A leaf turning into an eye

I'm walking in the woods alone, it's dark. I'm wearing a purple cloak, a leaf falls of a tree in front of me and glows. It's an eye, it tells me to run. Then I see a cottage with a tall man surrounded by child spirits.

Walking alone through a dark forest usually points toward a need to take a break from the stress and responsibilities you have in reality. The cause of your mental or emotional strain is likely related to substance abuse, which is seen in the symbol of the purple cloak. Drugs or alcohol may be either the cause of your problems or your way of dealing with them. Perhaps you imbibe a little too much after work or smoke weed to relax after a stressful day. The bright, glowing eye you envisioned suggests someone is looking out for you. While you may feel alone or overwhelmed, there is probably someone in your circle you could turn to for support rather than unfeeling, unhealthy substances.

Removing leaves from trees

De-leafing trees.

The act of deleafing trees in a dream vision is a powerful and vivid symbol to perceive. It alludes to soon facing some challenge or difficulty that would require you to lean heavily on someone else for support. For instance, you may lose your job and need to turn to family for financial support. Alternatively, you could become ill with a chronic disease and require help moving around from hospital staff. This situation would leave you feeling helpless and possibly embarrassed.