Dreams Related To Hurricane

A hurricane approaching

Dreaming of an approaching hurricane means you are very concerned for the welfare of a close friend or acquaintance. Unfortunately, this person could just be using you as a shock absorber for problems they create for themselves.

Caught in a hurricane

To be caught in a hurricane indicates a fateful encounter or meeting with a person who will open your mind to new views and ideas. This broader perspective will consequently lead to life-changing decisions.

Living through a hurricane

To survive or live through a hurricane in dreams is an indication of powerful forces which are beyond your control. This could be positive or negative. On a positive note, this external force may be a passionate individual who will sweep you off your feet.

This dream imagery can also symbolize powerful feelings you have towards someone or your own power over this person. Unfortunately, this can be damaging for the both of you or a self-destructive force in your life.

Trying to find a safe place during a hurricane

Looking for a safe place or shelter during a hurricane reveals your level headed and calm personality. Even in the face of stressful situations, you manage to remain clear-headed and focused which would bring you a lot of success.

A hurricane from a distance

Observing a hurricane from afar is always associated with negative events or outcomes, regardless of the situation. Dreamers in love can expect heartbreak, entrepreneurs can experience losses, travellers could be in danger and married people would get into arguments with their spouse.

Being inside a hurricane

Finding yourself inside a hurricane, for example getting swept away by it, points to a head-spinning and passionate fling or love affair in reality. Additionally, surviving this ordeal unscathed means the affair would be blissful.

Dying during a hurricane

Dreaming of dying because of a hurricane denotes ailments and sickness. Unfortunately, the illness is not a simple cough or flu, rather it has the potential of getting you bedridden for the rest of your life.

Seeing a hurricane from a safe place

Watching a hurricane from a safe and sturdy place or shelter is a reference to the calm before the storm. You will be busy handling a rather important and complicated project. You need lots of focus and determination to successfully accomplish this responsibility.

Someone being chased by a hurricane

Seeing someone being chased by a hurricane means this person is overwhelmed by emotions they are doing their best to hide from you. It could be romantic feelings they are afraid are unrequited or a secret that could ruin your friendship.

Unexpectedly caught in a hurricane

Getting unexpectedly caught in a hurricane, for example when the weather suddenly turns ominous while driving on a sunny day, symbolizes a breakdown of plans and overall bad luck. No matter how much planning you make, you will have to deal with negative circumstances which are out of your control.

An aftermath of a hurricane

The aftermath of a hurricane denotes problems and bad karma. Because you did not help someone in need, the tables will turn with you being on the losing end, so prepare to swallow your pride or grit your teeth through the struggle.

Able to withstand the strength of a hurricane

Being able to withstand the destructive force of a hurricane means the person who wronged you will finally apologize or recompense you for any damages done. This also points to dramatic improvements in your finances.

Other people affected by a hurricane

Seeing other people suffer and be affected by a hurricane means getting involved in other people's business. Even if you mean well, giving unsolicited advice will negatively affect your relationships.

A hurricane destroying your house

Witnessing a hurricane destroying your house portends a series of life-changing events ahead of you. This could range from a change in career, the end of a long-term relationship to moving into a new place where you intend to settle down.

Suffering from a hurricane

Suffering from a hurricane, like damages to your home or getting injured, is a warning about a recent encounter. It may have been pleasant and engaging, but the context and content of your conversation will become malicious and cause a lot of stress.

The roar of a hurricane

Hearing the roar or loud humming of a hurricane alludes to a desperate attempt to get your plans back on track. Unfortunately, regardless if it is personal or work-related, your actions and countermeasures will be futile.

Unable to move during a hurricane

The inability to move during a hurricane points to an upcoming panic attack. A sudden and unexpected occurrence would trigger a strong emotional response from your which would lead to a high degree of anxiety.

A hurricane destroying neighboring buildings

Watching a hurricane leveling or destroying neighboring buildings portends a lifestyle change or building new social connections. This could also suggest a trip, work-related or for adventure purposes, which you would enjoy immensely.