Dreams Related To Hyena

Being chased by a hyena and other animals

My dream was about an African woman who came to my house and told me to come with her. We arrived at a vacant lot and I was then chased by a black panther, a pack of wolves, a pack of dogs, a pack of hyenas. Other people were running from the animals as well. The hyena was directly behind me making that funny laughing sound which woke me up laughing at the dream.

To dream of being led into a vacant lot means you are looking for a space to breathe. Too much activity could be going on both in your workplace, the neighborhood and inside your own home that you wish to distance yourself from all the chaos in order to think clearly. As a whole, the pack of wolves, dogs, hyenas and black panther represent danger all around you. These are generally thieves and robbers who pose a threat to your peaceful existence. In particular, a hyena signifies an individual who would mock you in reality because of your paranoia or inability to cope with stressful situations. Unscrupulous people who sense your fear would be emboldened to take advantage of you. The more you feed your fear and distrust in people, the more you are actually attracting trouble and conflict.

Being attacked by a hyena

I dream about a hyena trying to kill an animal but I stoned the hyena and it attacked me and I wake up.

Hyenas in the dream world often represent someone you know from reality who is greedy, selfish and cruel. Seeing a hyena trying to attack another animal, then, suggests you have witnessed this man or woman targeting weaker individuals who cannot stand up for themselves. Your attempt to fight the hyena represents standing up both for yourself and others against this type of treatment. However, the outcome is unclear because neither of you prevailed in this vision. The only way to know who would win is to do your best and let others know what type of person he or she is.

Trying to fight with a hyena

Sitting at a picnic table with April, who was eating a sandwich. What looked like a dog ran by with something in its mouth. I went to investigate and found a hyena eating a small boy wearing a blue shirt (6-9) on the road. I started yelling at it and someone yelled "It will see you before it hears you", so I picked up a stick and threw it at the hyena and it charged me, so I went to kick it like a football.

Hyenas are known for the sound they make which comes across as mocking laughter. Due to this salient characteristic of this animal, they have come to represent greedy and cunning personalities in the dream world. There could be someone in your life who is acting like a freeloader or worse, taking credit for your hard work. This individual may be in your inner circle, hence he or she can secretly take advantage of your trust and generosity. The boy eaten by the hyena symbolizes the more innocent and naïve side of yourself. In the context of your dream, the wicked figure in your social circle is in fact playing you for a fool. This dream vision is your subconscious alerting you about certain individuals who are out to get you and bring you down. Keep your guard up and your wits about you.