Dreams Related To Labradorite

Picking labradorite stones

Dream of labradorite: 16 June. Had a dream I was going up a hill and suddenly there were polished labradorite the size of a pocket book between the rocks in the mountain hill. I was so happy, I started picking them. They were shiny and beautifully reflecting their chatoyance. I then found an Ikea type of bag and started pilling the labradorite chunks in the bag. But there was already piled labradorite in that bag. I found it weird to know that someone else probably had left that bag there.

To envision yourself walking or hiking uphill is an allegory for good fortune. This means luck is on your side. You also have the focus, stamina and endurance to accomplish more at this juncture of your life. Gemstones, like the labradorite in your dream, allude to prosperity and comfort. Finding and gathering these labradorite pieces depicts excellence in your work, upcoming achievements, recognition and overall victory with your projects. On the other hand, the luster of the gems and the bag of labradorites left behind convey a word of caution that shiny things do not always lead to fulfillment and satisfaction. It is also a reminder that different people have different definitions of success, and this factors into our decision-making.