Dreams Related To King

Being a king and having a mistress

I live in a castle because I am a king (still female but pretending to be a king). I have a queen. My closest servant tells me I have a guest planning to meet me in secret. The guest has a room of their own. I meet them in the room and find out they are my mistress.

To understand this particular vision, it seems we should look at the symbols in the reverse order. In this case, having a mistress in a dream vision can be seen as the manifestation of your unfulfilled desires. Perhaps the reason you have not yet accomplished everything on your bucket list is that you lack the resources necessary. Acting as a king when you are female could reveal an upcoming change that would soon take place in wake life, possibly giving you the opportunity to go back and check some things off of your list. The symbol of living in a castle means you would soon find yourself in a better monetary situation, so it seems likely that whatever change takes place would include either a raise, a monetary gift or a new job.

A king and a maze

A king and a maze, there is more to it but it might be a lot to put down. I've been having this dream for over 2 years straight, it begins like any other dream then turns into the dream I'm talking about. Thanks.

The interpretation of this vision seems rather straightforward, as the two symbols you supplied have powerful opposing messages. In this vision, the king represents someone with influence or power over you, while the maze, much like its counterpart in reality, is the manifestation of negative emotions, such as confusion, indecision and frustration. In a sense, this vision is representing some situation in reality where you are under the thumb of someone who does not necessarily treat you as well as they should. Considering the reoccurring nature of this dream, the problem may have been around for some time. If your boss, teacher, parent or other authority figure continues to give you a hard time, it may mean you need to move on and break away from this toxic relationship.