Dreams Related To Jar

An empty jar

Having a dream in which you see or handle an empty jar symbolizes poverty and financial distress. This sign forewarns that you may need to take care of your current life situation to prevent financial hardships and other similarly negative events from taking place in your life.

Putting food in jars

Dreaming of seeing yourself placing preserves, food, candy or other edibles into one jar or multiple jars serves as a reflection of your intentions to improve your financial situation for the well-being of yourself or your household. This sign can also represent that you may soon form useful and positive connections with people who are trustworthy and have your best interests at heart.

This dream can also symbolize that you may have dealings or proceeings with government authority figures or government agencies soon. The dealings with these figures or services would be intended to obtain financial aid or material support to improve your financial situation.

A broken jar

Dreaming of seeing a glass jar being shattered, or of shattering a glass jar yourself is an ominous sign that represents deep regret. This sign portends that very serious and unfortunate events might soon come your way. This sign can also indicate serious long-term problems, such as a chronic illness, or contracting a disease that is difficult to get rid of or impossible to treat.

A dropped jar

Dreaming of a jar slipping out of your grasp and falling onto the floor signifies that the end of one of your relationships may be coming. You might break up with someone you are currently courting or in love with because of your own careless, inconsiderate actions or your lack of attention. You may wish to give more consideration to the feelings of your significant other if you wish to keep them.

A filled jar

Dreaming of seeing or handling a jar filled with something is a favorable sign. This vision signifies future success and ability to perform work quickly and efficiently in a short period of time. Beginning a difficult project or task after experiencing this dream might be a good idea.

Buying jars

A dream in which you buy a jar or multiple jars which are empty or filled with something serves as a sign that portends fleeting success. Your accomplishments may undo themselves or disappear. This could have repercussions such as intense disappointment and deep sadness due to frustration.

A jar with flowers

Dreaming of seeing or handling a jar containing flowers in water is a sign that represents acquisition. This sign can indicate that you might soon buy or acquire something that you have desired for a long while.

A candle jar with a name on it

I don't remember the entire dream, I just remember someone turned a pink glass candle jar to me to see it, and the curious thing had this word "Sarty" in front of the jar. I didn't see the person, I saw just the white hand, in my interpretation it was a man's hand. Intrigued, I never had a dream with a strange name. The letters of the name were written in bold, white and script.

Dreaming of handling or becoming interested in a jar without paying much attention to its contents, which you did, because you were focused on the name depicted on its surface, could be indicative of your concerns in regards to performing your work, either for an employer, or for yourself. The notion of the strange name appearing on the jar, could also indicate upcoming conflicts or things which would need to be settled between the parties involved, in order to successfully continue smooth operation of a business or daily activity. The vision of the hand by itself, without the person attached to it, is symbolic of your current state when you could be feeling helpless or lacking control over the situation you are in.