Dreams Related To Husband

Husband leaving you

Dreaming of your husband leaving you for no apparent reason is a sign of a possible temporary separation from this person, but which will eventually become harmonious and balanced relationship for quite some time.

Husband in love with someone

Dreaming of seeing your husband falling in love with someone else and being very happy is a sign that you need to reexamine the way in which you are living your life. It is probable that your life is currently filled with meaningless tasks and daily routines and is in need of a transformation.

Husband having a baby with someone else

have had this dream several times about my husband having a baby outside our marriage.

When your husband has a baby outside of your marriage in a dream, it often reflects having the same fear in the waking world. It likely means that you think and worry about his faithfulness, so your subconscious manifests this idea in your visions. This is perhaps because you are not satisfied with the deepness of your communication or because you have been fighting more recently. If he has given you no reason to be concerned, you should try to get rid of such uncharitable thoughts and take time to work on your communication skills with him.

Deceased husband

Seeing a deceased husband in your dreams who is also deceased in real life means your behavior in social gatherings or situations while interacting with other people needs to be reexamined and improved.

Sick husband

Dreaming of a seriously sick husband can trigger concerns about the fidelity of a partner, potentially indicating suspicions of infidelity or a secret affair. It's essential not to jump to conclusions about your spouse's behavior based solely on a dream. Dreams are highly symbolic and can reflect various emotions, fears, or personal issues. If you have concerns about your relationship, it's best to have an open and honest conversation with your partner rather than making assumptions based on a dream. Communication is key in resolving relationship issues.

Husband cheating

Dreaming that your husband or spouse is cheating on you, especially when you catch them in the act, is usually your subconscious criticizing you for being too trusting and even gullible in reality. This infidelity also shows your tendency to ignore warning signs or someone's suspicious behavior which may actually place you on the losing end in a situation. These flaws and omissions could make you an easy target for people who are comfortable in conning innocent individuals for their own gain.

A conflict with your husband

Dreaming of seeing yourself engaged in a conflict with your husband means there is complete trust and mutual respect within the relationship between you and your husband. This dream also may represent some type of unavoidable danger or harm coming from an unexpected source.

Husband dying

Encountering a dream where your husband passes away unveils a somber symbol, reflecting a pessimistic aspect. This portrayal signifies potential disappointments and negativity stemming from an individual within your inner social circle. Much like the passing of your husband within the dream, this symbolizes a figurative loss or downfall caused by someone close to you. By interpreting this symbolism, you're empowered to navigate your relationships and surroundings with greater discernment, mitigating the impact of unfavorable influences and fostering a more harmonious environment for your emotional and mental well-being.

Happy husband

Witnessing a happy husband who is enjoying his life in your dreams means you are about to acquire wealth or be presented with some lucrative offers on the projects you are currently pursuing.

Husband flirting at a party

Experiencing a dream when your husband is flirting at a party and having a good time trying to get the attention of another woman means you need to be more aware of indecent actions and undesired behaviors coming from your close friends or acquaintances.

Husband in a good mood

Dreaming of seeing your husband in a good mood and being very cheerful if you are not married is a good sign. It means you may receive a proposition from someone you really want to be with.

Dead husband in love with someone else

Had a dream about my deceased husband, one was about him leaving me, then he said he was coming home and then he didn't come and I woke up. The second dream we were on a family trip and we had a good time, then he said he wanted to be with someone else, I cried and cried, got depressed because it was with someone I knew. Then I woke up.

This dream involving your deceased husband means you probably need to reexamine your behavior in the real world. You may still be coping with the loss of your husband and this is affecting your interactions with the people around you. Specifically, both scenarios may reveal abandonment issues. Perhaps you are still struggling to find your footing after losing him. Your subconscious could be showing you the negative repercussions of his passing, especially in your psychological state, so that this awareness can help you accept what happened and eventually allow you to plan a better future for yourself.

Dead husband

Hinduism treats death as a bittersweet dream symbol depicting both an ending and a beginning. If you have lost you husband in reality, then his appearance in the dreamscape foretells the beginning of a new phase in your life. After a period of mourning, you will find enlightenment and a renewed purpose. Alternatively, a deceased husband can also signify loose ends and an inability to accept his passing. You may need to finish pertinent paperwork or resolve any issues your husband left behind before you can move forward.

Physical abuse by husband

Dreaming of seeing yourself being physically abused by your husband is an indication you have developed successful means of solving conflicts or disagreements which may exist in the relationship with this person.

Husband hiding gold coins

I dreamed of gold coins, lots of gold coins, but my husband was burying them under our home. I don't know if he was hiding them or found them, but I feel as if he was hiding them, as if they were stolen.

Gold coins are often considered an auspicious symbol in the dream world as they tend to predict a bright, promising future ahead of the dreamer. In this case, however, it seems like your subconscious believes your happiness is being compromised by your family, possibly even your husband, considering his role in the vision. In essence, you think that some members of your family are holding you back. For instance, perhaps you cannot advance in your own career because your husband expects you to take care of more and more chores around the house or stay home to comfort sick children. Your responsibilities at home, then, hurt your performance at work, which in turn hampers your career or personal growth. Perhaps you need to speak to your spouse about a redistribution of the workload or about your personal goals for the future.

Husband finding a new wife

Husband surprised me with marring another woman I didn't know and he wanted to surprise his family with his new wife and we were packing to go and I couldn't hold in my jealousy like I was trying to do and be OK with what he did! This girl was nice though and was trying to be friends with me and I was being very fake with her. I was not OK with this, I felt hurt, betrayed and not worthy. I got really mad when I thought about them having sex or when I brought it up with him and he didn't deny it.

Dreaming about your husband marrying some other woman and introducing her to the rest of the family could be a reflection of your tendency to be too absorbed in and excessively consumed by the lives of celebrities, social events or relationships which involve the rich and famous or life stories you are constantly showered with by the media. Perhaps this interest in success stories of other people is preventing you from achieving a more balanced and happier life, especially as far as the relationship with your husband is concerned.

Verbal abuse by husband

Seeing yourself being yelled at, intimidated and verbally abused by your husband is a negative sign. It means the possibility of an upcoming illness or health issue that will affect either you or your husband.

Husband cheating with a man

I am a 21 year old female. I had a dream my husband had cheated on me with a man and the wanted a divorce. I was trying to keep my marriage in the dream and then I told him he had to at least keep his promise to me about us having a baby.

