Dreams Related To Kitten

Adopting a grey kitten

I had a dream that I found a small grey kitten, I remember that it jumped into my arms and I remember adopting it. I walked down the street with my sister and when I came back I was so excited that it was still there.

If you happened to dream of a grey kitten, it foretells a set of small unfavorable circumstances which could occur shortly in real life. These changes may alter your state of mind and cause sadness and disappointment, producing considerable emotional pain. Seeing a little kitten jumping into your arms and adopting it in your dream, refers to your current mood. It may suggest that you are taking too much burden and duties that your shoulders no longer can hold. You probably need a more extended relaxation period and reconsider the importance of the weight you may carry unnecessarily.

Tiny kittens and a red spider

I had three very tiny kittens in a box. They fell out of the box. They were so tiny I couldn't find them. Then I found one, but a tiny red spider was taking it away. I was gonna kill the spider and get kitten but I didn't. When my brother came to me I told him I lost the kittens and he said "Don't worry about it".

Kittens in dreams can represent tiny obstacles, but they can also symbolize childlike curiosity and innocence. In your case, the presence of the red spider may make both interpretations applicable. The red spider could be an overbearing individual or a cunning and manipulative loved one trying to control your actions and decision-making. This individual who clearly has a significant influence on you may try to undermine your free will and independent spirit. Perhaps he or she thinks that a little discipline would allow you to grow into the best version of yourself. This could just be an obstacle in your relation with this person because although you may disagree on certain things, you do share the goal of self-improvement.

Kittens in general

A dream in which a kitten or several kittens strikes you as an important element, without any other specific details, could be the harbinger of approaching nuisance and frustration due to a series of unfortunate events and resulting negative emotions. Alternatively, the described symbol could be foretelling a scenario in which you would have to deal with a person or group of people who would be extremely uncomfortable to be with and irritating, bothering you until the very moment you find a way to remove them from your life.

Looking for kittens

Dreamed of meowing kittens but couldn't find them anywhere. I searched around alleys till I got to a dangerous weird-looking ocean bridge alley that was somewhat connected. My dream ended there and I never found the meowing kittens. Interested to know what my dream is telling me. Hope you can interpret for me. Appreciated. Thanks.

Hearing kittens meowing in the distance could be a representation of your search for independence and personal fulfillment. Meanwhile, the ocean bridge alludes to your social connections. As such, your vision suggests that your journey towards independence involves getting to know some shady characters who could either change your perspective on life or ultimately derail you from your original path. It seems like losing your way is part of finding out who you really are at the core. Perhaps your inability to find the kittens also alludes to a loss of innocence and naivete in the process.

Buying kittens

I was staying with a friend and went to a pet store and found three unique kittens. One was white with the word "Gods" on the side of it. Another was white with black hearts and it said "Love" on its side. The one that I chose was brown and red and excessively loving. I am later sitting with my friend who I am staying with and find out that I have bought all three kittens unknowingly.

Kittens generally symbolize little annoyances and petty problems. As such, buying kittens can reveal your tendency to take lost individuals under you wing or help out troubled characters. All three kittens refer to different types of personalities you could meet sometime soon and who would become integrated into your social circle. The white kitten in particular means that one of them could betray your trust. The kitten with the red fur, meanwhile, refers to someone who may try to steal your significant other from you. Finally, the black and white kitten is the one who would stay true to you.

Killing kittens

Three orange kittens and I killed the two by strangling.

Seeing kittens in a dream vision predicts some unfavorable events coming up in your life, however, the colors of these animals can change the picture entirely. Orange colors bear positive meanings such as freshness, productivity, and brightness. The number of three is very symbolic, which means trinity, spiritual enlightenment, and creativity. The vision of three orange kittens together foretells an imminent productive period where you will be filled with creative energy. However, killing two of them means you are struggling with recognizing your outstanding ability, and you often suppress them due to some adverse circumstances in your surroundings.

A black kitten

As a rule, any dreams featuring a black kitten are interpreted as omens foretelling a multitude of petty hassles, quarrels and irritating inconveniences in the upcoming future. Although these developments are not likely to make a significant or long-term impact on your life in general, the emotional nuisance of having to rectify the status quo could be exceptionally bothersome. However, if in your dream you have managed to chase the kitten away by frightening it or by resorting to some other method, consider this vision to be an indication that you would be able to successfully deal with the mentioned troubles on your own and in the shortest time possible.

