Dreams Related To House

A house falling apart

Dreaming of visiting or seeing a house falling apart or crumbling down right before your eyes is a sign that you are experiencing hindrance or interference from a person or people who are working with you to complete a particular task or goal.

Sneaking into a house

Dreams of sneaking into or secretly entering someone's house can symbolize the desire for influence and control over a situation or someone's life. It suggests that you may be seeking to exert your influence discreetly or assert your presence without drawing too much attention. This dream could reflect a sense of power or agency in your waking life, where you aim to have a significant impact on someone or something, all while maintaining a level of secrecy or subtlety.

Moving to another house

Dreaming of moving into another house that is significantly different from your current one can be interpreted as a symbolic sign of receiving important news or experiencing unexpected travel. The dream suggests a shift or change in your life that may bring about new and impactful information or opportunities. It encourages you to be open to unexpected developments and embrace the potential for positive change.

Dreams About Houses: Dream Meanings Explained

A big unfamiliar house

Dreaming of seeing a big and very unfamiliar house, like a house you've never seen before or ever been to, is a sign that you will soon have an unexpected encounter from someone who wants to be a part of your life.

Visiting your house in bad condition

To dream of seeing yourself visiting your house and discovering it is in bad condition because it is in need of repairs or has been abandoned is a sign that unfavorable occurrences or situations are about to occur that you will have to face and resolve.

Destroyed house

Dreaming of discovering that you have a partially or completely destroyed house represents you moving to a new location, having financial troubles, experiencing a death in the family, or getting a divorce.

A dream like this is displaying damaged or completely destroyed property that can no longer be functional or used anymore for shelter and protection for you and your family. This dream is a warning that says you need to take some time and consider the situations that are causing disturbance in your life and examine how these things are impacting your life as a whole.

Cleaning house

Seeing yourself cleaning your house or someone else's house in your dream, like dusting or sweeping, is a sign you will be having unexpected company, or it could mean you will be reconnecting with people you have not had a chance to network with for a very long time.

Your house occupied by someone

Dreaming of seeing your house being occupied by someone else or being occupied by some creatures could indicate that you have a relationship with your surrounding environment that is very unstable and imbalanced.

If your life is constantly surrounded by sadness and instability, then this dream is trying to let you know that it's time to face these feelings once and for all and deal with them in order to stop this recurring cycle of instability and drastically improve your well being.

Looking at a house

Looking at a house from a distance, either a house belonging to you or a house belonging to someone else, is a warning that you are heading for some serious trouble, It could also mean you are about to face a situation that may result in damages or losses in your life.

Entering a house

Dreaming of seeing yourself entering an unfamiliar house you have never been before is a sign that you are becoming a hindrance by interfering with the way someone is living his or her life or performing certain habits.

Building a house

To dream about building a house by yourself or with some help is a sign that beneficial changes and significant improvements are entering your life, making your life change for the better.

A house being destroyed

Seeing a house being destroyed or demolished in your dream means you have an adversary or competitor who is obsessively striving to make sure your plans and goals are sabotaged and prevent them from being completed.

Unable to find your house

Dreaming of searching and not being able to find your own house means you are soon to lose confidence and faith in people after having a few encounters with individuals who were very deceitful and manipulative.

An old house

Seeing or being inside an old house in your dream means you are going to reconcile and repair relationships with people whom you almost forgot about and who once were an important part of your life. This will be especially true if you observe a lot of antique items within the house.

A new and big house

Dreaming of seeing a new and big house that belongs to you is a sign of taking on new projects or ventures, and you will have the option to decide whether or not you want to actually participate in making these endeavors happen.

Mopping floors in the house

Dreaming of mopping or scrubbing the floors in your house or someone else's house is a warning of the passing away or untimely departure of someone in your family or someone who is very close to you as a friend.

This dream can also mean that you may become separated from a dear friend or family member because of your traveling engagements that will be the result of your responsibilities or brought about by unpleasant circumstances which will need to be dealt with.

House wall collapsing

To dream of seeing a house wall collapsing right in front of you means that an inhabitant of that particular house is getting ready to meet an untimely death and pass away real soon. Consider it a metaphor for significant changes or upheavals in personal or familial dynamics. The dream encourages empathy and support for individuals facing uncertainties while emphasizing the symbolic nature of the imagery.

Leaking roof on the house

Viewing a leaking roof on the house, whether you're viewing it from the roof or from the inside of the house, represents you relocating to another place to live because of circumstances that make moving a viable solution.

Visiting your house in good condition

To dream of seeing yourself visiting your house and discovering it is in good condition and comfortable to live in means you will be the recipient of good news, and you will experience a happy and prosperous life.

Buying a new house

Dreaming of buying a new house is often interpreted as a positive sign of happiness and wealthy living that you may experience in the future. The act of purchasing a new home in the dream signifies a significant life change or opportunity that could lead to increased prosperity and contentment. The dream encourages you to be open to accepting an offer or opportunity that may be presented to you soon, as it could bring about positive transformations in your life.

Walking into a house

Dreaming of seeing yourself stepping in or walking into a house means you will participate in a project or endeavor that will produce positive results and beneficial outcomes in your life which will definitely lead to a successful completion of your project.

An old house you used to live in

Envisioning an old house that you used to live in, like your childhood home or your first apartment, is a vivid image to perceive in your dream. It represents comfort of the old and familiar, and as such, this symbol is common around times of turmoil or unease. The mind chooses a familiar, comfortable place in the dream realm to offset uncertainty in reality. There are a number of ways to steady yourself when you are awake, including talking to a friend, meeting with a professional or practicing self-care.

Someone building you a house

Dreaming of having someone build you a house is a sign of changing life conditions or major changes coming into your life. These changes could relate to you getting a bonus or promotion on your job, or it could be a life changing improvement in your financial circumstances that will produce a variety of advantages for you and for your loved ones.