Dreaming that your husband cheated on you means that, whether you are aware of it or not, there is a level of distrust between you and your significant other. This is further fueled by your own insecurity. You think you are not providing what your husband needs, so you envisioned him cheating on you with a man in order to tell yourself that you are not responsible for your relationship problems. In a way, this is for self-preservation so your self-esteem would not suffer as much as it already has. Therefore the baby represents redemption and a second chance. Your subconscious is telling you to confront your inner demons and open communications lines with your husband so you can have a fresh start.

Husband announcing his love for another woman

I dreamt my husband came to me and said he is in love with Bernadette. He then walks away holding this lady's hands.

Envisioning that your husband is in love with someone else is generally not considered a prophetic dream. Rather, this dream symbolically represents your unconscious recognition that you tend to be too trusting or gullible. Seeing your husband as a cheater or a liar suggests you know that you give people too much credit. In fact, this dream may be a reaction to a recent situation in which you were duped by something that was too good to be true. Alternatively, it may be a warning from your subconscious mind that you need to be more careful about who you are dealing with in reality.

Husband leaving from a distance

Dreaming of seeing your husband leaving you and watching him depart from a distance is an indication that your relationship with your husband suffers minor setbacks caused by the influences of people around you. Making an effort to work out your relationship together with your husband will greatly improve the quality of your relationship.

Pale or tired husband

Encountering a dream where your husband appears pale or tired can serve as a subtle indicator of potential health concerns or an upcoming illness within your immediate family or close relatives. This dream encourages you to pay attention to the well-being of those around you and take proactive measures to ensure their health and safety. By remaining vigilant and supportive, you can play a significant role in helping your loved ones navigate any challenges that may arise, fostering a sense of unity and care within your familial relationships.

Husband spanking son

My husband spanking my son thinking it's funny.

Seeing your husband spanking your son, no matter the reason, indicates that he (your husband) has recently done something which you find annoying or inappropriate. The humor your husband exudes in the dream is a message from your subconscious meaning you do not think he understands that his behavior is not acceptable to you. You may need to have a serious conversation with him before things pile up and become more serious.

Deceased husband expelling from the house

My late husband was angry and cold to me. He said he never loved me and I had to get out of the room we shared when he was alive. He took all my clothes out of the closet and laid them on the bed. He said I had to get out, leave. I was upset because I didn't have a closet in my room. "Can't we wait? Let me get some racks. I need some help". But he was just like a robot, intent on getting everything of mine out of our room. It was in gray scale, not in color and there wasn't any music at all.

Dreaming of a deceased husband usually means there is an unfinished business related to him that you need to settle. The fact that he seemed angry likely means you are afraid of disappointing your late husband. Perhaps he left loose strings behind that he may have wanted you to tie up. In addition, him taking your clothes out of the closet means this issue that has been bothering you has something to do with your appearance or public persona. Maybe you have not been yourself lately and you realize that your late husband would have wanted you be true to yourself and live an authentic life.

Husband in bad shape

I was seeing my husband pale, wearing a black beanie and oversized jeans walking barefooted.

Seeing your husband looking pale or tired suggests potential health issues. His own health could deteriorate after contracting an illness, but it could also be someone else in the family. Since he is wearing oversized jeans, then the illness could stem from too much stress and expectations from all the responsibilities he is juggling. He needs to take a break and relax that is why he appears barefoot in your dream. You would have to take up some of the load until he recovers.

Husband leaving me for another woman

The image of your husband leaving you for another woman actually is more of a reflection of your mental or emotional state rather than a prediction of his infidelity. Your subconscious is involuntarily pulling up images that shed light on your worst fears and weaknesses. In this case, you may have abandonment issues or trouble with commitment. If you see this image at night, you may want to consider talking to someone about your concerns so that you can work through whatever is bothering you.

Sex with husband

Having sex with my husband.

Dreaming about having sex with your husband could have possible meanings depending on the actual nature of the relationship between you and your husband. If you haven't had intimate contact with him in a while, this could be a reflection of your desire to have sexual intercourse with him. If you are intimate life is already going well, you could be wanting to spice up this activity because you are not completely satisfied with the way it is performed, either on his or your part.

Deceased husband in a black and white dream

The dream was in black and white. My recently deceased husband was holding what appeared to be a child while going to board a boat. He told me he couldn't go yet because he had to wait for his niece or nephew.

Dreaming in black and white means you need to analyze a problem objectively, instead of relying on your emotions. Emotions can cloud your judgment and obscure the answers to your questions. Although black and white can also signify depression. Both could be true in your case because the presence of your deceased husband means you are still mourning and have not yet made peace with his passing. Because of dwelling in the past, you are overlooking fresh opportunities to be happy and fulfilled. You are in fact allowing the ghost of your husband to rob you of a fresh start as symbolized by the child he held in his arms.

Husband being killed

Dreaming of seeing your husband being killed while he is spending time with another woman is a sign of being separated from your spouse for a while. This dream can also mean you will experience property or material losses in the near future.

Husband texting someone else

I was reading text messages that my husband was sending to another woman.

Dreaming that your husband is cheating on you says more about your feelings than his actions. Unfaithfulness in dreams is often the manifestation of the dreamer's own doubts and insecurities. In a sense, you are projecting your own concerns onto your husband's image. If you fall prey to your own worries, you may end up believing he did something even if he is completely innocent.

Husband having an affair

Husband having an affair with someone I know in front of me.

Dreams about your significant other having an extra-marital affair or falling in love with another person indicate not being satisfied with your current way of life, and therefore often serve as a push to look at your life from different perspectives and consider changing some aspects of it. As affairs are generally used as an escape for the monotony of daily life, it likely means you currently have a daily routine that needs sprucing up or you desire more meaningful experiences and interactions throughout your day. This is further illustrated by the other woman being someone you know, possibly because you envy her lifestyle or how she is able to spend her time.

Husband trying to sneak out

I am a female and saw my husband sneaking out of a closet, my sister was with me talking in another room so he thought I wasn't around and stepped out of a closet with keys in hand. I wanted to get mad but I just asked what he was doing sneaking around? I woke up before he could respond but in my dream he was surprised I caught him because he thought I was talking to my sister in the other room. I had by coincidence walked away and saw him step out and hid beside the wall, he saw me and sighed.

A vision of your husband sneaking out of a closet sheds light on the nature of your relationship in reality. In this case, his presence suggests a physical closeness. This is tied to both your closeness as a married couple and shows how each individual's health, mood and quirks affect the other. On one hand, positive emotions and good health pave the way toward a happy and prosperous marriage. However, if one of you is in failing health or is acting in a way counterproductive to your partnership, it could have a negative effect on your married relationship. This vision should be taken as a sign that you should take stock of your relationship so that you can be in the best place possible for the years to come.