A playful kitten

If you happen to dream of a little kitten cheerfully playing in your own home, know that this symbol could be a reflection of your current state of mind. Perhaps, you could be feeling torn between the serious responsibilities you have to deal with on a regular basis and the simple need to relax and have some quality rest at least every once in a while. Therefore, consider this dream to be a friendly advice from your subconscious mind to reconcile these two polarities in your life and do your best to unwind from the hassle while still keeping in mind the importance of your usual duties and work.

Holding a kitten

A dream in which you envision yourself with a kitten in your hands, regardless of its size or color, is traditionally interpreted by most sources as a symbol of seized dreams and fulfilled aspirations. It is very likely that in the upcoming future your current projects and undertakings would reach a point of outstanding success, with countless possibilities available onward. Alternatively, such a vision could be foretelling that you would be able to finally rectify something that has been bothering you for a long time already. Both interpretations are especially precise if you remember having a deep feeling of comfort and quiet joy while holding the kitten in your dream.

A kitten hanging on curtains

If you happen to envision a dream featuring a playful or frightened kitten hanging on a curtain, be aware that this vision is widely interpreted as a warning sign. This symbol foretells that in the upcoming future some of your close friends, direct relatives or even business allies could start spreading rumors about you. Most likely, this would not be done necessarily to hurt you yet would be the natural outcome of this person or people revealing delicate and personal information you had shared with them in the past. It is impossible to predict whether the resulting gossips would be detrimental to your status and reputation in the long run.

Undernourished kittens

A dream in which you happen to find or observe a group of undernourished kittens trying to find some food in order to survive is interpreted as a vision foretelling that in the upcoming future you could be deceived by a person or group of people who, although making a positive first impression, would eventually prove to be dishonest, selfish or unreliable. It is impossible to predict the specific events that would take place in your relationship with this individual or group, but most likely they would result in a significant amount of regrets and emotional suffering for you.

An aggressive kitten

Dreaming of yourself in the process of playing with a rather aggressive or violent kitten, one that would vigorously bite and claw your hands or the toys you try to offer it could be a vision speaking of the true nature of the person you are currently dating. Even if everything in your relationship feels calm and pleasant at the moment, it is likely that your partner in love could eventually turn out to be a selfish and egotistic troublemaker keen to create pointless drama out of thin air. If you have even the slightest suspicions of this description being true, it could be wise to reevaluate your alliance with this person and think carefully whether you are ready for the further developments in this direction.

However, an alternative interpretation of dreaming about an aggressive or violent kitten indicates that this could be a vision foretelling that in the upcoming future you could come across a very special individual under the strangest or most unexpected circumstances. For example, you could meet this person on a subway train or bump into him or her while running down the street. Regardless of the specific details of this encounter, know that it could develop into a highly enjoyable and gratifying experience if you manage to make a positive first impression and impress the stranger with your personality or appearance.

A litter of kittens

A litter of kittens, according to traditional sources, may represent some worries popping up in wake life. If the litter appeared to be large or if there were problems with the kittens, it could refer to those worries being things your should take seriously. On the other hand, a small litter or one that appears quite healthy and normal may mean your worst fears would not be realized, suggesting you have nothing to worry about for the present.

A kitten turning into a baby

My dream starts in my room, I see a little injured kitten hobbling away from the snarling father. Ravens soon come for everything around me and I strike to defend them with a stick. The cat and kitten disappear. My mother tells me they may have gone someplace where it can eat in peace and I chase them from my room, back into my room and find the cat under the bed trying to feast on the injured cat, who is now my baby boy, who is injured and passing out. In my attempt to pull him free, the cat dig his claws deeper into him and cause him pain. I move closer and save my baby, the cat attacks me.

Overall, this is a very dark and disturbing dream vision, it is most likely an indication of the fact that you are feeling tired, uncertain or hopeless for some reason after giving birth to a child, or at the thought of having a baby. Dreaming of seeing a cat family, such as a father cat fighting with its kitten, means you are planning or thinking about having an addition to your family, but this perspective seems to you as a hectic, worrisome and very demanding period in your waking life. The imagery of ravens circling around your room is also not a good sign, in traditional dream interpretation this vision is closely related to the dreamer sensing upcoming sickness, health issues or even a possibility of death in the family.

