Dreams Related To Koala

Son carrying a koala

I dreamed that my son carried a dirty koala and an otter was nearby as well while he was trying to enter our old house when I was young. I shouted at him to get away but my son got angry and tried to scare me with weird make-faces instead.

The dirty koala and the otter that were seen with your son in the vision could reveal that your hopes and desires related to his upbringing would not come true. Perhaps he is not interested in following the path you desire for him, or maybe he is involved with certain individuals who are tempting him towards bad behavior. Your old house refers to your subconscious wish to go back to a simpler time, perhaps when your son was smaller. Your son's anger and attempts to scare you, then, represent his rebelliousness, while the weird faces you saw can be interpreted as a sign that you know this is all a phase and not serious.