Walking in an orchard with husband

I'm having a dream about me and my husband walking hand in hand through an apple orchard, enjoying the wind and sun. Then we look down and see a rose blooming alone by itself and my husband reaches down to pick it for me and that's where the dream ends. What could this dream mean? I'm a female.

A fruit orchard, such as an apple orchard, represents a blissful marriage. You have a loving spouse, good neighbors and a harmonious home to raise your children. You are also comfortable financially, so you have relatively no serious problems to deal with. However, picking a rose denotes a blossoming relationship. This could be either a positive or negative development in your marriage. On one hand, a new person could enter your lives which would add meaning and purpose to your partnership. On the other hand, this could also refer to betrayal and infidelity if someone catches the eye of your husband.

Holding hands with husband and other people

I was waking down a road, holding hands with a man that I have feel in love with. I was also holding hands with my husband and he was also holding hands with his wife! Later I dream I was at his mother's home. Keeping his grandchildren, while everyone was at a funeral. When everyone returned, his mother very rudely said to me it was time for me to leave and thanked me for babysitting.

This is a rather complicated vision with multiple symbols, but a few major points stand out. You do not mention if your feelings for this other man persist in real life, but feeling love for someone other than your husband and who is already married suggests you are not as passionate about something in your life as you used to be. This might be a relationship, such as with your husband, but it could also be a hobby or a charitable cause. In addition, envisioning someone you love in a dream, whether it was your husband or the other man, indicates some concerns related to your family. This is also supported by the mother who acted rudely towards you, representing some internal fears about how your recent actions (or lack thereof) are perceived by other people you are close to. This dream does not end on a bad note, however. Both the children you take care of and the funeral imagery predict that luck and fate are on your side in the long run. You may experience some difficulty in regaining your interests or finding other appropriate ways to spend your time, but the eventual results are likely to satisfy you greatly.

Husband naked and drunk

Dreaming about my husband being naked and drunk.

The interpretation of this dream would depend on whether you have faced similar behavior exhibited by your husband in reality. If you have been exposed to similar kind of behavior by him in real life, this vision could mean that you are worried and concerned about that the fact that his escapades might be starting to cast a shadow on your own personal character and reputation. Therefore, this uncomfortable feeling is projected into your subconscious state as dream visions. If your husband is a complete opposite of what you have witnessed in this dream, this could mean that you are sensing the presence of some non-typical trends in his recent behavior and conduct (most likely when you are together) which are starting to bother or embarrass you, even though they could be benign and non-threatening to your relationship with him or with other people around.

Walking on snakes with husband

My husband and I were walking around a place that I spent most of my childhood at. It was grassy, and all of a sudden all these big long snakes were sporadically all on the ground. I was scared, I walked faster and as I turned to make sure my spouse was behind me there was a snake and it snapped at my ankle but didn't bite. I avoided the snake and we walked a minute longer and they disappeared and my dream continued mundanely after that. I will say when I dream my spouse is with me 75% of the time.

The most prominent symbol in this dream is that of the snakes which dominate the main part of the vision. Snakes by themselves indicate upcoming opportunities which may bring you success or admiration. It is likely you already are well-liked by those around you, such as co-workers or people you volunteer with. However, the image of the snake following and attacking you suggests that someone is lurking near you who would like nothing more than to bring you down and steal what they feel is theirs. Successfully avoiding the snake attack portends either being able to win or avoid conflict with this person and finding yourself in a safe environments, including the protection of your spouse, which is further supported by this dream taking place somewhere you are highly familiar with.

Husband hit by a truck

My husband was mad and confused and we were arguing about porn movie watching, which to me is cheating, just the same. He was naked and he ran out the house and ran out into the street backwards and naked and a truck hit him and amputated his leg leaving him in shock, shaking and I went to call 911 and I woke up. I would appreciate it if u could help me understand this dream thank you.

This vision should be considered a warning, although it is not necessarily about cheating or infidelity on the part of your husband. In essence, a dream in which you perceive him to be cheating on you reflects your trusting nature and willingness to believe the best in others. While family and friends may give up easily, you remain steadfast in your belief in certain individuals. This trust in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is what this vision is warning you about. Your husband's nakedness may reflect your subconscious picking up on signals that not all is as it should be. Furthermore, the sudden amputation of his leg represents death, although it may not be in the physical sense. For example, this symbol may refer to the figurative death of your trust in someone or the revelation that they would be capable of something horrendous. You may want to lower your expectations and put up your guard around around those others have warned you to be wary of in reality.

Husband dancing naked

I am a female and married. I dreamt that a man was trying to lure me but I did not give in. He insisted on knowing where my house was and I showed him a wrong house. Then I entered the house alone and met my husband naked slow dancing in aerobic manner while I looked at him smiling. He displayed such muscles and looked really serious as he danced. What could this mean?

The man trying to lure or seduce you in the dream represents your growing sexual desires. You want to be more adventurous in bed and try out different ways to express your sexuality. However, your own inhibition is keeping you from telling your partner about your desires. The fact that you were misdirecting the man suggests your efforts at suppressing your sexual urges. You feel ashamed and worried that you will be judged. Then, you witnessed your naked husband dancing sensuously, which reveals your intense attraction to him. His state of nudity is an assurance that you are free to communicate your needs to him. It means he is open, totally transparent and trustworthy, so you have nothing to fear about experimenting with him.

Deceased husband standing in front of me

My husband died 3 months ago. He was only 51 years old. We were married for 30 years. Last night I dreamt of my husband for the first time since he died. He was standing in front of me, his head bowed down, wearing black shorts and a t-shirt. That's all.

Dreaming of your deceased husband is a sign that you need to improve your social skills or socialize more. Perhaps you have been isolating yourself since his passing as part of the process of grieving, and this time your subconscious is telling you that it is time to put yourself out there again. You can reconnect with your friends, form new friendships or find an activity that will help you rediscover your passion for life. Your husband's black clothes represent his passing, while his bowed head indicates acceptance. The next phase for you is to accept his passing and realize that everything happens for a reason. After mourning, you will have so much more to look forward to in this next chapter of your existence.

Good relationship with ex-husband

Dreamt of an ex-husband who we are not friendly with each other of being friendly with him in my dream and actually sleeping with him and wondering what they mean. In the real world, we do not speak and he is not nice.

Dreaming about having friendly relations with someone who you were once involved with, especially someone you now avoid or dislike, predicts you will soon meet someone you get along with very well. This dream particularly points to finding a romantic partner who shares your opinions and interests, making time and conversation spent with them very interesting and rewarding. In this case, the image of your ex-husband is just a stand-in for whoever you are destined to meet.

