Dreams Related To Injection

Someone injecting me

Someone forcefully injecting or stabbing you with some kind of needle or syringe carries special meaning according to Christian dream workers. It suggests that during the night you would feel weak and could be tempted by others to do something wrong. You may even be forcibly put in a bad situation with few routes for escape. These events would likely have an irreversible effect on your life, especially depending on your degree of involvement. You would need to rely on prayers to Jesus, the saints or other holy people to help you find a way out of this moral quagmire.

Vaccine injection

Getting a vaccine injection in a dream sometimes defines the need to prepare for something in the future, such as an upcoming challenge or opportunity. In general, this dream indicates a desire for protection or a sense of security. Vaccination is associated with preventing illnesses or diseases and reminds you of taking steps to safeguard your physical or emotional well-being.