Dreams Related To Journey

Preparing for a spiritual journey

My dreams are occurring early morning hours. I have dreamt of my late father and late grandmother for the past 3 nights. On the first night they came to me nothing was said, on the second night my father asked me to prepare myself for our journey by mandi'ing myself (this is an Islamic ritual to cleanse oneself), on the third morning I am in the bathroom having a bath when my late grandmother's voice calls to me to remind me of what my father told me to do before we can take our journey.

Aside from the literal message being presented to you in this vision, the presence of your deceased father and grandmother play a particularly special role in your vision. In particular, dearly departed fathers are often thought to bring a message of unfinished business or unresolved issues. Seeing him in your vision combined with his message of ritually cleansing yourself before a journey points towards a need to physically and mentally prepare yourself for perhaps the last leg a special path you have already started. This may be something akin to finishing school, moving up in your career or starting a family. While you may be scared or worried about pushing forward, the image of your late grandmother should serve as a comforting symbol. Grandmothers who visit you in the dream realm should reassure you that no matter how rough the seas or unsure the path, you would always have someone, like your family and friends, to rely on. You should feel confident in stepping up and moving forward on your journey.