Dreams Related To Injury

A head injury resulting in a huge blood loss

I dreamt that I had cut the back of my head open badly. It was as if I was also watching it happen from a distance at the same time. I am a person who will faint at the sight of blood and in this dream I was crying and screaming in pain - I have no idea how I cut my head open, my mum was in my dream, she's alive, but she lives quite a long way from me. In my dream I was told that I needed stitches - something that petrifies me as I have had the experience of stitches. Lots of blood.

Dreaming about bleeding from a head wound is usually symbolic of "bleeding" out the thoughts and words you would normally keep locked up in your mind. To be more specific, this sign in a dream vision often points toward acting or saying things without your usual filter, which could upset or horrify the people around you. Your inner monologue is likely darker and less positive than what you portray. The presence of your mother, in this case, could serve as a warning to temper your words and be more careful about what you say and whom you say it to.

Someone getting his private parts injured

In my dream, I was standing on the dock and a guy says his propeller for his tender got caught in a net, he immediately jumps into the water. Next thing, we are with another girl and I saw blood coming from the side of the tender.

The two strongest symbols in this vision are the dock on the water and the blood as a result of injury. Water is often associated with opportunity and new experiences, so the vision of a dock by itself could be interpreted as currently being on the verge of a new adventure or path waiting to be explored. Blood in the water, in this case, is also a positive image, representing your ability to get straight down to business and manage your affairs with great efficiency. Your hard work during this new journey ahead of you is likely to garner the admiration of those around you and maybe financially rewarding as well.

Injured dog

An injured or wounded dog in the dream world reveals your growing concern for somebody close to you. Perhaps this person feels distant or suddenly disengaging from you for no apparent reason. In Biblical texts, the dog's injury may refer to pain and suffering. This is meant to be your awakening to get you to focus on people who matter to you. Unbeknownst to you, a loved one could be hiding a great burden and they are just too prideful to ask for help. In this context, your subconscious is likely encouraging you to be the first one to reach out to silently suffering loved ones.

Fatal injury

The interpretation of this symbol depends on who has sustained the fatal injury. If you fatally wounded someone through fighting or battle or if you saw someone else fatally wounded due to outside circumstances, it means you would successfully achieve a goal that you have put a lot of time and effort into, like saving up for a house or finishing a part of your education. However, if you were fatally injured during the course of a dream vision, it could reveal that your efforts would have a random or unexpected outcome. This means that your efforts would have little to no bearing on the results.