Dreams Related To Image

Seeing own image in someone else

I was in bathroom getting ready for a Halloween party. Other people were also in there with me, this one girl in particular was standing against the wall with her back to the wall and I poked her to tell her it was time to go and when she looked at me it was me. It was really trippy, so I told my boyfriend to go in the bathroom and look, and he said there was nobody in there.

Seeing your doppelganger in a dream symbolizes bad decisions. Your vision is a forewarning of the undesirable consequences of thoughtless decisions or reckless behavior. Doppelgangers are generally harbingers of bad omen, such as accidents, bad luck and health issues. Hence, take extra care that you do not come to regret your choices in the waking world because you may just end up taking a good, hard look at your life when you reach the lowest point.