If you are intimately involved with someone or regularly dating someone, then this dream could mean your relationship is shifting to another, deeper level, like an engagement or marriage.

Being stuck in the house

To dream of seeing yourself being stuck in the house and not being able to get out for some reason is a sign of negative circumstances happening soon, or it could be a sign of an unhappy life because of the rumors and slandering being deceitfully done behind your back.

Hiding inside the house

Dreaming about hiding inside the house and barricading yourself in represents your success in being able to ward off any situations or circumstances that could cause you potential harm.

Leaving your house

To dream about leaving your house is a sign that you are networking with and surrounded by people who desire to make you look bad by ruining your reputation and tainting your image within your social circle.

House falling down

The dream image of a house falling apart or falling down means your current plans or projects may be sabotaged. An envious colleague, friend or even family member may try to foil your plans by causing conflict or obstacles that may delay your venture or cause total failure. Authority figures or your bosses may even be the ones who would interfere for reasons that you would not understand. Perhaps there is a bigger picture that you need to see if you ever hope to accomplish your goals.

A house occupied by now deceased people

Dreaming of visiting or being inside a house occupied by now deceased people means you will get all the necessary support and resources needed to accomplish your current ventures or plans.

Afraid to go into the crumbling house

I was outside watching my house crumble down one room at a time. I was desperate to go in before my bedroom crumbled down but it was too late for me to go in because it crumbled.

Watching your house crumbling down in a vision suggests that you are experiencing conflicts and meddling from people in your close surroundings. The notion that you are just watching from outside while it happens means that someone may want to hinder your plans, but you feel unable to interfere and stop him or her. You feel desperate for the reason that you do not understand why this person or persons are plotting against you. Perhaps you need to scrutinize all the facts to have a more general idea about what you can do.

Half-built house

Dreaming of seeing a half-built or incomplete house that is still under construction is a sign of your determination to try to make something happen that is not supposed to happen at this time, or it could mean you are not in the right position to make this project complete at this time.

What is the meaning of being in a haunted house in a dream

Haunted house

A haunted house, while possibly a creepy or disturbing image to perceive, is actually a fairly positive symbol in the realm of dreams. It suggests that there are people around you who are willing and able to lend you a hand when you need it. This includes those who could give you money, advice, guidance or a shoulder to cry on.

Painting a house

Dreaming about painting a house, either your own or someone else's house, means you will experience acts of goodwill and will have the comfort of receiving a lot of needed help from those who are close to you and care about your well-being.

House without doors or windows

Dreaming of seeing a house without doors or windows is a warning of the passing away of someone close to you, like a close friend or family member that will have a profound impact on your family or your friend's family.

Seeing someone in a new house

Dreaming about seeing someone moving to or living in a new house means this person or family is about to undergo some very troublesome times or experience some losses which will be very hard for them to recover from without the help of you and others who care about them.

Being invited to a house

Dreaming about being invited to a house by the owner or some of the inhabitants means someone is getting ready to ask for your help and support because the person is in a situation that requires extra support from a friend.

A wild party in the house

Dreaming of seeing a wild party going on in the house while watching from the outside is a bad sign. It foreshadows you attending funeral services of someone close to you who might pass away in the near future.

Abandoned or dilapidated house

Visiting or staying in an abandoned or dilapidated house in your dream is a sign you will encounter much dissatisfaction with the actions of someone very close to you who you really trust. You may have to suffer a regretful loss of support from this person, and you may discover that reconciling with this person may be next to impossible to do.

Laying foundation for a house

Dreaming about you or someone else laying the foundation for a new house means you are about to receive a very profitable offer or beneficial deal that will lead to a lot of wealth and good fortune into your life. This may in turn bring along stability and worry-free existence.

A house I have never been to

Being in a house you have never been to in the dream realm is a metaphor for your fateful encounter with someone. You will have an instant connection with this person, although this does not guarantee a romantic one. Nonetheless, coming across this person will change your perspective, for this person will teach you a valuable life lesson.

Moving into an empty house

Dreaming about moving into an empty house by yourself or with family means all the hard work and effort you put into completing your projects will turn out to pay you back with large benefits resulting in increases in your material wealth.

Family moving out of the house

Having a dream of seeing your family packing up and moving out of the house you are currently living in represents a highly beneficial and positive situation occurring for the wife of the household.

New house

A newly built house is an auspicious prediction of a lucrative opportunity. You will be blessed with the chance to pursue a passion project with enough resources and support for it to succeed. Your gut instinct and perception will be heightened to allow you to make the right move at the right time. If you put your trust in your intuition, you will attract positive energy which you can infuse into your goals and aspirations.

A small wooden house

Dreaming about seeing or living in a small wooden house represents your shy nature and tendency to not want attention drawn to you. If you could have it your way, you would happily live in total isolation from other people. This dream could also mean that you are lacking the power or determination to accomplish your own goals and ideas.

Moving into a huge house

Moving into a huge house points to a very prosperous future for you. All aspects of your life, from professional to personal, will be joyful and fulfilling. In terms of career, you will have the opportunity to head a huge company or even start your own lucrative business. Your personal relationships will also flourish as you support each other with your dreams and encourage each other to become the best version of yourselves.

Walking through an abandoned house

Walking through a dimly lit old house, wooden with graying walls in need of much repair. Many rooms in the house. Dead family present.

Envisioning an old house that is falling apart has two related meanings. It first represents the state of a relationship with someone who were once close to you, specifically, that it has deteriorated almost beyond repair. However, this vision also represents trying to find peace and reconciliation with this person, giving you both a chance to heal old wounds. This animosity could date back to when the deceased family members were still present. In this case, while it may be too late to make major changes in this life, turning to prayer and reconciling with those who are still living could help alleviate past feelings of hurt and guilt.

