Dreams Related To Leader

Following the leader's orders

I was with a group of people and the leader said jump into the water but we couldn't see water because it was foggy, so we jumped and then I saw a pool and that I was gonna hit the pavement beside the pool and everyone else went in the water. It didn't hurt when I fell but I got a bad headache. I got in the kiddy pool and talked to the leaders and laughed it off, we went back up the cliff in a small stairwell and some girl gave me a snarky look. That's all. I'm female.

Foggy weather is usually a sign that the dreamer is in a depressed state. Sometimes this is a temporary state, like after receiving bad news or experiencing the passing of a loved one, or it may be a condition you are dealing with for the long term. Jumping into the water without being able to see where you are going represents jumping into things without really knowing what you are getting into. Perhaps the leader you saw in your vision reflects an authority figure or respected peer pressuring you into doing something you do not want to, but in your less than perfect mental state you have trouble saying no. Hitting the pavement but surviving, however, means there is a chance you can avoid this influence and do something truly beneficial to yourself.