Husband in a big scandal

Dreaming of seeing your husband involved in a big scandal or conflict could be an indication of minor problems in your relationship, but it can also be a sign of a possible divorce or separation related to this same person.

Conflict with separated husband

If you are separated with your husband, a dream depicting conflict between the two of you is a reflection of your real-life dispute. Unfortunately, if you two are still trying to reconcile in reality, this is a negative omen pointing to irreconcilable differences. No amount of arbitration or intervention from your friends will resolve your marital problems. Another big betrayal could be uncovered during your separation which would permanently end any chance of reconciliation.

Husband getting out of prison and wanting to be with another woman

My husband got out of prison and walked in with another woman and said he wanted to be with her and walked out.

Dreaming of your husband leaving you for some reason is a sign of a possible temporary separation from this person, but which will eventually become a relationship filled with harmony and balance. Dreaming of seeing your husband falling in love with someone else and being happy about it could be an indication that you need to re-examine your own way of life. It is probable that your life is currently filled with some meaningless tasks or trifling daily routines and is in need of making some changes or adjustments.

Husband having sex while on a house tour

Me and my husband went to see the world's dustiest house with my cousin and there was a female there with her brother and I went to get the tour with my cousin and he went to the bathroom and during the tour I noticed he's not back yet and when I looked down the stairs, the female was blowing him. When I walked down the stairs to confront them, my husband looked high and he was basically rubbing his penis on her and then all of a sudden he starts apologizing because he hadn't noticed I was there.

Catching your husband in a compromising situation in the dream reflects your insecurities. You may be sensing some coldness or indifference from him in the waking world and you are afraid that whatever is causing this change in his behavior has to do with his diminishing love for you. However, these are all speculations on your part which are only being highlighted by your anxious mind. Oral sex symbolizes your uncertainty or questioning in regards to his love and affection for you. Maybe it would be wiser to openly communicate these issues to avoid anxiety-filled dreams and achieve clarity in your relationship with your spouse.

Husband holding hands and hearing singing

My husband has a side girlfriend in reality. But in this dream he was holding my arm so tightly while in bed with him. I was not holding him back, but he didn't want to let go. A mature woman sang to him these words "Your girlfriend is going to breakup with you because you are glued on wife". When he heard those words he grabbed my hand even tighter than before, so I got annoyed and looked away from him saying in my mind "Now you are gluing onto me just because she is going to break up with you!".

This dream seems to be the manifestation of conflicted emotions from reality. On one hand, you may feel upset about your husband's affair and are annoyed that he is seeing someone else. On the other hand, you may also feel that you are slightly to blame for being too trusting or gullible in the first place. Your husband's desire to remain close to you in this vision could be your brain fighting with your heart. A part of you may want to reconcile and stay together, but another part of you may want him to go away and never come back.

An affair between husband and best friend

I had a dream that I was in the shower and I looked at the wall in the shower and there was a message on the shower wall that said "Hi Sunshine!" Sunshine is what my best friend and I call each other. I have suspected for a while that my husband and best friend are having an affair, however, I can't prove it. But in my dream I asked my husband if she had been over, and he avoids answering me.

Dreaming that your spouse or partner is cheating on you is generally an allusion to your trusting nature and vulnerable personality. Oddly enough, the shower is actually a symbol of emotional intimacy. Since you were not taking a shower in the dream, it could mean that you are dwelling on negative emotions and unfounded assumptions instead of ridding yourself of those emotional burdens. This means your insecurities could be revealing themselves to you. Perhaps you feel you no longer know enough about your husband since he is being distant and unresponsive in reality, hence the message on the wall likely illustrates the need for a more open and straightforward communication to clear the air.

In love with someone other than husband

Being in love or having a passionate affair with someone other than your husband in your dreams is a sign of your loneliness and dissatisfaction with how things are progressing in your relationship with your husband.

Husband having sex with his sister

My husband had sex with his sister on our bed and I was awake, saw everything they did and I was jealous.

Seeing your husband and your sister-in-law involved in such an act of sexual deviancy could be an indication of existing minor problems inside your family, especially between you and his side of the family. It is possible that the bad blood that is between you may be causing stress to accumulate in waking life, leading to this vision. Alternatively, this vision can predict a divorce or separation from your husband, possibly due to a conflict between your different ideals.

Husband who does not exist dying

I am unmarried. I had a dream that my husband was keeping a secret from me that he was dying. When I found out I told him that he should have told me so I could be there for him. We went home and were listening to some music and we were sitting on the couch and he laid his head on my chest and then he died in my arms. I would like to know what that means.

This vision seems to reveal the presence of negative energy and bad vibes in wake life. There could be a growing darkness surrounding you, causing you to feel suffocated or extremely anxious. Being married when you are not in reality specifically points to some kind of grief or sadness you would experience as a result of this situation, while the death of your figurative husband suggests these sad emotions would be caused by disappointment in someone you consider a close companion. The music you heard in the background, however, reveals there may be a silver lining to this situation, although what kind of opportunity can be realized is unclear.

Husband hitting with a whip

Dreaming of seeing your husband hitting you with a whip means your reckless and selfish actions will be met with a great deal of criticism and disapproval from people within your immediate family, which in turn will cause disruptions and conflicts affecting this relationship.

Unable to connect with husband

I had a dream that my husband left me and when I would try to call him I couldn't dial his number on the phone.

Dreaming of your husband leaving you for no apparent reason is a sign of a possible temporary separation. You could be parted from your husband, but also from someone who is as important to you as he is. Alternatively, you might be subconsciously fearing the possibility of breaking up. Although you might not be consciously aware of the reasons, your subconscious may be picking up some clues about such impeding event. The notion of being unable to dial the number and reach him suggests that these issues are related to communication problems. For the relationship to be working, you may need to try to solve any misunderstandings that may arise from poor communication. A serious and honest conversation might help addressing any existing issues. Ultimately, you could always seek a counselor's guidance.

Ex-husband sick and needing help

I have dreamed about my former husband becoming sick and needing my help.

Seeing your ex-husband ill and in need of assistance may reveal some issues that had caused the marriage to fall apart. Specifically, this symbol normally suggests he was cheating or engaging in a secret affair. However, it does not always have to be the case. For example, he may also have been keeping things secret from you or going against your wishes when he thought you were not aware.

Husband dying and resurrecting

I dreamt my husband died, then came back to life.

