Dreams Related To Imposter

Imposter instead of boyfriend

I am a male. In the dream I was asleep on the couch, I was awaken to my boyfriend lovey grabbing me as he kneeled down by the couch. Because it was sun shining behind him, I could not see his face but I could see his head shape, skin color, and suit. I knew my bf left for work and realized that it wasn't my boyfriend, so I denied his sexual advancement. In pushing the imposter away, I noticed he didn't have pants on and his penis was erect.

This vision seems to be related to your relationship with your boyfriend, and it reveals some concerns or difficulties that you are dealing with in reality. Being awoken by an imposter while you were sleeping on the couch suggests you are scared of infidelity. Perhaps you are worried that your significant other is seeing someone else, or perhaps you are projecting because your own eye has been wandering. This aligns with the idea that your boyfriend was an imposter in the vision, as that particular symbol points toward feelings of dissatisfaction or agitation. Furthermore, the imposter's erect penis sheds a little light on the cause of your troubles. That particular symbol means something is going wrong in the bedroom. Either you are not being satisfied physically, or you are feeling a bit isolated emotionally from your partner. In either case, this vision would suggest a need to have a conversation with your boyfriend in the near future.