A high-rise apartment house

Dreaming of seeing yourself or being near a high-rise apartment house represents your high self-esteem and your skill in communicating your points in order to gain work and personal success and respect from your colleagues, family, and friends.

A cottage house

To dream of spending time inside a nice cottage house represents the need to renovate and improve the house you are currently occupying because of dilapidated parts of the house and potential health hazards found within the house.

Golden house

Dreaming of seeing yourself going inside a golden-colored house is a warning about getting into a dangerous predicament that will require a lot of your time, patience and energy to get out of.

Locked house

Standing in front of or trying to get inside a locked house in your dream is a warning of unfavorable circumstances occurring in your life. It can also mean that an inhabitant of the house is getting ready to die very soon.

My house on fire

In REM sleep, dreaming that your house is on fire suggests positive developments in your personal relationships. The razing of your home means you are surrounded by supportive and loyal friends. This positive energy allows you to achieve more in life. Within your household, this imagery also predicts more harmonious and good behavior from your usually rebellious or unruly children.

Burning house

Dreaming of seeing your house burning or on fire is a sign that an unanticipated but joyful occurrence or occasion is going to happen that will encourage you, motivate you, and make you feel content and satisfied with your life for a long time.

A small house

Looking at or going inside a small house in your dream is a sign of developing a new relationship or starting new friendships or acquaintances that may eventually end up playing a major role or become meaningful and rewarding for you.

Renting your house to someone

Seeing yourself renting your house out to someone means a highly significant and lucrative promotion or career advancement offer could be in store for you, or it could mean you are getting ready to land a new job or position that is more profitable than your current position.

Getting dressed inside the house

Seeing yourself getting dressed inside the house is a sign of indecisiveness and the incapability of making sound choices. It could also mean you are about to unveil the mystery or a secret that has been kept from you for quite some time.

Abandoned house

An abandoned house in the dream realm often predicts hurt or dissatisfaction due to the behavior of someone you once trusted. In a sense, the good feelings you once housed for this individual in your heart would be reduced to nothing. It is likely that you would never be able to repair your connection with this one-time friend.

Cats and strangers in the house

Dreaming about both cats and strangers inside your house is a two-fold symbol. First, the unfamiliar individuals roaming the house suggests there is someone in wake life who is in need of your assistance. Their general wandering suggests they do not know what to do and that you have yet to step in and offer your expertise on the subject. The cats shed a little more light on your behavior, suggesting that you are playing coy or being a bit conniving. Perhaps you want them to come to you and not the other way around. Your sly behavior may have unintended consequences of a negative nature.

House made of white stone

Dreaming of seeing or visiting a house made of white stone or marble means you may experience an increase in your social stature as you gain more respect among the people you interact with daily.

House of a famous person

Seeing yourself visiting or staying at the house of a famous person or celebrity is a warning about receiving some very negative information or you may experience some unfortunate situations or circumstances for a brief time in your life.

Crocodiles in the house

I dreamed I had a house and my husband (still living) and my mother, brother and grandmother (in reality are deceased) lived with us. The back deck is on top of a swamp and the boards are all broken up from the crocodiles breaking through. There was a bug in the house and I went out across the deck dodging the crocodiles to put the bug safely on the bush. My grandmother went after me but fell in. The next thing, we were safe back in the house.

This dream has a fairly complicated storyline which makes it difficult to come to a concise meaning. Dodging crocodiles in a dream vision suggests you may currently be dealing with obstacles created for you by those who are jealous of your accomplishments or by those who simply wish to see you fail. This constant looking over your shoulder has likely wreaked havoc on your nerves, making it difficult to relax or even trust those who are actually on your side. This is opposed by the presence of your deceased mother, brother, and grandmother, which represents that, despite the challenges you are currently facing, you always have people who are on your side and watching over you. With their support, you can overcome your current situation and thrive.

Decorating your house

Dreaming about decorating your house for a special occasion like Halloween or Christmas means you are getting ready to have a new addition to your family in the form of a baby, or it could mean someone else you know is going to have a new addition to his or her family.

Dogs and an older couple in a beach house

I dreamed I was looking at a beach house for sale. The older couple that owned it invited me in. I really didn't want to buy the house, was just looking. They had 3 dogs in the house, they were all friendly. One was black lab. One was real tall and skinny and could talk, he said "Hi", that one kept wanting me to pet him. I saw shells, and the older couple was going to give a great deal on selling the home. I stayed and talked a few hours with them, mostly played with the friendly dog.

The beach house represents your desire to slow down and give your mind and body time to heal. After all the years of stress from work and personal issues, you are looking forward to a more laid-back lifestyle. The elderly couple who owned the beach house symbolize wisdom. You are beginning to think peace, stability, routine and all things associated with settling down are what you need for a better life. Meanwhile, the dogs represent your friends and family who are fully supporting you in your decision to find a more balanced lifestyle for the sake of your overall well-being.

Visiting a house of a happy person

Dreaming about visiting a house belonging to a very happy and joyful person carries a sign of unhappiness. It means you may be experiencing times of disappointment, regret and melancholy present in your own life.

A horse inside the house

Dreaming of seeing a horse inside the house where you live, in the middle of the living room, is an indication that a highly significant written notification may be sent to you from an acquaintance. This individual may be very close with and your family, like a business partner, a relative of sorts or friend.

Moving into a filthy house

I had this dream that I had moved house, but the place was filthy and I was trying to clean up, then strangers were coming in and sitting down but I couldn't seem to lock the door. I was trying to get them to leave, but they just sat there making a mess and not caring. It was very stressful. Also, there was no room for me to sit.

