Dreams Related To Ice cream

Eating ice cream in a dream what is the meaning

Eating ice cream

A dream in which you envision yourself eating ice cream may serve as a subconscious expression of your satisfaction towards a job or assignment well done. This dream may be the result of a successful endeavor that validates your time and effort you have put into developing this project or plan. Eating ice cream is an enjoyable activity. This said, relishing in your accomplishments may be just as sweet for you.

Ice cream in general

If your dream consists of neutrally connotated images of ice cream, without any specific details or recollections, it could mean one of two things. On the one hand, the dream may foreshadow a potential passionate but fleeting romantic affair. On the other hand, pragmatically, the dream may predict future toothaches coming your way. Your subconscious may be warning you to eat healthier foods, or at the very least to take care of your teeth more.

Favorite kind of ice cream

Dreaming about consuming ice cream, and more specifically your favorite flavor of ice cream, may herald a sexual encounter with a new lover. Similar to this ice cream flavor, this person will bring exhilaration into your life. Their skill, physical qualities and attention they give you will leave you craving for more and more and the love making sessions you will come to cherish.

Ice cream melting

The visual image of ice cream melting can on a profound level be a lurid one. Ice cream, oftentimes representing happiness and joy, when it melts turns into a worrisome problem once it happens. This said, a dream in which melting ice cream is the subject may foreshadow a sudden end to pleasurable experiences. You may find yourself deeply frustrated and sad and may be forced to find a conduit through which you can destress and find inner peace.

Ice cream frozen solid

Eating frozen ice cream in a dream represents your willingness to juice life for every opportunity and privilege. Although this quality is oftentimes a desirable one, this persistence may also serve as your downfall. This facet of your persona may symbolize your fears of losing everything and your desire to do anything to cling onto your lavish niceties. The dream may be a reminder that success is not a guarantee and is not permanent. Be humble and enjoy life for what it is and how it is progressing.

Making ice cream

Making ice cream is a psychologically validating activity. The anticipation as you make it is almost as pleasurable as the final product treat. This said, a dream in which this occurs may represent your mental preparation or steps you have taken in progressing a passionate affair and love connection. Moreover, this dream may foreshadow spending enjoyable quality time with someone you find very special.

Offering ice cream to someone

Offering an ice cream cone to a loved one or to an individual whom you find attractive brings with it a sort of sensual anxiety. Rejection, judgement and the need to impress are all invested within this social interaction. This said, a dream in which this occurs may reflect your worries related to your insecurities and shortcomings. The idea of you aging distresses you, and you may be worried of being perceived as sexually unattractive to potential partners.

Being offered ice cream

Being offered ice cream in a dream often heralds imminent danger at the hands of a friend or loved one. This dream is your subconscious relaying its worries over mistrust regarding an individual you know well. You may be processing a conversation that rose red flags with you and reminded you that no one is to be trusted completely.

An enormous ice cream

In my dream, I was in a giant bowl of ice cream and my giant boyfriend was going to eat me. But just before he did, a whole bunch of giant balls of candy sprinkles were coming at me like mount-size boulders, they were going to squish me, and then I woke up.

Dreaming about unusually large food items predicts upcoming losses in your life, particularly in regards to material possessions and money. This is likely due to your issues managing the responsibilities you have been trusted with or difficulties following through on important tasks. This is supported by the grotesque image of your boyfriend looking larger than in wake life, which represents a recent increase in the amount of work you have or the amount of stress you are under. In this situation, you may have suddenly gained power, but are struggling to maintain it and be productive, leading to a precarious situation for you and possible negative outcomes in your progress at work.

Children eating ice cream

A dream in which you can see children eating ice cream, whether at home or from a commercial vehicle, may foreshadow emotional and fiscal success in your near future. Because children require an individual's monetary support, you may find yourself successfully rearing friends and family. This dream predicts prosperity and fortune that will follow you throughout most of your waking life and possibly those of your future offspring.

Dropping ice cream

Dropping your ice cream always has a negative connotation attributed to it. This dream may symbolize an inevitable fall from grace from society or from the eyes of your family and friends. If your lover or romantic partner was in any way a presence in your vision, this dream may foreshadow an abrupt ending to your relationship. This end will most likely come at your hands, probably as the result of becoming attracted to someone else, and would greatly trouble your current partner.

Eating ice cream at a cafe

Eating ice cream at a cafe is always a struggle. The ice cream melts too fast forcing you to eat quickly, but you never want to look starved and or desperate to eat. This said, a dream in which this occurs, especially when other people are present, may foreshadow an occasion in which you will misbehave or show indiscretion in front of a crowd of individuals. If this were to occur, your debacle will progress in front of a large gathering, and you will live to regret what occurs or what you say.

Ice cream on a hot day

Eating ice cream on a hot day, in reality, assuages your discomfort. But, as good as the ice cream tastes, it never tends to last long on a hot day. This said, if in a dream you eat ice cream on such a day, the dream may serve as a prediction to a reunion with someone special from the past. This encounter will evoke many warm, nostalgic feelings within you, and you most likely will seek to forge a new relationship similar to the one you had in the past with this person. However, just as the ice cream never lasts long, your feelings for this individual will sputter out because you will realize how unrealistic it is that a new relationship with this person will last long on account of the time elapsed.

Someone eating melted ice cream

When someone eats melted ice cream in a dream, it may represent your own tendency to cling to something that has long since disappeared or become inaccessible to you. You refuse to accept that too much time has elapsed and would rather dwell on the past then look towards the future. This dream may be your subconscious reminding you that you may be better off, happier off, accepting life as it is and surrounding yourself with people who exist in your present life and not ghosts from your past.