Dreams Related To Illness

Life-threatening illness

Life-threatening illnesses in the dream realm often represent difficulty and hardship in wake life. You may soon be affected by some trouble that causes you a lot of stress and anxiety. For instance, you may have a falling out with family members over certain beliefs or life choices. Alternatively, you may struggle to make ends meet, putting a lot of stress on your relationship with your significant other or children.

Having an illness

Finding that you have an illness or disease while dreaming may be the unconscious mind's attempt to rid itself of negative energy and figurative poisons while you are not aware. This type of symbol is associated with struggle and difficulty in reality. In order for your mind and spirit to function at their highest capacity, your subconscious must repair the damage of stressful days while you are asleep. Therefore, while this vision does imply that you are going through some challenges right now, it also suggests you have the will to struggle and work through whatever is holding you back.

Someone you know having an illness

Freudian sources suggest that when someone you know becomes ill in a dream, it means there is some bad blood between the two of you in reality. In essence, your unconscious mind is associating this individual with having a negative effect on your life in some way or form. This symbol by itself does not indicate the severity or type of issues you have with this man or woman. It could be anything from an absent-minded co-worker who tries to drag you into their circle of gossip to a once close friend who betrayed your trust in the worst way imaginable.