Dreams Related To Kidnapped

Being kidnapped

Being kidnapped could reflect your lost opportunity to get something done or be a part of something important. In a sense, you feel personally robbed of a chance at greatness or feeling like a part of history. In other situations, it can also imply that you did try to get involved, but were for some reason or another unsuccessful or unrecognized for your efforts. You may need to wait until the next time for your big moment or find another area in which to specialize.

Being kidnapped and escaping

Dreaming that you managed to escape from your kidnapper means you may soon attain the freedom you crave. It also means that you may feel stifled or overly controlled by certain people in your life, like your parents or teachers. You may think that they are manipulating you into making decisions that they believe are good for you even though you have repeatedly voiced your disagreement. Fortunately, you would find the opportunity to break free soon enough. Perhaps you are about to graduate or you would land a job that would give you more independence.

Someone being kidnapped

Witnessing an act of kidnapping, especially involving a stranger, alludes to your avoidance of bandwagons. You do not want to be swayed by popular opinions and prefer doing your own research in order to form your own position about different issues. There are people pressuring you to agree with them or join their side. In addition, this may also reveal your dislike of popular perception or popular culture. You preferences in music and art are often obscure or acquired taste.


Kidnapping is usually associated with a lack of control in reality. Perhaps someone else is calling the shots and preventing you from making important choices about your day to day existence. Alternatively, you may have a set of bad habits that are slowly causing your life to spiral out of control, like failing to budget or forgetting to invest in your health. This vision should be considered a reminder to evaluate the areas of your life that need organization and to take the reins in getting those areas in order.

Becoming a victim of kidnapping

Envisioning yourself as a victim of kidnapping, like being locked up in a dark basement or held hostage while blindfolded, can be construed as the manifestation of your inability to take control of your life. You are either resigning yourself to someone else's will or you have developed self-destructive habits which are causing a lot of chaos and confusion in your mind. Perhaps observing your surroundings or other symbols present in the vision could help you pinpoint the origin of your disoriented state.

You kidnapping someone

Kidnapping someone in your dream, such as nabbing a stranger from the streets or locking up someone you know in reality, is usually a manifestation of your escapism or a tendency to evade responsibilities. You are probably someone who tends to ignore criticisms or blame others for your own mistakes. In your head this may help you retain an ideal version of yourself, however this lack of self-awareness may backfire on you since you would not be able to correct your flaws and failings.


Kidnapping, as a general dream symbol, is a negative symbol associated with regret and lost opportunities. This could be due either to inappropriate action, such as disrespecting an authority figure, or complete inaction on your part. The idea of kidnapping, then, represents your desire to have a second chance. However, forcibly taking what you want could lead to even worse results than what you have already attained. It might be better to wait until another opportunity comes knocking.

Your children being kidnapped by a stranger

An image of your daughter or son getting kidnapped is concerning, yet this vision represents some fear that you might be having in real life, especially as a parent. You feel that something bad might happen to your child, although in reality, nothing is true amongst your preconceived thoughts. Additionally, you might have almost fallen victim to someone's ploy or is likely to be, and this dream signals to you to start seeking good discernment to avoid any untoward incidents.

Being kidnapped by someone you know

A dream about being kidnapped by someone you know in real life, such as an acquaintance at work, a close relative or your own spouse, could reveal lingering feelings of boredom or weariness, especially when it comes to your work and adult responsibilities. The daily grind could be driving you to apathy or being jaded. As a result, you could be craving for a way out or a chance to start fresh with a clean slate. Maybe you are even contemplating the possibility of finding a new job or a new career altogether.

The same dream symbol could also point to a project of yours that is seemingly not progressing or at risk of being abandoned or shelved. Mismanagement and missed opportunities could have contributed to the stagnation of this project. You may have to accept the fact that someone else would take over and succeed in completing this unwieldy task by providing valuable insight and ideas which you have not been able to gather or come up with.

Being kidnapped but treated nicely

I was doing something in my dream fun then I feel asleep in my dream and woke up in Italy and some guy kidnapped me and took my phone and said I could not leave. And so I stayed and he took care of me and was so nice and I asked him "Why did you kidnap me?" and he said I looked like I was in pain and he wanted to save me.

This dream vision of being kidnapped by some stranger and realizing you have been taken somewhere far away could be a reflection of a failed attempt to use an opportunity or a chance. You could have recently tried to succeed at something important to you or gain some material benefit, but it did not come through. You could be exhibiting unusual behavior or treat others in a way that is not characteristic of you since this happened. You tend to subconsciously blame someone else for the lost opportunity and time you spent pursuing it, therefore, you are substituting your own regret and disappointment by envisioning an unfamiliar man who kidnapped you, but who still feels sympathetic and shows kindness to you.

Not resisting own kidnapping

Dreaming that you are cooperating and not resisting your kidnapper, maybe while you are being dragged inside a van or led to a dark and unfamiliar building, could signal a deep-seated fear. The fear that pushes you to cooperate in order to avoid getting hurt is likely the same feeling of trepidation and submission you exhibit towards a controlling or dominant presence in your waking life. Since you possess less power and influence, you could easily be bullied by someone of higher stature or considerable clout.

Kidnapped to an unfamiliar place

Dreaming that you have been kidnapped and finding yourself in an unfamiliar place, perhaps an abandoned building or a windowless room with no location indicators, strongly suggests compliance to the point of passivity. You likely let others walk all over you even though this equates to the infringement of your freedom and independence. This could be happening because a dominant figure is coercing you to submit to their authority or simply because you want someone to like you so you put up with their demands.

