Dreams Related To Janitor

Ex-boyfriend as a janitor at school

I am a girl and I had a dream about my ex-boyfriend. He worked as a janitor at an unknown school and he walks in and looks at me and I look back at him. He frowns but walks pass me and doesn't speak. I talk to a female principal and she tells me he doesn't like her because she's nice to students. She and I are afraid he will blow up the school.

Envisioning your ex boyfriend as a janitor reveals your apprehension about your past. You think your previous mistakes will catch up to you and ruin your present as well as your future prospects. So, your ex boyfriend actually represents your general past and not simply a specific person. Hence, fearing that he will blow up the school means you are afraid of sabotaging your own future. You are fearful of falling back into your old habits and patterns of behavior. Perhaps a history of substance abuse, getting involved with the wrong people or making bad decisions are the things you want to purge from your system.