This dream is pointing to the possibility that the choices you have been making so far are questionable at best. Certain decision that you have made as of late are not really beneficial for you and may have consequences and long-term ramifications in your life. Thus, it is advisable for you to be more careful with any important decision you are forced to take. There is no shame in asking for a second opinion before starting something that could end up requiring a lot of your time and effort later on.

Husband with someone in the shower

I tap my husband in shower, I am nude. He's nude. Draw shower curtain, see another woman on the pot seat pooping. She is naked too. I turn away but husband holds my hand, wants me to stay. We fill the tub.

This vision has a number of complicated symbols, and each layer should be carefully unfolded. If you are unhappy with your current relationship, showering with your husband could mean you are subconsciously considering whether or not you should engage in a brief affair to add some excitement in your life. However, if you are content with your significant other, then showering reveals your desire to be more honest or to come clean to him about something. Both your nakedness and the nakedness of your husband and the strange woman allows for a more specific reason to emerge. These symbols predict that not only are you to find yourself in a compromising situation, but that those around you are also likely to be privy to your embarrassment, possibly leading to an influx of gossip and unflattering rumors about you. Perhaps you need to tell your husband of your misdeed before someone else does. This is further strengthened by the woman being in the act of defecating, a sign that a serious personal complication is about to form. You may need your husband's support to deal with the mess.

Deceased husband trying to kill

Seeing your deceased husband out for blood and trying to kill someone alludes to your inability to let go of past issues. Your unresolved issues, from your childhood or past relationships, are interfering with your current life. Maybe you have trust issues and think the worst of people due to a past betrayal. Or you have turned into a grouch because you think your best life is behind you. Once you recognize your flaws and change your perspective, it is possible to meet new friends and make room for personal growth.

Husband carrying a crocodile

My husband was carrying a crocodile and walking pass a window and was calling my kids to show them the crocodile.

Crocodiles are usually symbolic of lies and deceit originating from someone you trust or someone physically close to you. Because your husband is carrying it, this may indicate he has been hiding something from you or not telling you the complete truth. Additionally, his calling of the kids suggests they may be in on it too. This vision does not indicate as to the nature of what is being hidden (i.e. if it is positive, negative, a surprise, etc.), but it may be wise to exercise some caution and take what is said with a grain of salt unless you are sure they have good intentions.

A naked husband and a dog eating feces

Saw my husband naked, popping in our living room and holding a brown dog eating his feces, as he's saying that there's no available bathroom.

Seeing your husband appearing naked in a dream could predict that he is about to be exposed to worsening health conditions. There could be bad vibes coming toward him, which may result in sickness or being afflicted with a prolonged illness which could eventually negatively impact his overall health. The vision of a dog eating his feces is also a bad sign pointing to the existence of negativity and discord inside your household at the moment, not necessarily between you and your husband, contributing even more to the possible outcomes mentioned earlier.

Mad at the husband while asleep

I was dreaming and screaming out loud while sleeping telling my husband to get his stuff and get out and not to forget to take his daughters with him. They are daughters from a previous marriage, but I have adopted them. He heard me say everything and I do not know why I was dreaming that.

Screaming at your husband during the course of a dream vision could be your subconscious mind's attempt to eliminate some stress that has been building up in your waking life. This stress may be related to either your husband or daughters, but the focus on your husband, at least verbally, suggests he is the one you need to talk to in order to relieve the pressure. While there may be some brief conflict or uncomfortable feelings at first, there is likely to be no lasting damage.

Husband taking everything after a breakup

I dreamed I found my husband had cheated on me. I told him to leave and when I arrived home, he took most of our stuff but the big thing was he took the kitchen sink! He left me with very little and I had to take a second job. He went to live with his ex even though he cheated with a younger girl.

Dreaming that your spouse is cheating on you actually reveals your insecurities. The part where it is revealed that your husband cheated on you with a younger girl could be the subconscious manifestation of your suspicions in the waking world. While it does not necessarily mean that this is true, you may have been questioning your husband's loyalty and love towards you recently, leading to this vision. Because kitchen sinks symbolize emotional control, taking it away could mean outbursts and irrational behavior. Perhaps you are starting to formulate your own assumptions without talking it out with your husband. The sink could be a crucial clue prompting you to become more open and honest about your doubts and fears with your spouse instead of jumping to conclusions.

Husband being arrested while swimming

A female friend of mine dreamt that me, my husband and all family were swimming, then water started draining out when my husband moved out of the pool. He was then taken by uniformed people.

Your friend's dream reveals her concern for you and your family's well-being. The image of you and your family swimming in water suggests emotional turmoil. Perhaps you have been dealing with financial difficulties or undergoing therapy for the issues you have been grappling with. In that sense, the final scene where your husband is being taken by uniformed people could mean that he needs to be more disciplined and responsible in order to save you and your family from this ordeal.

Being saved out of water by someone other than husband

My husband had a dream of me in it, but I was holding a baby, not sure if it was ours, but water sucked me in while I was holding the baby. But as my husband was just standing there watching with fear, he didn't go in for me. Another man went to save me and this child. I'm a female and my husband a male.

The unfamiliar baby in your husband's dream likely means that he could be neglecting the needs of his loved ones, perhaps including you. He may be unaware that certain individuals close to him need his attention, guidance and support. Meanwhile, the latter part of his dream may reveal his fears and insecurities. Perhaps he thinks he is not good enough or capable of protecting and supporting the members of his family. Ironically, his focus on his own insecurities may be part of the reason why he is inattentive to his loved ones' plight.

Publicized separation with husband

I am going through a separation from my husband in real life. My sister dreamt that whatever had happened between my husband and me was publicized in an article in a magazine and my photo was on the cover of that magazine. What does that mean? It was an early morning dream.

Having unflattering information publicized in a dream usually indicates some guilt or feelings of remorse by the dreamer. However, because it was your sister dreaming about you, it can represent her fears about how others will perceive you after such a separation takes place. It may also reflect some concerns about the cause of the split and the effect it has on you.

Husband spitting salt

I saw my husband splitting salt out from his mouth after using it to clear some bitter taste out.

Having an unusual taste in the mouth indicates being dissatisfied with life as it is. Because it was your husband who experienced this sensation in your vision, you could have some problems with the relationship or the issue may be one that affects both of you. In either case, the notions of salt represent being surrounded by multiple opinions, most likely about whatever is not making you happy at the moment. You, as part of a family, believe that certain things can help, but your friends could be suggesting something else. There is no end to the amount of advice you could receive, which may not be helpful when trying to make up your mind. It would be wise to weigh the pros and cons of any action you take and to consider what matters for you and your husband as spouses.

