Dreams Related To Idol

K-pop idols

Meeting your K-pop idols in the dream world means you will experience disappointment and dissatisfaction in the real world. Since you are constantly watching K-pop videos and looking at photos of your idols, there is a tendency to create unreasonable expectations about your appearance or capabilities. You will inevitably meet someone great, but would pale in comparison to the celebrity you adore. Unrealistic expectations will also create dissatisfaction in your overall relationships with others. You must be able to separate reality from the world of entertainment, or else fulfillment and satisfaction will be hard to achieve.

Looking at your idol perform

Hi, I would like to know about the meaning of my dream earlier. As far as I can remember, me, my little sister and my mom are in a gymnasium, we were sort of watching an artist performing. However, it is not visible. The only thing visible in the dream is there was a lot of people. I looked back and saw my mom crying. I asked her "Why are you crying?" and she said "Because I saw my idol". Then it switched to me and my little sis looking at different types of breads lined up being sold.

Dreaming about seeing your mother crying indicates an approaching bleak period. This period may engulf your life with misfortune, misery or a possible deterioration in health. In some way, it may create an adverse effect to your overall well-being. In this context, the performance at the gymnasium alludes to a need for you to perform and help provide for your family during this trying period. Similarly, the different types of bread represent the various expenses and needs you may have to deal with, which means you may have to find more sustainable work or source of livelihood.

Seeing god idol

Seeing the idol of a god or goddess in the dream realm may bring forth a wide spectrum of emotions and imagery. A statue, such as one at a shrine or temple, represents help coming in times of need. Even if you are lying down and unable to advocate for yourself, someone is looking out for you. This could bring forth various feelings from thankfulness for the support to resentment for the interference. How you look at it depends on your situation and background.