Dreaming of seeing yourself moving into a new house is a sign that you may soon receive important news or suddenly go on a trip that you were not expecting. A home in disrepair or decay means that unfavorable situations are about to occur and that you cannot just ignore them. These circumstances are extremely important in your life and can have a great impact, therefore, you need to take some action sooner. This hardship could relate to either your personal or professional life, and it will probably have an impact on others as well. The repulsive strangers in your dream, who made you feel uneasy, symbolize change for the worse.

An old friend visiting a messy house

I dreamed my house was a mess, everything misplaced, a spider web too. A very special old friend came to visit that I haven't seen in 45 yrs. I didn't even bother to put on makeup, just talked with him long time in the dream. I normally would have looked my best.

Envisioning your house in bad condition is a sign that unfavorable occurrences or situations are about to take place. You would have to face these issues head on and resolve them before taking care of anything else. Your conversation with your friend while in a less than presentable state could reveal your less than positive state of mind after dealing with those troubles. Perhaps you are being reminded that in some cases you need to take care of minor troubles and issues before taking care of yourself.

Inheriting a house

Dreaming about inheriting a house means you will soon get to know and become deeply involved with a new friend or lover who will prove to be a beneficial asset to your life by improving your life in ways you could not have done on your own.

Houses collapsing

Hello, I dreamt a white-colored house collapsed and the one next door was badly damaged, I didn't recognize the house or anything, my brother-in-law was there searching in the rubble for his valuables. I helped gather some bits for him. Then my dream jumped to me visiting my sister in a flat that required me to climb a few flights of stairs. Whilst visiting, I went into her kitchen and heard banging, she told me it was her car that got pushed into the building when the next-door house collapsed. I couldn't understand how because she was a few flights up. Confusing dream.

The white color of the house you saw suggests an upcoming change. While that does not sound bad in and of itself, the meaning becomes clearer (and more negative) when it is coupled with the sign of that same house collapsing. A collapsed or destroyed house points to experiencing major difficulties in your life. It seems, then, that whatever change you go through is likely to leave you in a worse situation than you were in before. The misfortune you experience may be related to your finances, such as having to file bankruptcy, or to your relationships, like going through a breakup or a divorce. However, walking upstairs to get to your sister's flat predicts a turnaround in this situation, as going upstairs is usually a symbol of success and good luck.

Well-furnished house

Dreaming of being inside or coming out of a well-furnished house with splendid decor is a sign of your pining for unfulfilled dreams. This is also a sign that it is time to act on your desire to achieve your long-awaited goals or dreams.

Military people entering your house

Seeing military people like soldiers or troops entering your house is a sign of positive change soon entering your life, or it could be some lucky occurrence or circumstance you may encounter in the near future.

An old house in need of repair

I dreamed about a particular fixer-upper house in my old hometown that I moved away from 8 months ago when I moved to the coast.

Dreams about a house that are currently in a state of disrepair are symbolically connected to the act of moving. This is because they represent the mind taking note of all the little things that must be done to make a house a home and is trying to get itself settled in a new place. Because you moved 8 months ago, it is likely there is still a little something missing in your life, such as a favorite photo or a stuffed animal you once loved.

Unfurnished house

Finding yourself inside an unfurnished house with bare walls in your dream means you will have to deal with some problems or conflicts that will prove to have a solution only if you solicit the assistance and support from those who are closest to you like family and best friends.

Being an owner of an old house

Dreaming of being the owner of an old house, especially one that is a source of respect and awe to the people who visit it, is a bad sign. It can mean the loss of well-established relationships, or it could mean you may be facing arguments and quarrels with people who used to be your best friends.

Full house

To dream of having a house full of relatives, friends, or guests is a sign that you will be able to attract a lot of financial fortune and an abundance of assets and resources for yourself and your family.

Being trapped inside a house, and being chased by something

Houses tend to represent responsibility and domestic troubles in the dream realm, so finding yourself stuck, trapped or imprisoned inside a house suggests you cannot avoid these issues forever. Though you may try to shirk your duties, you eventually have to face the music and take responsibility for your actions or inaction. For example, if you have neglected to pay your rent on time, you would have to face the possibility of not having a place to live. Alternatively, allowing conflict and disagreement to blossom among family members may result in some tense and uncomfortable family gatherings around the holidays.

Water inside the house

Finding water in your house, perhaps from a broken pipe or a spilled beverage, refers to insignificant issues which are mere distractions to bigger problems. Petty arguments with your loved ones become a battleground for truth and justice for you, meanwhile there is a greater injustice happening in your community. You like channeling Aristotle's principles and theories about morality and social justice, however this dream reveals your inability to choose your battles because of your addiction to winning and always being right.

Newly renovated house

Dreaming of seeing or being inside a newly renovated house is a sign that some uncertain or strange issues will be handled in such a way that the outcomes will turn out to benefit you.

A house perceived in multiple dreams

My boyfriend has had the same nightmare for years, the last day he had it, I had the dream, but it wasn't a nightmare, it was like a vision. The house that was in his nightmare was the exact same house in my dream and my aunt tells me a family member I never met has a house exactly like the one in the dream. What does this mean?

Dreaming about a particular house that you have never been to could have one of two meanings, depending on the circumstances. If something scary or traumatic occurred in that house in real life, you and your boyfriend's visions could point toward a need to solve the mystery and lay those ghosts to rest, possibly through prayer, a blessing, etc. If nothing out of the ordinary happened at the residence, however, this vision should be considered a warning to stay away from the place, as going there could unleash beings or entities from your boyfriend's past visions.

A deep pit inside the house

Dreaming of entering a house and almost falling into a deep pit inside is an indication of an approaching dilemma or the onset of a major conflict you are about to experience with one of your family members or relatives.

House chores

Dreaming of seeing yourself doing continuous house chores or trying to do home improvements means either you will receive a house guest that is a long-time friend you haven't been around for a while or you will have an addition to your household, such as a new baby.