Being convinced that husband is dead

I'm a 41-yr old female who dreamt that my hubby died, but I was acting like he was still alive. I have seen and talked to him and carried on as if he was still alive and nothing changed. I had friends in the dream who fed into my delusion, they rearranged my bedroom and said my husband did it while I was making dinner. I argued with them saying my husband wouldn't do it that way, my oldest brother showed up with the obituary saying hubby died drunk driving, then said I was moving in with him. Then I woke up. I should also add that I didn't know he was dead until my brother showed up at the end of my dream.

The death of your husband represents certain negativity radiating from someone close to you, not necessarily your spouse. However, dreaming about your friends misrepresenting information in front of you actually has a positive symbolic meaning, alluding to the fact that they admire and respect you. The imagery of your relatives using the information they have gathered to prove you wrong could mean they look forward to spending more time with you and they are proud of your accomplishments. The situation unfolding in this dream could be a sign that your love for your husband could reach a new high, as dreams about friends not telling you the truth are indicative of growing love between people who are in a relationship.

Leaving husband and running away with a girl

I was marrying some other man while still being married to my husband, but I don't know who the other guy is. Then I see an ex-lover from 10 years ago and start having feelings for him, an then I'm telling my current husband while crying saying that I'm sorry and didn't ever want to hurt him. But I'm leaving him and all the other guys for a beautiful woman an he says he understands because she's very beautiful. At that moment I'm running with the girl on a ship and then a tidal wave hits the boat and then I awake.

Based on your dream vision, it seems as if your emotional life is in turmoil and you do not seem capable of making an important decision. Whether you really have issues going on inside your marriage or not, or whether you are thinking of leaving your husband, the kind of hesitation displayed in the dream seems to mirror your lack of commitment to your decisions. Leaving all those different men for a woman could be seen as some sort of escape, as if you were trying to cheat your way out of actually making a choice. However, the way the dream ends, with both of you eloping on a ship suddenly hit by a tidal wave, could mean that you are unable to really get away from all your weaknesses and things that bother you. In a way, this dream serves to remind you that there are no easy fixes or magical solutions and you must be able to face your problems head on, with no excuses.

Husband driving off a pile of soil

Men were working in the compound, there was a large pile of soil, making it look like a cliff or small hill in the compound, all of a sudden my husband lost control and drove a car off that cliff and crashed into the wall fence. I feared he was dead but he came out with only his head injured and with little blood. I asked him if I should take him to hospital but he didn't answer me and just went to check on the car wreck.

The large pile of soil in the compound represents the wealth and prosperity accumulated over the course of your life. In this case, the notion that there were other workers present could mean you are benefiting from the hard work of others without contributing much yourself. Car crashes often represent some major occurrence or conflict, so it seems likely that you would face some backlash from this situation which involves inequality or despair on someone's part. While it is unlikely that the criticism or fighting that ensues would leave permanent damage, you may want to think about ways you could prevent this situation from unfolding to begin with.

Husband bleeding or leaving with others

Hello, please help interpret my dream. I have had several dreams about my hubby. One of which I saw blood gushing from his nose and mouth and he collapsed. Another was where I was mourning him. And he talked to me of how he keeps seeing dead families leading him to a place or handing something to him.

Dreaming about your husband in these situations does not necessarily mean the dream is about him. In this case, it seems your husband is meant to represent your family, particularly your immediate family members but also perhaps your extended family as well. For instance, the blood that comes from his nose denotes money problems and financial insecurity. When combined with the symbol of a bleeding mouth, a symbol associated with discord among relatives and conflict in reality, it suggests financial pressure would put a lot of strain on your household, leading to disagreements about things that never would have bothered you before. If you are not already suffering from a limited budget and multiple obligations, it may be wise to save a little money for a rainy day. It may alleviate some of the pressure you feel later on and limit some of the conflict you would otherwise experience.

Dead husband oozing green

Dreamt of dead husband telling me he was alive, but he was cut up oozing green when he lifted his shirt. He was sad when I showed him he was dead.

The image of your dearly departed husband serves two purposes in this vision. First, it suggests your reactions to a certain event or individual may not be well received by others in your social group. Secondly, seeing him again may be your unconscious mind's attempt to find peace and comfort in trying times. The fact that he was sure he was alive even as he oozed green reveals that now you are aware of how your comments or actions are being interpreted. With this knowledge comes the power to change for the better with the love and support of both those who are alive and those who have gone before us.

Husband having sex with his mother

I had dreamt my husband is having sex with his own mother. In the dream I had asked what is this all about and I got a response saying that she wants this and this is what he has to do in order to leave. I don't know who had responded to me in the dream. My husband and I are staying separate currently.

Dreaming of incest if it pertains to real-life experiences is usually a sign of trauma and may require professional help or psychotherapy. If not, then seeing this incestuous encounter involving your husband and his mother is likely an allusion to co-dependency. Perhaps you feel that your husband is either relying too much on his mother, placing too much value on her opinions over yours or just generally siding with her whenever there is conflict. This could be a source of a stressor for your marriage, so you need to be upfront and honest with each other about how this dynamic is damaging your marriage.

Someone's husband

Dreams of socializing and conversing with someone's husband may suggest underlying intentions, contemplations, or desires to engage in a romantic affair in the near future. This dream might serve as a subconscious warning, indicating that acting on these temptations could lead to unfavorable and potentially damaging consequences in continuing what may seem like an innocuous but potentially harmful relationship. It encourages you to consider the potential outcomes of your actions and make informed decisions regarding your romantic entanglements.

In love with someone's husband

Finding yourself falling deeply in love with someone's husband in your dreams is a warning about the apathy and lack of concern you are getting ready to exhibit towards things you were once quite passionate about.

Husband's mother

The image of your own mother-in-law, as a general dream symbol, represents your desire to be appealing and likable in the eyes of others. Just as you may want to impress or please your mother-in-law in real life, so does this symbol suggest you are a people-pleaser to the utmost extent. In some cases this may be a good thing, as others likely find you easy to get along with in wake life. However, focusing on making others happy should not come at the expense of your own mental health and happiness. This vision should also be a warning or reminder to practice self-care and stand up for yourself when the time is right.

Husband's sister

Seeing your husband's sister during the course of a dream vision, whether or not you would consider yourself close to her in wake life, is generally considered a positive symbol to behold. It suggests your family life is untroubled, and the members of your family are supportive towards each other even in the most difficult situations. For instance, if you were suddenly pressed for cash or experienced a medical emergency, you could rely on your relatives to provide support mentally, physically and possibly monetarily.

Husband visiting but not staying

Had a dream my husband came back home, but it was like he wasn't there to stay but just to seem like he may move back soon. Felt more like a visit than and come back.

