Dreams Related To Invisible

Being attacked by an invisible force

Getting attacked by something invisible in the dreamscape means someone in your inner circle has an ulterior motive against you. An unassuming person will become a trusted member of your group and will become privy to sensitive information. Through subtle attacks, this person will influence other people's perception of you to kick you out of the group. If this happens in the workplace, then your career could be at stake.

Being invisible

Having the power of invisibility in the dream realm suggests you do not like getting involved in the conflicts of others. You usually prefer to remain a neutral party rather than risking your relationship with those who are quarreling. Alternatively, invisibility could also mean you are shy or do not care for the limelight. If you have a major presentation coming up, it would be wise to practice a lot so that you can avoid clamming up in front of your audience.

Becoming invisible

I boiled a drink made from the alligator I killed and had my cats drink it. They became invisible for a while and I drunk the last boiled alligator and then I became invisible. What does my dream mean?

Alligators in dreams usually symbolize cunning enemies waiting to surprise you with their attack. As such, concocting a drink from the alligator you killed suggests peace and diplomacy. Making your cats drink the concoction means you are going to be the arbitrator of two quarreling parties. Alternatively, this can also represent your cautious nature. Instead of getting yourself involved in unnecessary conflict, you prefer playing a neutral role.

Invisible person

An invisible person or people in a dream could signify unresolved emotions or feeling neglected by others in your waking life. It might also represent your internal fear of being attacked or manipulated by unexpected forces or entities. In a nutshell, this dream is an omen to become more aware of hidden influences and take steps to protect yourself both physically and emotionally.