Dreams about having or adopting small cute kittens

A grey kitten

A dream featuring a grey kitten, regardless of any additional details, is interpreted as a symbol foretelling a series of minor unfortunate events, disappointments or misunderstandings that could happen in the upcoming future in your waking life. These developments could dramatically impair your mood up to the point of depression, bringing you significant emotional suffering. It is of crucial importance to settle all possible issues now, otherwise, they are likely to multiply and increase in magnitude, eventually engulfing you in with their significance.

Kittens with mother cat

A dream in which you witness a mother cat together with her kitten or kittens, regardless of their quantity and general appearance, is traditionally interpreted as an exceptionally favorable vision. This symbol foretells good fortune and wealth in the upcoming future. For example, if you are married at the time of seeing this dream, you could receive a gift from your in-laws or some other pleasant and unexpected surprise. Alternatively, the described dream is sometimes interpreted as a harbinger foretelling that you could be visited by a friend or friends in the upcoming future.

A kitten with red fur

If you are a young woman, envisioning a dream in which a red-furred kitten plays a prominent role or just strikes you as an important detail on waking up could be a sign foretelling that in the upcoming future you could be faced with an outstanding opponent that would put your current romantic relationship at risk. Although it is impossible to predict the specific attributes or status of the said individual, it is quite likely that his or her emergence could easily result in yourself losing your significant other if you fail to pay enough attention to what would be happening between the three of you.

Kittens on the train

I dreamt I was catching a train with my parents and my son. When the train pulled up there there was a lot of kittens inside. I laid down on the floor and was covered in them. I was very very happy.

A dream imagery in which numerous kittens appear to cover your body could be an indication of surrounding annoyance due to a range of unfavorable circumstances or negative events. It can also refer to a situation in which you would have to handle people who would be exceedingly difficult to be with until you find a way to distance them from your life. However, seeing yourself happy in this situation predicts that you will receive relief and pleasurable moments in the future. These two signs combined indicate that you would solve the issues brought about by events or people bothering you and find great relief and peace of mind after all.

A snake killing a kitten

Envisioning a dream in which a snake attempts to kill a kitten, regardless of the outcome of this act, is usually interpreted as a positive prediction that your current opponents or ill-wishers would not succeed in trying to jeopardize your plans and undertakings. Most likely, their foolish attempts to put your success at risk would eventually result in significant troubles and losses for them, while simultaneously spotlighting your triumphant nature. Nevertheless, the long-term effects of this confrontation are impossible to predict, leaving open the possibility of your rivals coming back to try their luck with bringing you down.

A scared kitten

Dreaming of yourself seeing, hearing, finding or interacting in any other way with a scared kitten is to be considered a symbol indicating that either you are currently cornered by your adversaries, opponents and enemies, or are very likely to end up in such a position in the upcoming future. Most likely, their recent mischievous plans and cunning schemes have put you in a delicate position with little to no available escape routes, thus causing you significant emotional suffering and a lot of troubles to deal with in waking life.

Riding a bike and saving kittens

Cat and kittens, always outside feeding stray, feral cats. Some were orange, some white. One kitten was hurt-looking, so I picked it up and ran warm water over it, seemed to help. This kitten was light-colored. This is a reoccurring dream, have had it 3 times. Also dreamed of riding a bike, then it seemed like it was a car, I took a wrong turn, there was someone behind me, a male. Trying to catch up to me on the bike, the road was long, then suddenly, everything went very dark, I couldn't see, and was trying to outrun whoever it was. Thank you.

Stray cats or kittens in dreams often refer to happy-go-lucky friends or muses. Perhaps you are the type of individual who is drawn to free-spirited characters and friends. It also reveals your nurturing soul. Alternatively, the strays could also symbolize nascent ideas and creative pursuits. Are you the type of person who likes having side projects or passions apart from your day job or regular routine? If this is the case, then you may find your free time occupied by new hobbies and interests. As for the second dream, the bicycle is a symbol of independence and spontaneity. This could be related to the dream about strays. It is possible that you are easily distracted when consumed by new ideas and activities. This tendency to pursue random interests may be keeping you from mastering a skill or realizing your full potential. This is perhaps represented by the darkness and the race towards the end of the dream. Your mind may be telling you to become more disciplined or else you could end up losing opportunities to engage in more important responsibilities and activities which require your foremost attention and focus.