These images you have experienced in this dream about being uncertain whether your husband was going to stay with you or just visit on a regular basis could serve as an indication that your relationship with your husband suffers minor setbacks caused by the influences of other people around you two. It could also mean that he is currently preoccupied with other things he deems important in his life, or he could be traveling for work a lot or is away from you most of the time. Making an effort to work out the details and arrangements of your relationship with him could greatly improve the quality of your relationship.

Husband wearing ex wife's wedding dress

My dream was about my husband wearing his former wife's wedding dress. She has died years ago. This was in my grandmother's home.

Dreaming about seeing your husband trying on a wedding dress which belongs to his ex-wife is a reflection of some developing issues between your husband and you, even though they may seem insignificant or minor at the moment. The notion of your grandmother's place where this dream took place points to the possibility that other family members or relatives from either side could be the source of these unfolding tensions. At the same time, your husband could have recently started expressing emotions and feelings which were picked up by your subconscious mind as signs that he is not quite happy with the relationship between you and him, things like inability to discuss matters between the two of you, or spending too little or too much time together.

Husband arrested for possession of drugs

The dream was about my husband being arrested for possession, but then the police lost him and he was never found.

Dreams involving scenes of arrest of someone close to you by police, in this case of your husband, and his subsequent disappearance, suggest that some aspects of your marriage may culminate in disharmony, even a temporary separation from each other. The outside force represented by the police arresting your spouse is an indicator of anxiety linked to existing or upcoming conflicts and disagreements. However, this is likely to be only a temporary disagreement, and after it is over you are likely to be victorious over your fears and doubts. After the crisis is over, you would see slow, but major improvements, as far as your bond with your husband is concerned. The outcomes of this situation are contingent on the efforts both of you are willing to invest when you try to make it happen.

Reuniting with deceased husband

In my dream I was outside, it was cold, but the sun was shining so bright. I was just walking in what looked to be a park, but there was snow everywhere and I saw one couple there. I walked up behind a person, he had a RED shirt on. He turned around and it was my late husband. I immediately grab him and hold him close, we both held on so tight. I could feel him hugging me back! We began to cry and I woke up. What does this mean?

Dreaming about a snow-covered scene on a bright, sunny day is indicative of an upcoming social gathering which you are either expected to host or attend. You may be unwilling to do so, most likely because of unresolved feelings or the lingering sadness of your late husband's passing. Seeing your husband in this vision may also indicate that your behavior at social functions may need to be examined more closely, depending on whom you are dealing with. This is supported by the red color of his shirt which indicates you tend to act on your emotions rather than taking time to consider the most logical course of action. Taking a few minutes to compose yourself may help you avoid saying or doing something you may later regret.

Husband holding orange candles

I and my husband am going through a big struggle in our marriage due to his depression and he wants to end the marriage. I dreamed that he came out of one room and me from another and bumped into each other and he was holding 4 lit orange candles? What does this mean?

Perhaps due to the strain in the relationship, you and your husband are not seeing each other eye-to-eye at the moment. However, as implied in your dream, there is an effort to meet each other halfway or try to understand the situation on either side because while you come from different rooms, and different perspectives, you cannot help but bump into each other or check on how the other half is doing. Lit candles in dreams represent hope and optimism amidst difficult challenges. Your husband is likely seeking enlightenment and guidance in his bout with depression. Orange is also an important sign in the dream. Like the lit candle, it signifies hope, respect and courtesy. However, it can also symbolize power and leverage. You could be frustrated by the situation, feeling like you are being backed up in a wall with no say on the matter. Handling this hurdle could be tricky, but the number four conveys a positive message. You may have personal associations with the number four, but it generally refers to the restoration of balance and elimination of negativity.

Unable to see husband

I am trying to see my husband. I can see all family members, but I'm not able to see my husband. What it means?

Being unable to see or locate your husband in your dream could be a sign of miscommunication in real life. It could be an upcoming disagreement between you and your spouse that could prevent the both of your from seeing eye-to-eye. Try to find out whether there is any hidden tension in your household or a subject matter which could lead to potential disputes among its members.

Scared of husband while in bed

I'm busy going through a divorce. I had this dream where I was in bed and I pretended I was asleep, so my husband could leave me alone, but in my dream, he entered the room a few times and I felt so afraid in my dream, it felt so real. My body went numb, it felt like I was going to die. Then at some point, my husband was in bed next to me and I was crying out to him to help me, my heart stopped.

Feeling like your body is numb and unable to move in a dream vision is highly symbolic and reflects your current state of mind. It indicates the battle within you during difficult times in your life, specifically the divorce which you are currently going through. In this case, your mind and heart are probably going back and forth between what you want to do, what you should do, what you need to do, and what others are telling you to do. No matter which path you choose, you probably feel as though you will not be completely happy.

Rotten potatoes and missing husband

I was cutting potatoes that were rotten with worms though, they looked good outside. They all fell to the ground. My infant son stepped on some worms, I rushed to pick him up and washed him off. My husband was in the background, but silent throughout. I put my son to sleep and then felt like I could partially see things, but was blind to people. I tried to call my husband by the front door, but he was gone and another man tried to pretend to be him and I was frightened.

Both the potato and the worms are associated with being grounded and simple. You and your family could be well on your way to getting settled and growing roots wherever you are residing, or perhaps this would be happening some time soon. Worms also represent negativity and weakness. The worms you envisioned may be symbolic of your doubts and fears, and these negative feelings are holding you back from making that big step of settling down and the investment that comes along with that. Thankfully, your son is providing more than enough motivation to help you see it through, hence he is the one stepping on the worms. Finally, the obscured vision blocking out individuals refer to errors in judgment. It is a warning not to trust cunning individuals who may be out to take advantage of you transitioning to the next level of your family's journey.

Deceased husband washing dishes

I saw my deceased husband washing dishes. His hands and arms were wet when I touched him. Then he said that he couldn't talk to me right then and that he had to be away from me for a while, and I would see him again soon. Then I woke up.

This dream about your deceased husband reflects your need to move on. You may still be having some trouble accepting his passing or perhaps something in reality triggered memories of him which made him manifest in this vision. Washing the dishes, quite literally as a symbol, alludes to letting things from the past go and welcoming whatever is in store for you in the next chapter of your journey. His appearance in this vision is telling you to rid yourself of sadness and accept what cannot be changed, so you can feel alive again.

