Dreams Related To Interior

Objects and colors of an interior

In front of me 9 crystal blue marbles in a straight line on top of a dark blue shell-type shape bowl. To my left a city sky painting. In front of me a family room with a grey sectional, a white fireplace and a mantle made of light-colored wood, it had a painting of something grey, green and blue, I couldn't quite see it. Then to my right is just pitch black, there is nothing there. Behind me is a forest that taunts me to come and sit for a while.

The marbles in your dream represent your goals and standpoints in terms of how you want to lead your life. They are lined up in front of you so you can consider each decision and the outcome of your choices. The city painting refers to your career path and the family room alludes to settling down in order to have a family of your own. The monochromatic or washed-out appearance of the family room may reflect your view of domestication at the moment. Perhaps you prefer focusing on yourself at the moment and look back on carefree days, as represented by the forest. Yet deep inside you know that the future you want requires hard work and perseverance, otherwise you may be left with a bleak and regrettable life.