Being inside a warm and cozy house

Dreaming of being inside a warm and cozy house indicates that you are about to hear some rumors or chunks of information that will have a great impact on the intimate relationship you are currently having or on the relationship you have with a loved one.

House with a lot of space

Dreaming of being inside a house that has a lot of space with big rooms or hallways, especially if they are very clean and brightly lit, means you will experience much success in accomplishing your goals and plans. These accomplishments will lead to a much happier life for you and your family.

A tiny door to a big house

Dreaming of seeing a tiny door to a big house that you cannot get through in order to get inside the house means you are getting ready to have a passionate or romantic encounter or a love affair.

House being broken into

Judging from the imagery in this vision, it is possible to speculate that you are in great danger. Having your house broken into during the course of a dream suggests that you have let someone into your life who does not have your best interests at heart. This is a man or woman who you trust implicitly at present. However, you should not be fooled by their sweet words. Look at their actions and motivations and you would discover the truth.

A house getting too small to live in

Dreaming about your house getting too small to live in comfortably is an indication of eventually losing some of your personal assets, which could also mean you may lose some of the properties you own.

House being auctioned

To have a dream about your house being auctioned along with all the furniture represents riches and manifold prosperity. This dream can also mean you are soon to receive or get access to something you've been wanting to have for quite some time now.

Mad house

Seeing yourself inside a mad house or visiting a mad house filled with mentally disturbed people is a warning about stumbling across situations or conflicts that prove to be very difficult to properly handle and deal with.

Roofing a house

Dreaming about adding a new roof to a house, whether yours or someone else's, carries a cautionary message of potential unforeseen losses affecting your personal property or financial stability. This dream suggests that despite your efforts to fortify or improve certain aspects of your life, there might be unexpected challenges or setbacks that could impact your resources. It's a reminder to remain vigilant and cautious about your financial decisions, ensuring that you are well-prepared to address any unforeseen difficulties that may arise. By taking proactive steps and carefully managing your assets, you can navigate through these potential challenges and safeguard your overall well-being.

Extremely tall house

Dreaming of seeing an extremely tall house, like a skyscraper, is a positive sign. It means you will be the fortunate recipient of stipends, bonuses, incentives, and other financial awards from people and sources you never would have thought of before.

House of officials

To dream of seeing yourself going into or being inside a house belonging to officials is a sign that you will be encountering and facing some unanticipated financial losses from having to spend money to take care of issues you had no control over.

A casket inside the house

Dreaming of seeing a casket inside your house or someone else's house is an indication of being content with life and experiencing a blissful existence that will remain a part of your life for a while.

Repairing a farm house

In your dream, envisioning the restoration of a farm house, whether it's a solo endeavor or with the support of others, foretells a future abundant with prosperity, contentment, and boundless joy. This dream signifies that your life is set to be filled with good fortune and an overall sense of fulfillment. It's a promising vision of the positive outcomes and rewards that await you in your waking life, bringing forth a sense of satisfaction and well-being that will permeate your existence.

Being stuck inside a house

For years I have dreamed about being inside a house, in different rooms, I have never seen the outside.

A house in a dream represents you and the different rooms represent multiple, yet interconnected aspects of yourself. Dreaming of finding yourself in different rooms points to the issues you go through over the years, which are usually brought about by stress or sudden changes. Not seeing the outside of the house could indicate that you are still in the process of evolving and discovering who you are by resolving challenges you encounter in your everyday life.

House shaken by the wind

Standing in front of or living inside a house being shaken by a strong gusty wind in your dream is a sign that you may be moving out of your current house and relocating to another place of residence very soon.

House set on fire

A house set on fire, or witnessing arson, means you will be pleasantly surprised with a change in attitude of your enemy. Someone could have intervened and told your nemesis to patch things up with you for the sake of peace and harmony. If it is your own house, then it means your household will be in prefect order. Rebellious and sulky children will even be in their best behavior, so your home becomes a space for rest and relaxation.

Not having a house

Dreaming of finding out that you do not have a house to reside in is a warning of a sequence of negative circumstances, bad luck, or an increase in your financial problems coming your way very soon.

Many neighbors around the house

Having many neighbors living around the house you currently reside in indicates that you will be collaborating and spending a lot of time with a coworker, or it could mean you will be switching to a profession where you will have to network with many customers or clients in order to get the day's work done.

Things in double quantity in the house

Dreaming of seeing items or things in double quantity in the house is a sign that your apprehensions or fears may become a reality. The best thing you can do is try to stop obsessing over your fears and worrying about things you really can't control.

House in the countryside

Dreaming of seeing a house located in the countryside or some other rural area means life-changing events are soon approaching, or it could mean you will have some highly unexpected and remarkable experiences to occur soon.

An empty house from afar

Dreaming of seeing an empty house from afar means your current desires and dreams may not materialize no matter how much determination and effort you put into trying to make them happen.

A house that was falling apart

A house that is falling apart, such as one that is in desperate need of repairs or TLC, means that you would soon have to deal with some unfortunate outcomes in wake life. Until you resolve these issues and take care of the problems, you would feel stressed and upset.

Having to vacate an abandoned house

Entering an abandoned house with all people's stuff still in there. People started surrounding the house and my son and I trying to find out clothes and figure out how to get out.

The abandoned house you found yourself in during your vision is thought by dream interpreters to predict being hurt or dissatisfied with someone close to you. Considering your son's presence, it is possible that he is the one who is or would soon disappoint you. Looking for clothes and trying to get out of the surrounded building could reveal that you have subconsciously tried to repress your feelings in the past. However, this time things may go too far to be forgiven so easily.

Building a house for a sick person

If you are sick and had a dream about having a house built, then this is a sign of you meeting an untimely death by passing away from the illness in the near future. It's important not to jump to extreme conclusions based solely on dream imagery. While dreams can sometimes reflect our concerns and anxieties, they should not be taken as direct predictions of future events, especially something as serious as illness or death. If you have concerns about your health, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional who can provide you with accurate medical advice and guidance based on your specific circumstances.