Deceased husband boarding a train

I am in an unknown place where my dead husband and I are talking and are happy to be with each other.. Suddenly my husband gets very scared and starts to run around. A train comes out of nowhere and he gets inside, extremely scared, asking me to chant the Gayatri Mantra. I run towards the engine and find a horrible-looking lady with millions of teeth. As I chant, I see my husband calm down and the train takes him. He keeps telling me to continue to chant.

Dreaming about your deceased husband points to some unfinished business. Perhaps you are still in the process of mourning his passing and unable to accept the fact that he is gone. His fear could be a projection of your own fears. You may be worried about what is in store for you now that you no longer have your husband by your side. Alternatively, chanting the Gayatri Mantra denotes a yearning for some sort of enlightenment. You are searching for meaning and purpose behind his death. Perhaps you still have to contend with problems he has left behind and you are concerned about what happens to his soul, hoping he finds peace at last.

Husband's clothes on another person

Dreams about husband's clothes worn by someone else.

A dream in which a stranger is wearing your husband's clothes points to the possibility of being suspected of wrongdoing. Your husband or somebody close to him may suspect that you are being unfaithful. This does not necessarily mean in a romantic way, it could also be that you are suspected of stealing money from him or having a secret you do not want him to find out. Open communication is always your best option in such a case.

Husband refusing affection

My husband and I are traveling in a car, my husband is driving. I go to kiss his cheek and he says no, I am married to another! I felt very confused as he never rejects intimacy.

Traveling with your husband by means of driving reveals your tendency to be a passive passenger in your marriage. Thus, getting rejected by your husband through your marriage's invalidation could mean you may harbor insecurities and fears of not being good enough for him. Any sign of conflict probably gives you a lot of anxiety. Perhaps you need to trust not only your husband but also yourself.

A boil on dead husband's ankle

A boil popping out of my dead husband's ankle.

The ankle represents the path your husband took when he was still alive. On the other hand, the boil alludes to the obstacles and bumps along the way that prevented him from pursuing what he really wanted to do. So when the boil popped in the dream, perhaps it is an allusion to him finally being at peace and no longer worrying or stressing about things which once mattered to him. It is possible that he has been bearing some burden without your knowledge and his passing has freed him.

Husband shot in the head

I had a nightmare that my husband was shot in the head and died. What does that mean?

Dreaming about your husband being shot and killed in front of your eyes is an ominous sign. This dream represents bad news and hardships which may soon come your way. Negative events which could take place in the near future may directly affect you and permanently change the way you look at things. It is possible that they will originate from one of your social groups such as your closest friends or your neighborhood.

Husband revealing love for ex-wife

I don't remember the surroundings of the dream, but at some point, my soon-to-be husband said, "I love you." Of course, I believed he was talking to me until I looked up and realized that he was instead telling his ex-wife that he loved her. It was as if I was present in the dream and then just became an observer.

Dreaming of any type of indiscretion from a romantic partner reveals your trust issues. You may be questioning your fiance's loyalty and love for you. Furthermore, this could represent a subconscious desire not to fully commit to the partnership for one reason or another. Since you are getting married soon, you may just be experiencing cold feet as the date of the wedding is approaching. It is possible that you do not want to settle down yet or are worried about opportunities you could miss out on. In either case, your vision has more to do with your state of mind than his actions.

Husband who is about to die soon

I lost my passion for my husband, we only have physical relations. My dream was, he will be going dead by Halloween, and he has bad health, I hope someone knows something about my dream.

Envisioning your husband dying in a dream vision is the manifestation of disappointments and negativity caused by him in reality. Because of the lost passion between you and your husband in the waking world, perhaps this vision is your subconscious projecting the disenchantment and sadness you are currently feeling. In a sense, the frustration you feel toward your husband has been caged inside you for so long that your subconscious is manifesting it within this dream. It would be wise to find a healthy outlet for these emotions and to have open communication with your husband to help rekindle the spark between you.

Leaving husband for someone else

I went on a trip with an old boyfriend, my husband told me I couldn't go. I went anyway and when I came back I saw a man tied and cuffed to a bed. I heard people say the task is done. I scream, I don't understand them. Someone said that man shot my husband.

A dream wherein you see yourself leaving with an ex, despite having a husband, alludes to the presence of discontent in your waking life. Perhaps your marriage is in trouble and you would like to take a break from all the problems which you both are facing. This is reinforced by the image of you leaving with your ex despite your husband's disapproval. It seems as if your marriage is going through a rough patch, and the symbolism of your husband being shot while you away again denotes negativity. It would be better if you focus on steering your marriage towards resolution of existing issues instead of focusing on the past. Make sure you give this relationship enough time and energy if you want it to last.

People criticizing after husband's death

I lost my husband five months ago, he was my everything and our social circle was very small. I have no friends to speak of really, however, I dreamt everyone in my small circle was critical of everything about me. They were really ripping into me. This was very hurtful and I don't understand why. I am very good to everyone and try to treat people kindly and with respect. What does this mean?

Dreaming that you are being criticized by your peers reveals your insecurities. You may have issues with your self-worth, especially after the death of your husband who was once a significant part of your existence. Alternatively, this may also represent your tendency to be overly accommodating because of your need for approval. Perhaps you may benefit from being a bit more assertive and not too agreeable. It is good to be generous and kind, but not at the expense of your own self-respect and value.

Husband shot and dying

Dreaming of your husband getting killed in a shooting, for instance at a school or place of work, is an ill omen about problems ahead of you. There might be some conflict from a long time ago between you and another person in your close circle that was not settled well, and this will start to materialize again, which will affect you significantly. If your husband was shot in the heart in the dream, then this conflict might involve you and your partner. A brewing problem in your relationship might be happening, and despite you being positive you'll get through it without addressing it properly, it could potentially lead to a breakup.

Deceased husband smiling

Seeing your deceased husband smiling in a dream can be a positive sign indicating that the dreamer is undergoing a very important transformation in their waking life. The dream may imply that you are beginning to move past the stress and sadness associated with your husband's passing and focusing more on positive aspects of waking life and positive memories from the past. The dreamer may also be feeling a renewed sense of life and vitality as if their husband is still alive in the spirit. In essence, the dream serves as a reminder that even in death, the people we love can continue to bring us joy and comfort.

Running away from husband

Running away from your husband in a dream, especially for women or those who identify as female, symbolizes a desire to escape aspects of your domestic life. The husband here may represent not just a spouse or partner but also various responsibilities tied to the home, family or household budget. This dream hints at a wish to avoid conflicts or worries related to these domestic matters. It suggests a longing for a safety net or refuge away from these concerns. However, it is crucial to address the underlying issues rather than escaping from them, as running away only offers temporary relief without genuine resolution.