Dreams Related To Hurt

Hurting someone

Hurting someone, be it through your words or actions, suggests that you are channeling some negative energy from reality into your dreams. Your subconscious mind is trying to find an outlet for that anger or frustration by allowing you to release it during REM sleep. For instance, pressure from work or your family could be a source of tension in your everyday life. Perhaps setting boundaries and finding more creative or peaceful outlets for your feelings would allow you to sleep easier at night.

Being hurt by an object

Being hurt by an unusual object.

Dreaming of getting hurt, such as during a fight, means you often meddle with other people's affairs. Even though you may have good intentions when you give advice or offer help to others, you may just be complicating their situation. The unusual object is a reflection of your oblivious nature, especially when it comes to the consequences of your actions. This is your mind urging you to be more self-aware for the sake of your friends and family.

Family getting hurt

Dreaming that your family is hurt or in pain represents that deep sense of powerlessness and helplessness experienced by those between a rock and a hard place when it comes to close connections. It signifies a potential falling out or strained relationship with someone in your immediate circle. The dream also evokes a fear of losing the love and connection that family represents, even if the particular relationship is with a friend. The emotional pain resulting from this damaged relationship is so intense that it feels almost physically tangible in the vision. You are left feeling vulnerable and afraid of the potential consequences. This dream urges you to confront your emotions, communicate your concerns and work towards healing and restoring the bond with your loved ones.

Hurting myself

I kept hurting myself. I kept stabbing myself and crying out with blood-curdling screams. My friends were just looking at me not doing anything. I kept screaming "help" but no one did anything. I was crying and my tears turned to blood. At the end of my dream I ended up at the top of a building and falling over screaming, and before I fell on the concrete I woke up feeling pain I inflicted on myself in my dream. I don't know what this means. I've had a dream "sort of" similar to this before.

Despite the gruesome imagery, stabbing yourself in the dream world is a fairly neutral symbol. It is usually associated with changes that are about to take place in wake life. Because you are the one who is doing the stabbing, it could portend these changes being brought about by your own actions. However, tears of blood point toward a tendency to self-destruct, negating the neutrality of this dream. This means that the changes you make could actually bring about your downfall. This would have a negative effect on your self-esteem and may leave you feeling depressed. Noticing that your friends are unwilling to help you in this vision could be a direct manifestation of what you are seeing in reality. Perhaps your loved ones are not giving you the kind of support or affection you desire, suggesting you should take matters into your own hands and ask for the help you so desperately need.

Someone who hurt you in the past

Dreaming of someone who has hurt you or did you wrong in the past suggests that there are unresolved feelings and sentiments towards this person or people. It means that you are still holding onto the hurt and it is keeping you stuck in a negative mentality. Moreover, this dream serves as a reminder to address these emotions, find closure, and let go, allowing love and healing to flow into your life. Consider seeking support from loved ones or a therapist to help you navigate this process.

Getting hurt

Getting hurt, whether during a fight or a mishap, reveals your penchant for dishing unsolicited advice. Your friends are likely getting annoyed with your constant barrage of opinions when it comes to their personal affairs. They do not need to hear about the latest research or how a self-help book taught you so much about personal growth and productivity. Even though you mean well, this dream symbol is a sign that you need to exercise self-control. It is okay to give your two cents' worth if they ask for it, otherwise you could make matters worse.

Someone you love getting hurt

Envisioning someone you love and genuinely care for in reality being hurt in a dream is often considered a premonition of bad things to come. This friend or family member may be in danger, though whether this would be a complete accident or a result of their own behavior is unclear based on this symbol alone. Perhaps your subconscious mind is picking up on subtle clues that would allow you to intervene on their behalf.

Physical hurt after fighting with family

My sister was going through my phone and texting guys I talked to. I got mad and tried to beat her up. I remember stopping to go to the bathroom but the door was locked. I remember my head hurting really bad so I went outside to get my mom. She was smoking with her husband. Then she told me my nose was bleeding. Somehow mom and I got into an argument and I slapped her. Then I remember her turning into my neighbor and she was trying to slap me back. I remember lying on the bed trying to wake up, but I couldn't and I had turned into a man.

Having a fight with a family member, both your sister and mother in this case, predicts that some goal you are pursuing is not likely to be finished or fulfilled as you desire, no matter how easy it looks or how much time and effort is spent. Your nose bleeding after the fighting indicates financial problems, such as unexpected expenses or difficulties sticking to a budget. These monetary issues may or may not be related to the unresolved or failed ambitions you are attempting. Turning into a man at the end of the dream represents being in a situation or forcing yourself to do things that are not appropriate or suited to your interests and abilities, which may be why your goal has so far been out of reach. This dream vision might inspire you to take a closer look at your strengths and weaknesses to find a course of action befitting your special talents.

Family hurting you

Envisioning that someone in your family is hurting you is a metaphor for the answers you are dying to learn about but also scared to understand. Being physically or mentally attacked by loved ones or members of your extended family, especially when they seem to have the intent to kill, suggests your mentality is not stable or ready to deal with all the personal problems you are currently dealing with in wake life. The good news is that you are likely comfortable enough with yourself to make good choices and ask for help from someone you trust.

Boyfriend getting hurt

Seeing your boyfriend getting hurt can trigger anxiety and common fears about the well-being of your partner. These feelings may stem from a fear of losing love or encountering challenges in the relationship. It's important to address these concerns openly and honestly with your partner, as communication and support are vital for maintaining a healthy and resilient relationship.

Loved one getting hurt

Seeing someone you love getting hurt in the course of your dream is a premonition for possible bad incidents looming your way. This might be a manifestation of your fear that a family member might get into an accident brought by their own actions. At the same time, it suggests that you are experiencing a dilemma in your waking life. You need to make a decision about a certain issue, but could not seem to do so easily.