Strange noises coming from a house

Dreaming of hearing strange noises coming from a house means you will soon encounter a highly superstitious person whose paranoid beliefs will begin to cause all sorts of problems in your life and cause headaches that will greatly annoy and aggravate you for a while.

House renovated by relatives or neighbors

Dreaming about your house being repaired or renovated by relatives or neighbors reflects your inability to provide the appropriate solution to an issue being presented to you that is persistently bothering you. Your indecisiveness in solving the problem will cause you to lean towards useless advice and suggestions from other people while shunning appropriate advice.

Living in an unfinished house

Living in an unfinished or half-built house in your dream means you have been overly concerned or preoccupied with issues related to you losing some of your wealth, properties or personal assets.

Court litigation involving a house

Dreaming of being in the middle of a court litigation or proceedings involving a house, like a disagreement between you and your spouse, means your times of sadness are soon to be replaced with joy and contentment with the way your life is progressing.

Grass growing inside the house

Dreaming of seeing grass growing inside the house on the floor is a negative sign that means the people who are currently living in the house might soon move out and go to live in another house.

Living with someone in the same house

Dreaming about living in a house with someone who looked unfamiliar to you means that you could be entertaining ideas of moving out from your current place of residence and finding a new house or apartment. This could be because of your dissatisfaction with the present living conditions, your neighbors or particular attributes of the place you are living in at the moment.

A man and his kids breaking into the house

Witnessing a man and his kids breaking into the house, especially if it is your own home, reveals your wariness about your neighbors. You may also harbor suspicions and prejudice towards strangers and immigrants. Perhaps you feel the influx of foreigners in your neighborhood feels threatening to your livelihood and way of life. Your initial reservations could be due to your lack of understanding and exposure to other cultures. Your fears may be unfounded if you open up your heart and mind to fellow human beings.

The same house over and over

Finding yourself in the same house again and again indicates a feeling of stagnation. You are feeling stuck or you lack direction in your life. Edgar Cayce attributes a house to the current flow of your life, so this recurring setting reveals a pattern of falling back into old habits. The mystery of finding yourself in the same place over and over can also mean you need to learn a lesson. This symbol will haunt your dreams unless you figure out the real reason for your aimlessness.

Someone broke into my house

Seeing your house after a break in exposes your vulnerable state. You are likely feeling down and defeated after going through a personal attack. Someone may have invaded your privacy, spread unsavory rumors about you or you involuntarily exposed your deepest secret. You may be able to put on a brave face during the day, but your nocturnal self through your dreams show just how much you are hurting. It will take some time for you to regain your dignity and rebuild your self-esteem.

Unfamiliar houses with big rooms

I keep having a dream about a house. I dream about one house then the other on different occasions. I dream about these houses repeatedly. I see many rooms, especially big and elaborate bathrooms. There is always an upstairs and a basement. The doors in one house won't lock.

This is a fairly ominous vision that contains a serious warning. Dreaming about looking at houses predicts bad times are ahead. Specifically, seeing multiple houses tends to suggest financial problems or the loss of material possessions and property. The cause of such outcomes can be seen in the sign of the large, elaborate restrooms, which represent having unrealistic expectations of a certain situation. In this case, you may have made a bet or investment based more on your hopes and desires rather than on solid facts and practical considerations. It would be wise to carefully consider how you spend your money and take steps to mitigate any damage that may have already started taking place.

People inside a sinking house

I dreamed that one of the managers from work invited to his home. He had twins with his ex-wife who was there. The house sank in the ground, but we were all fine. The next day we were all still there and the house sank a little more. His girlfriend came over and he was anxious to give her personal information not to be disclosed to us. The twins were always one with me and the other with his ex-wife in the home. At the end I was on a giant fast Ferris Wheel.

The two most important symbols in this vision are that of the house and twins which oppose each other in many ways. The image of this sinking house is similar to that of a sinking ship, indicating that everything seems to be going downhill around you. You may even be feeling the negative effects of the chaos and disturbance, leading to difficulties completing your tasks or performing profitable and productive work. However, this is offset with the sign of the twins who are always near you. This means that, despite the trouble you may see around you, you are confident in your ability to get through the rough patch and be successful.

A house built on the ground and water

I am looking at a small house, half of the house is sitting on land, the other half on water. A large shark is trying to attack me?

The small house you see represents your heart or your soul in the context of this vision. Half of the house is "built like that of the wise man's" which was placed on solid ground. The other half is in water, at the mercy of the waves which ebb and flow. In essence, this means there is a struggle within you to do what is good and right, or to do whatever you fancy at the time. Whichever side wins is based on the decisions you make in the near future, and the shark suggests that you cannot hold off deciding what type of person you wish to be any longer.

Escaping a house in a dress

I am female. I dreamt I was wearing a dress that I own blue an white in color while trying to escape a house.

A blue and white dress is symbolic of the dual nature of relationships. On one hand, you have the love and commitment of your partner, but on the other hand your closeness makes you vulnerable to hurt and broken trust. This issue is further explored in the image of your trying to escape a house, a symbol that suggests trouble within your home or social circle is causing you to look outside your current sphere of influence for new opportunities, relationships or career paths.

An old and untidy house

I saw my house as very old and untidy in my dream.

To dream of seeing your house being old or discovering it is in a bad condition because it needs repairs is a sign that unfavorable occurrences or situations are about to occur which you will have to face and resolve. Dreaming that your house is unclean could represent a possibility of moving to a new location, having financial troubles, experiencing a death in the family or getting a divorce. It is also a warning that advises you to take some time and re-assess the aspects of your life which might eventually be causing these possible problematic outcomes.

