Dreams Related To Infant

A deceased infant wrapped in a blanket

I dreamed I was sitting in a room that seemed as if it was on a bad side of town, which I would never go. It was me an younger kid and another grown up. The kid was passing me items wrapped in blankets. So, she passed me a huge item wrapped in a blanket an it was a deceased infant. It was gigantic like the size of an adult human an looked frozen. All of a sudden as I start to hold this thing, it turns into a demon looking thing an jumps right at me an I throw it an run. I am unable to have children because of stage four endometriosis, an a total hysterectomy. So what does it mean?

This dream contains connotations of being utterly frustrated with your personal situation related to reproductive functions. However, the vision of receiving a deceased infant of enormous size and wrapped in a blanket could indicate that someone is deliberately trying to confuse you or tell you lies in order to advance their intentions and plans using your gullible nature, naivety or lack of knowledge regarding some important issue. The demon figure, according to dream interpretation sources, could indicate that there is a great deal of influence or control over you which comes from a male figure and, based on the notions of a young child present in the dream, this could be going back to your inability to have children resulting in disagreements, placing blame on you or even continuous pestering.

Losing your infant

Dreaming of losing your infant may symbolize feelings of dissatisfaction with your level of achievement, regardless of your educational or professional accomplishments. This dream serves as a reminder to set higher standards for yourself and strive to exceed them. Your dream self urges you to avoid getting down on yourself and to overcome the fear of starting and completing projects. Embrace this dream as motivation to continuously challenge yourself and push beyond your perceived limitations. By setting ambitious goals and achieving them, you can build a sense of fulfillment and confidence in your abilities, leading to greater personal and professional growth.