Dreams Related To Intruder

Intruders in my home

Freud would suggest that an intruder inside your home is a reflection of instability in your relationships in wake life. As the home may be likened to your own mind and self, a vision where thieves or strangers enter your home with ill intentions suggests your unconscious mind is aware of something terribly wrong in wake life. Parents may be picking up on unusual behavior by their offspring that could be attributed to illness, drug use or just hanging out with the wrong crowd. Young people may find that a friend's controlling or erratic behavior is raising red flags. No matter your situation, you should carefully consider how you deal with the individual whose presence is causing you worry. In some cases, you may need to enlist the help of the police or medical professionals.

Intruder at front door

An unwanted intruder lurking around your front door should be cause to speculate your current state of health, as this symbol is often seen in advance of disease and illness. Just as someone waiting to break into your house is looking for the opportune moment, so does this symbol suggest a subconscious feeling or awareness that the natural security your body provides would not be able to stop the oncoming attack. You would be wise to drink a lot of water, get extra rest and perhaps see a doctor for some preventative care.

Intruders throwing poisoned darts

The mother of my children and one of my children were in the back room of the house and that morning or afternoon because it was daylight when I went outside. We were in the room and we heard commotion coming from the front of our house living room and I ran through a hallway between my kids room and another hall connected to from the hall. I saw two people run into my living room to my kitchen hallway and when they see me they throw sharp objects at me .. It was metal darts... One hit me on my right hand... Something told me it was poison... And then I felt my body.

Dreaming about seeing a stranger or strangers inside your house and threatening you could contain a prediction that you are about to see some significant changes related to your private life or family affairs. It could also mean that you are about to get involved in some unpleasant conflicts or disagreements. Most likely these matters will be closely related to your family, judging from their presence in this same dream. Being poisoned is symbolic that someone is presently watching you or your family members and waiting for the perfect moment to move on with their plans or intentions.

Intruder inside parents' room

When I was younger I always had a dream that I heard someone in our house running in my parents' room and I lock the door and try to wake them up and see they were murdered. What could this mean?

Dreaming about someone being in your house suggests instability in your relationship with someone close to you, as homes often represent your inner being in visions. In this case, feeling there is an intruder is a shock to the system, meaning something is not right with one of your relationships. This may be related to your parents because of their presence in the dream, but seeing your parents dead, on its own, indicates upcoming troubles in your personal life, likely caused by existing problems with those around you.