Dreams Related To Ladder

Climbing a ladder

Dreaming about observing yourself climbing a ladder is a positive symbolic vision. The upward movement usually translates current or upcoming success. However, you are climbing a ladder. This is a precarious form of ascending. Put together, these symbols could suggest that you are capable of keeping a high self-esteem and good self-image regardless of what happens around you. Other people’s perception of you would also tend to be positive.

Falling down a ladder

Dreaming about falling down a ladder could symbolize an uttermost and complete surrender to something or someone. For example, you could obsessively and madly be in love with someone. You might have also started some enticing occupation or activity. Such surrender to this person or activity would make you forget, neglect or ignore everything else around you. Later on, you could regret not having fully attended to your responsibilities and duties. Some problems may arise.

A ladder to the sky

Dreaming about seeing a ladder which leads up to the sky is a positive sign. It translates a steady progression towards your objectives. Everything would happen as planned and estimated. You would have no negative or unexpected surprises. Just keep moving forward, and you will succeed.

Climbing up a ladder

Climbing up a ladder symbolizes perseverance. This is a very auspicious dream symbol for success and achievement. Just like the direction you take as you climb the ladder, this ascent would also manifest in your real-world career in the form of promotions or projects which would solidify your standing in your chosen industry. This could also represent your ambitious nature because you probably focus on progress and development no matter what targets you set for yourself.

Using a ladder to escape

Dreaming about seeing yourself using a ladder and escaping, for example, from a prison, could translate a costly success. Although you could be about to succeed at accomplishing your current main goals, this accomplishment would have a price. It would involve the employment of risky, dubious or hazardous means.

Carrying a ladder

Dreaming about observing yourself carrying a ladder could represent expressing sympathetic attitude. In particular, you may soon be of service to someone in need of help or advice. You would attend to that person’s needs to the best of your abilities.

A rope ladder

Dreaming about seeing or climbing a rope ladder is a positive symbol. It translates your current strenuous efforts for the achievement of some goal or your present dedication to some arduous task. Nevertheless, this personal investment and commitment would be successful, profitable or rewarded at the end.

Getting down a ladder

Dreaming about getting down from somewhere using a ladder could symbolize an altruistic gesture or inclination. That is, you could try to support, assist, comfort or help someone. However, this person or people would fail to recognize, acknowledge, be grateful toward and reward your selfless attitude.

Holding up a ladder

Dreaming about holding a ladder up or propping it against a wall is a positive sign. It could reveal a present or impeding self-improvement period. You would attend to your own needs and desires. You would refine and develop your relationships, health, identity, self-esteem and skills. Moreover, you would feel fulfilled and satisfied with your progress.

A ladder under a window

Dreaming of a ladder, which is placed near or under a window, could be forewarning. You could soon be subjected to some misfortune or bad luck. For example, you could be about to be robbed or swindled by some fraudulent person. Alternatively, one of your material possessions, such as one or several of your household items, your dwelling or your vehicle could be vandalized or burglarized.