Dreams Related To In-law

Meeting with deceased in-laws

I dreamed of my deceased mother in law, and father in law. I saw both of them, they looked just like I remember them. There were other people in the background. I sensed that maybe my mother in law's sister had died. As I was walking toward her, my father in law was there. We hugged each other, and he said to me "My son really loves you". I answered back "I know". It was so sweet, as they were both very good people, and I miss them both. Thank you.

Seeing your deceased parents-in-law just as your remember them in the dream world represents the ups and downs that are a part of life. In particular, your father-in-law is the manifestation of the hard times that require perseverance and strength, such as when your spouse disappoints you or when times are difficult for you. On the other hand, your mother-in-law can be interpreted as a message of hope, predicting happy times and events that would bring you great joy and satisfaction. In a sense, their being together in the dream world is similar to the idea of yin and yang. There is a balance to all things, and hard times must also be followed by periods of goodness. This is also reflected in the message you received from your father-in-law, as you have a loving family member who would support you in the difficult periods and rejoice with you when all is well. Perhaps this vision is a reminder to rely on him and maybe show gratitude for his everyday presence in your life.