Being kidnapped and shot

Being kidnapped is often thought to be the manifestation of stress or discontent with your current life or lifestyle. It often appears in response to situations where you have little to no control over how circumstances develop. In fact, your frustration may be primarily due to the lack of say you have rather than the actual outcome of events. Being shot, however, could be interpreted as your subconscious trying to shock you into action. It seems there could be some course of action that would allow you to wrestle control from whomever holds it and assert your authority.

Being kidnapped by a man I didn't know

Dreaming about being kidnapped by a stranger usually means that you are distracted and you cannot concentrate on your duties and tasks. However, sometimes our dreams represent our internal desires. Therefore, this symbol can also be interpreted to show that you are thirsty for some adventures that can elevate your mind from your stagnant everyday life. It can predict a new lover who will "kidnap" and take you away from your current situation.

Kidnapping yourself as a child

Kidnapping yourself in child-form during the course of a dream vision is often thought to reflect the vicious cycle of boredom and lack of productivity in reality. In essence, being taken reflects your boredom with your current way of life. You may be hanging out with "cool" people who vape or go clubbing, but the emptiness of these meaningless encounters weighs you down. However, the act of forcing your younger self to get into a car or stay in a room means you do not yet possess the motivation, knowledge or maturity to deal with your situation. Instead of looking at the source of your troubles and formulating a solution, you evade responsibility and stick to the same downward spiral of meaningless interactions and unproductive activities.

Kidnapped by a stranger

Being kidnapped by a stranger in the dream realm can have two different interpretations depending on your circumstances. Edgar Cayce's work on dreams suggests that this symbol is the manifestation of your inability to concentrate and follow through on important tasks. In a sense, your attention is "kidnapped" by other, less important matters. Freudian theory, however, suggests this is a reflection of your unconscious mind's desire for adventure and excitement, perhaps in the form of a job that takes you overseas or a lover who sweeps you off your feet.

Hearing music while being kidnapped

In my dream, one of my parents came in my room and started yelling at me for some reason. So, after that I put on my CD "Made in the am" to go to sleep, so the CD was playing and I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in a trunk or a van and "Stockholm syndrome" was playing and then the van stops and I hit the doors so hard and then one direction opened it and I fell out of the van and that when I realized I was tied up. They said "Modest" and then they said "Hope you like the song Stockholm syndrome".

Dreaming of music usually represents opportunities that are about to become apparent in your future. You may not be aware of their presence yet, but keeping an eye out for projects, part-time work or workshops which suit your skills and interests could yield an interesting and important learning experience and help you get ahead. Additionally, being kidnapped and not resisting or feeling endangered, however, is a cautionary sign warning you to not get too carried away. Your ambition may lead you to act rashly or immorally, compromising your credibility and status and making it difficult for others to choose you for special assignments down the line.

Being kidnapped and parents naked

I had a dream that a certain man who was so black, tried to kidnap me, but as he was taking me away he passed by my parents' bedroom window and as I called my dad for help he threw off his blankets, but was embarrassed because they were naked and couldn't help me from the man who was taking me away.

To dream that you are being kidnapped denotes latent feelings of limitations, restrictions and being trapped. There may be parts of your reality, possibly your peers and family, trying to control your decisions or actions. Alternatively, you may be feeling alienated from your loved ones because of some existing disagreements. The imagery of your parents naked and unable to help you during the kidnapping could also reveal that you current views and opinions are drastically different from theirs, perhaps even excessively liberal and nontraditional, so the only way for you to overcome future disagreements is to be more accepting and tolerant towards other people, especially if they are the members of your family.

Being kidnapped in own house

So, I was asleep in my bed and I woke up being carried down the staircase. I was kicking and screaming but he didn't stop. Luckily, when I bit him he stopped and dropped me. I quickly ran upstairs, grabbed my mum's phone and called the police. They took their time too come but by the time the police finally did come the kidnapper had already dressed himself and was walking out the door. I then turned to my mum and she said "It was all a joke". But I don't know what happened to the kidnapper.

Being carried downstairs while also being kidnapped suggests you would have a sudden, whirlwind affair that would come to an abrupt, unfortunate end. Your kicking and screaming may attest to the amount of discomfort and agitation you could feel during this time. Calling the police reveals your efforts to call for assistance, but it would not come in the form of help or reassurance from your friends. Quite the contrary, your loved ones may be rather indifferent to your pain and suffering. The kidnapper's disappearance may further show that you would not have a complete sense of closure, meaning you would be left with a lingering sensation that more is to come.

No help while being kidnapped

I was sleeping over at a friends house, her parents told us to stay in bed because the house wasn't safe. Later a man with a gun broke into the house and told my friend and I to walk out with him (her parents left us alone at home). I walked with him immediately but my friend took a while to walk with us. As I walked with him I saw a chance to get away and I took it, I tried to run but my feet were heavy and the man was catching up, I ran past people and houses screaming for help but nobody helped.

Sleeping over at someone else's house may predict being asked a favor in the near future. However, the gunman who enters the house could reveal that this is not a request you would wish to grant, most likely because you do not like the individual who was asking. Running away is a symbol associated with the fight or flight response. On one hand, you may want to help in order to improve your relationship with this person, however, you probably would find the task boring and troublesome.

Friend's father kidnapped and cats

I was watching the Super Bowl, when kidnappers hacked into the broadcast and stated that they had kidnapped my friend's dad. When I went to their house, his daughter was there and they had several pet cats, but they do not actually own any pets.

Dreams about someone being kidnapped usually mean the dreamer is reluctant to accept certain qualities of the person who was kidnapped. Specifically, your dream could mean that you either dislike or disapprove of certain characteristics possessed by your friend's dad. There is also a likelihood that you see your own self in him and you refuse to acknowledge or accept your similarities. Maybe the parts of yourself that you see in him are the aspects you are trying to suppress. In addition, cats are cunning creatures and you may associate this trait with your friend's father or their family in general.