Dreams Related To Jungle

Attacked by a lion in the jungle

Running through a jungle and chased by a lion, but each time it got close to me it was kicked aside by someone or something. I couldn't see until I reached at the end of the jungle without it touching me.

Running through the jungle in a dream is a highly ominous symbol that suggests negative energy is surrounding you. In some cases, this refers to your body itself, meaning you could be facing health issues or negative effects on your physical welfare. It can, however, refer more broadly to enemies or competitors wishing evil upon you. The lion that chases you supports this interpretation, further revealing that you could expect to go through some difficult, trying times that would need immediate attention from you in order to be resolved.

Hiding from criminals in a jungle

Me and this guy Jack that I really like were running through the jungle of Colombia to try and get away from Pablo Escobar who was chasing us, trying to kill us. We hit many obstacles like running up the side of a mountain with big logs on the ground, or being stuck in a hole in the ground trying to get out by climbing a rope. There was also a lot of shooting of guns and helicopters flying overhead trying to find us. Hiding out in a house was also part of the dream I had, and hiding out in an RV that was parked next to the house.

Dreaming of running through a jungle dense with foliage and filled with many obstacles is symbolic of facing challenges and hitting roadblocks in real life. The cause of these issues is likely to be something sudden and unexpected, which is heralded by the sounds of gunfire and helicopters. These loud, abrasive sounds indicate hearing bad news or suddenly having to do something which is difficult and troublesome, perhaps in place of other things you would rather be doing. Hiding in your dream may represent trying to get out of such tedious or difficult work, though, given the overall hectic nature of this vision, it is unlikely you are able to do so.

Afraid of snakes in a jungle

Kindly interpret my dream. I was walking through a dark jungle. I was accompanied by my cousin and his father. They were Illuminating my way by a torch. It was lighting up a small area in front of me but I could move on. I was stepping on medium grasses and was so scared of being bitten by snakes. However, my cousin and his father reminded me that it was early in the morning and no snake was coming out.

Your dream could mean that you are about to experience some major changes in your waking life which could cause you to feel lost or confused, but you should always keep in mind that you have people in your life who are willing to guide and support you through the worst moments. Your cousin and his father could be the symbolic reflections of those people who will reach out to you and help you understand that the worst dangers you envision are not a real impediment for you and so you can embrace your future without fear.