Dreams Related To Island

What does it mean to dream about an island

Island surrounded by clear water

An island surrounded by clear water is an indication of success. The project you are currently undertaking will yield success and a reward. Because of this, you will be able to afford to take some time off from your busy schedule and reward yourself with a vacation in a faraway place.

Seeing an island

Seeing an island in your dream is a symbol of peace and tranquility. Finally after a long period of time battling so many worries and balancing different responsibilities in life, you will find much-deserved rest and relaxation.

Flying and landing on an island

I was flying all the around the world trying to find a place to relax and think. I landed near a big pink wind chime but it broke when I landed and left me on an island surrounded by sharks with someone else.

Flying all over the world, or over long distances, signifies an upcoming period characterized by emotional highs and lows. This could refer to a rocky relationship or a life-changing opportunity which would require a lot of physical and emotional energy. The broken wind chime underscores the amount of stress you would have to deal with during this period of transition. Your normally peaceful and manageable days would be over, at least during this period, and you would have different challenges to overcome along the way. Finally, finding yourself on an island surrounded by sharks means you need to be careful about the people around you. If the life-changing event refers to a new career or workplace, you can expect enemies circling you every step of the way. As such, you need to find allies in order to keep yourself sane. Find someone you can trust completely, so when you are feeling drained and too tired to fight, this person or group of people can pick up the slack.

Rocky and barren island

Seeing a rocky and barren island in your dream is a reminder that you are getting addicted to alcohol and are being overpowered by this addiction. Listen to this warning because if you do not stop yourself in time, your life may be ruined and you may lose a lot of the material possessions you have worked so hard for.

Exotic island

Dreaming of an exotic island tells you that you should not take too much responsibility or undertake too many projects all at once. Your skills and abilities may be able to handle the challenges, but you may spread yourself too thin in the process and under-perform. Just take on what you can handle well.

You on an uninhabited island

Having a vision that you are on an uninhabited island is a symbol of sorrow or death. Someone very close to you will suffer severe illness. It can also mean losing a loved one. Try to be more positive when you see this in your dream for everything that happens in life has a purpose and it is always for the best.

People on the island

Seeing people on an island tells you that you are struggling to find yourself and searching for identity. You are still in search of your calling in this world and is trying very hard to fit in your current social circle.

Island covered with vegetation

Seeing an island covered in vegetation is a warning that your partner or significant other is betraying your trust. He or she may be involved in an affair with another person so try to be more alert for any signs of cheating that you may have overlooked before.

This discovery may lead you to separate from your partner and in the process, endure heartache for a while. But don't be disheartened. This is only the start of better things to come in the future, you will meet the right person who will be more deserving of your love and affection.

Chain of islands

Seeing a chain of islands in your dream is a sign of good fortune. The ventures or undertakings you are fervently working on at the moment will gain you much success and this will reap you more financial gains. Luck is on your side and favorable circumstances will help you to advance all your plans accordingly. Because of this, you will be able to reach financial independence.

Being offered a drink on an island

My dream starts at my elementary school. I wore my blue windbreaker hoodie. I was walking to my class, I turn left, I'm in the desert, red landscape, and rock formations. I turn left again to look behind me. Now, I'm on an island. There was a vendor counter made of straw and bamboo. I walk towards it. I take a seat. A woman with black wavy hair appears out of nowhere. She asks "What would you like, sir?" I responded "What do you mean?" She replied, "Your drink, sir, what would you like?" Without even thinking I told her, "Crown Royal Black with Coke." She gives me a short glass, I drink it.

Dreaming about being in school suggests there may be some negative circumstances in your life that are dragging you down, and you probably feel tired, stressed, or disappointed. The other major sign in this dream, ordering and drinking whiskey, represents some darker aspects of your personality, namely being selfish and taking advantage of others. This means that, if it suits you, you tend to use others for your own gain and do not consider their feelings. If you have not been able to successfully do this (and, as a result, have been unable to meet your personal goals), it may be the cause of your frustrations. The desert and island imagery indicates you have been considering making a change in your life. This could be related to your behavior towards others, but, more likely, is related to your daily routine and schedule. If you do plan to move forward with this change, you should consider doing so in a way that does not put others in a tight place and does not require them to cater to unreasonable expectations.

Being handicapped and on an island

I was on an island and I was in a wheelchair. When I walked through some trees my wheelchair went away and I had braces on my leg. I was also dating a guy that I hate and then we got onto a boat to escape the island.

The island is a metaphor for feelings of isolation and rejection. Perhaps you tend to prefer being alone and working independently instead of working with a team. The downside of being an independent worker is that others may interpret your behavior negatively. As such, you may end up feeling ostracized or judged by your friends or colleagues. The fact that you were in a wheelchair in the dream could be telling you that your attitude is keeping you from achieving your goals. In order to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, and ultimately become successful, perhaps it is necessary to work with others or find a common ground even with those you dislike.

An island infested with snakes

I'm a 27 year old woman. I dreamt of being on a mission saving an island infested with snakes. I'm with 2 other men whom I don't know in real life. There are a lot and lots of snakes. When we are on our mission there's a monkey attack and we barely made an escape when the dream was interrupted. As if the continuation, when I came back home there's my dead grandmother alive along with few other relatives saying to me that I look good in a saree and she'll cook for me and asked me to stop eating outside.

Though the visions appear to be separated into two parts, they are actually closely related. The island from the beginning of your dream represents your inner peace and tranquility. Your efforts to maintain focus are probably being threatened by people in your life who have little consideration for your time or health. This is why the island was infested with snakes. The two men may represent individuals from your reality who are especially guilty of getting in your way. These individuals may or may not actually be male in reality, so if you remember any details about them it could reveal who is causing you the most trouble. The monkeys that attack you further support the notion that things you say or do, even for the benefit of others, would wind up causing you more grief. Seeing your dead grandmother as alive should be seen as a comforting symbol letting you know that all would be well eventually.