A large house with hidden rooms

Repeated dream about a very large house with large hidden bedrooms.

Dreaming of being inside a big and unfamiliar house, like a dwelling you have never seen before or ever been to, is a sign that you will soon have an unexpected encounter with someone who wants to become a part of your life. The large hidden rooms envisioned in the same dream are an indication of your capacity for love as well as readiness to welcome this individual or these people into your life.

Things happening in the house

My school had an event at my house where our parents couldn't watch us the whole day, but my house was huge, the harbor was inside and the roads were too. Then I and my boyfriend were kissing and a picture fell out of the ceiling, so I tried to find my mom. Then I couldn't find her so I put the picture somewhere. Next, I posted my boyfriend on Snapchat and then I and my boyfriend went upstairs and my mom was wondering what happened the whole day while we were gone.

This vision is fairly complicated and contains several interesting symbols. School events usually represent stress from wake life building up though having a school event in your home seems to indicate you are comfortable with a certain amount of stress or work well under pressure. This is supported by the image of you kissing your boyfriend, which signifies your confidence in yourself or that you are comfortable in your skin. Despite understanding yourself, you may have some doubts about the relationship. This can be seen in the image of the picture falling from the ceiling. You may need to think about where the relationship is going and evaluate whether or not it is worthwhile to continue.

Part of house slanting

The side of the house where the kitchen is was leaning toward the ground, the kitchen window was open.

A house and the different rooms that are manifested in your dream represent yourself and various parts of your personality. The kitchen reflects your need for nourishment, warmth and comfort. It could also represent a life-changing opportunity and a personal transformation. Similarly, the open window implies possibilities, hope, new ideas and an open mind. Maybe you are letting go of your lofty ideals and seeking a more grounded existence. It could also be an indication of your desire to settle down, which you associate with emotional stability and security, as manifested by the ground-leaning position of this part of the house.

Uneasy feelings about a house

This dream was about a house my aunt was buying during the fall time. In the house suddenly our time on our phones kept changing each time we looked at it, and then suddenly I had the gut feeling that I didn't like the house and something bad was in it. So I ran out the door and as I was running out the door, someone, a man, was talking to me telling me to stay. As I continued to reach the door I couldn't breathe and felt suffocated until I reached the outside.

A house that evokes sinister or uneasy vibes about it symbolizes your own trauma and personal demons. Running away to get out of the house indicates your refusal to confront your own issues for fear of the negative emotions and bad memories that these would trigger. In addition, the changing time on your phones reveals your anxiety and apprehension. No matter how much you try to bury bad memories in the past or repress negative experiences, they would continue to catch up to you, haunt your present and taint your daily life if you continue to deny these issues. A professional or a wise mentor could be the key to your psychological and emotional healing as symbolized by the man who was telling you to stay.

Walking through your dream house

I am a 53 year old female. I've had this reoccurring dream of walking through a beautiful house that is my dream house. I walk through it and feel amazing, so extremely happy and at peace with everything. I've had this dream for several years.

Walking through a beautiful home, especially one that your perceive as having the features of your dream home, is a powerful sign that big changes are taking place or about to take place in your life. Considering your age and the amount of times you have seen this vision, it seems likely that more than one opportunity may be available to you, and all of them would bring something different but positive to your life. For example, a new family member may give you the opportunity to take on a new role as teacher or mentor. Alternatively, the suggestion of a trip or cruise with friends may open your eyes to new cultures and ways of life. Your feelings of amazement, peace and happiness suggest that you would, after a long life, have no regrets about how things turned out.

A bamboo house

Living in a bamboo house or a shack in your dream is an indication of your meekness and your tendency to put too much trust in a higher power to direct the course of your life. In the meantime, you are maintaining a state of peace and hope that one day your life will transition to something much better than it is right now.

Swapping houses

Having a dream about changing your place of living by swapping your house with someone else is a sign your life will never be the same because of some major transitions that are getting ready to happen in your life real soon.

Unable to find your way out of a house

Dreaming of not being able to find your way out of an unfamiliar house after going inside suggests upcoming times of sadness or disappointment concerning something you are currently doing at this time.

Splashing water on the house

Dreaming about splashing water on your house is a sign of the compassion and understanding you will have when you encounter someone who is in dire need of resources, assistance and support.

A house made of sand

Dreaming of living in or being inside a house made of sand means you are about to see the end of a string of unfortunate events or senseless offers and the onset of beneficial things which will help you get your life back on track and on the right path.

A poor-looking house

Dreaming of seeing a poor-looking house or shack or living in it is an indication of spending some time in another location, like on a vacation, which may end up preoccupying a lot of your free time.

A communal house

Dreaming of seeing yourself living in a communal house with other people is a sign that the plans or ventures you intend to accomplish will meet with interfering issues and hindrances that will postpone their completion.

Cramped house

Dreaming of finding yourself inside a very cramped and confined house with limited space, especially if it was an old house, is a sign that you are about to face a lot of problems trying to complete a task or a project, while being unable to successfully handle an issue associated with it.

Being uncomfortable inside the house

Dreaming of being uncomfortable and uneasy inside your own house or a house belonging to someone else means you will soon experience some minor health issues, or you may undergo a slight decline in your overall wellness.

Rearranging things inside the house

Seeing yourself rearranging things or furniture inside the house in a dream represents you receiving an unexpected visit from people you hold dear to you, like close relatives and friends that you haven't seen for quite a while.

Renting a house in the countryside

Dreaming of vacationing and renting a house in the countryside is an indication of you losing your current job position, or it could mean you are getting downsized due to some unforeseen events.

House sinking into the ground

Seeing your building or someone else's when it is sinking into the ground is a sign of an unfortunate death impacting the life of someone you hold dear to your heart. This person could be someone from your immediate household or another family member.

