Dreams Related To Jacket

Blue jacket

Seeing a blue jacket or coat in the dream realm represents the emotions and feelings that a person is experiencing in their waking life. The color blue often conveys a sense of calmness and stability. Seeing oneself wearing a blue jacket indicates a fortunate time in one's life when one feels emotionally secure and stable. Additionally, it also indicates protection and answers to the challenges one may face in the real world. However, this dream serves as a reminder to pay attention to the clothing you wear and how it reflects your emotions and inner world.

Being asked to keep someone's jacket

Last night I dreamt of a man I know and it appeared that we were in a nice clothing store together. I bought a bright new dress and he brought a grey suit and insisted in a nice way I hold onto his jacket for next time. I folded up the jacket and put it into the sales bag he had and gave it to him. He kindly insisted I keep it for next time. He smiled, then walked out of the shop. I felt happy.

Dreams that center around the idea of buying new clothes, particularly ones that make you happy and fit you, are usually a highly auspicious sign. In this case, a bright new dress could symbolize improvement in various aspects of your lifestyle, particularly your ability to communicate with and read others. You have likely gained or improved these traits through reflection on your own thoughts and behavior. By taking what you learn about yourself and applying it to communicate with others, you can connect with the people around you on a deeper level than before. This brings us to the image of the man in your dreams. Because you know him in waking life, it seems your subconscious is putting him in your vision for a special reason. A light-grey color of clothes seen in this dream is usually closely associated with material wealth or significant gain, suggesting an improvement in quality of life both for the dreamer and the person perceived to be wearing the clothes. In this particular case, the dream would have a much more positive meaning, as it implies you are seeing the potential value this person has for your future, either as a very close friend or possibly a partner to take your personal or business aspirations to a completely new level.

Someone's jacket at church

Female, 35 years old. I had a dream about a guy I like he was at church praying with his head down. I was sitting on the front bench, I got up to leave and there was 2 women there, she had a jacket and it got stuck on to me. What does that mean?

Dreaming about seeing people praying inside a church, like the person you like, foretells issues arising in the near future for you. The jacket that got stuck to you could be a particular problem that may end up troubling for a long time. On a lighter note, this issue would eventually resolve itself, so you should not fall into despair if it happens.

Giving away leather jackets

Giving out black leather jackets.

Black clothes in dreams are often considered the manifestation of difficulties inundating your life. Passing out black clothes, then, could suggest you are quick to "pass" the blame onto others instead of taking responsibility for your actions. It may be high time to take stock of where your life is headed and make some concrete plans as to how to improve your situation by yourself.

Wearing a biker's jacket

I am a happily married woman, well I thought I was. I dreamt I was back in my home town when I met a group of bikers who were on tour, a good-looking guy bought me a drink and told me to wait for him, he told me that the pink jacket I was wearing was not nice, so he gave me his jacket and then left to finish the tour of Europe after which I put the jacket on and found he had left his wallet and watch in the pockets.

If you are a married woman and you dreamed about having an outside affair or infatuation, it could foretell some future challenges arising inside your marriage. You may be at risk of losing the love and respect of your husband and this could be the result of the way you may have acted around him, for example when showing signs of irritability, anger or other sorts of negative emotions. Since your dream contained scenes of interacting with a biker, you could also be subconsciously hoping for a similar way of treatment coming from your husband, perhaps even with sexual undertones when certain fantasies on your part still remain unfulfilled.

Leather jacket

Dreaming of wearing a black leather jacket or coat implies a desire for protection and toughness in the face of troubles on your path. Moreover, it suggests that you may be feeling insensitive toward others as you navigate through challenging situations. In a nutshell, this dream could be interpreted as a suggestion to find a balance between self-protection and empathy, reminding you to be mindful of how your actions and choices may affect those around you.