Slates falling down the roof of a house

Being in fear and great concern while witnessing slates falling down the roof of a house means you are likely to face a debate or serious argument with a member of your household or another person who you maintain a close contact with.

House with no door knobs and kids

A house without doorknobs that is filled with children represents feelings of internal struggle, particularly with issues that affect your household. This is because houses are often symbolic of your very being, and the image to the door that cannot open reflects your feelings of being stuck, unable to move forward or grow due to these complications. Until you can recognize what is really bothering you and communicate that to your family members, you are doomed to remain where you are.

House that I sold at a garage sale

Dreaming that you are selling a house means you are underestimating your own value. This is further corroborated by the garage sale in the vision. You are prone to selling yourself short, whether as a professional or a potential partner, because you think you are not good enough. The garage sale also refers to old wounds and personal baggage. The reason for your low self-esteem may be rooted in your childhood, from bullies or condescending adults, which you have carried with you into adult life.

Living in a big house

Living in a big house is an indication of your big dreams and ambitious nature. Unlike other ambitious people, however, you actually have the skills and determination to make your dreams come true. The big house represents the huge project and equally big responsibilities which you will handle as part of your career vision. Since you are already living in this house, then you probably already accepted this project or you have already been promoted to a high-ranking position. This is the fulfillment of your aspirations, so enjoy the ride and retain the kind of work ethic that got you there.

A house I've never been to

Being inside a house you have never visited predicts an unexpected encounter with a soulmate. You will form a positive perception or first impression of someone new and forge an instant connection. This could be romantic or platonic but, regardless of the nature of the relationship, you will surely have this person in your life for better or worse. You will cross paths with your soulmate for a reason, either to teach you a valuable lesson or serve as a constant in your ever-changing life.

A house filled with smoke that disappeared

I was dreaming I went into a house and my lungs filled with smoke, I felt burning. Then went into a room and it was all gone. I was fine.

Despite the gruesome nature of such a vision, dreaming about a house (and your lungs as a result) filled with thick smoke is usually interpreted as a sign of good fortune and success in something you are currently working on. This could be a project you are leading at your place of work or a craft you are creating before giving to someone or entering into a contest. However, if you envisioned having difficulties breathing in this vision, you may want to be on the lookout for fires, both literal and figurative, that could arise during this time.

Strange happenings around the house

My family and I were sitting at the kitchen table reading the Bible and all of a sudden cabinets started opening and I got this uneasy feeling. Later, I saw what appeared to be an Asian female following me throughout everyday life. She wouldn't even let me shower without terrorizing me.

This vision has several mixed symbols that do not lend themselves to easy interpretation. Namely, the image of your family sitting around the table is a positive sign related to hearing good news concerning the members of your family. This could be the miraculous healing of a loved one or the answer to some other desperately sought after prayer. However, reading the Bible could indicate some disappointment or dissatisfaction with your current relationship or someone you are interested in, so while some relationships may improve, others are likely to become worse or disappear altogether. The cabinet doors which open and close of their own accord are often associated with welcoming extra money into your household, possibly through a better-paid job or a sudden award or incentive.

Being lost inside a house and feeling trapped

I'm a female. I went to a house with my boyfriend and met up with his friend, who had the face of a friend I used to have. The guy tried hitting on me and I said "No" and tried to leave but couldn't find my purse. I looked in every room but they kept changing. Then his family showed up and looked crazy. I had this overwhelming feeling that they wanted to trap me there forever.

To fully understand this vision, we should interpret it in reverse. This is because the house that you could not leave has a very general meaning, pointing toward unfortunate circumstances unfolding in your life that you have no escape from. The cause of your issues, then, is likely something that sticks close to you. Not being able to find your purse suggests monetary issues, such as debt. This situation could have a legitimate cause, such as student loans, but may also be the result of poor financial planning. In either case, seeing an old friend can indicate needing to seek the advice of someone older and wiser, possibly a financial advisor or accountant.

House walls expanding and distorting

Living in a house to wake up noticing the walls are slowly moving and taking different directions of the house, making it unlivable.

Dreaming of seeing the walls of your house moving away and apart refers to a loss of security. Something is threatening your source of livelihood, hence your anxiety manifested this symbol in your dream. You could be experiencing some hindrance or interference from those who are working with you to complete a particular task or goal.

Being inside a filthy house

I dreamt my brother in law, sister and I moving into a house that had a lot of junk inside, was greasy, feeling dirty and smelled piled bags with dirty diapers in it, clothes, everything was dirty, except the kitchen. It had silver back splash over the stove, there was a pot with writing on it, a flower pot hanging with fake white flowers, a lot of them, in one hall I saw a door, so I opened it, it was a closet hidden door to kitchen, looked in and was eye-leveled with floor couches were dirt, I was trying hard to clean them.

Houses you see in dreams generally refer to your current self. So moving into a filthy house together with your family members suggests emotional baggage and psychological clutter. You could be feeling weighed down by unresolved issues and feel it is time to scrub your mind clean of worries and damaging thoughts. The presence of your family members probably means that they may be getting dragged into your personal problems or maybe they are part of the reason for your emotional turmoil. As a counterpoint, the clean kitchen symbolizes warmth, healing, nourishment and maternal associations. Your mother, or whoever embodies a maternal figure in your life, could be representative of the kitchen and the one steering you into a path of renewal. Alternatively, it could also be the part of you that is yearning for comfort and security. To get yourself back on track and your existence in proper order, you need to look closely at your positive traits and learn to love yourself.

Looking for something house-to-house

I am trying to get somewhere. I have left something and need to get back to get it. In trying to accomplish that I make my way back as the crow flies. I find myself walking into people's houses. Houses I don't know and people I don't know. Walking into a door and knowing I need to crawl out a window to get to where I am going... I try to not let them see me and when they do it is no big deal. During my venture I get sidetracked, never accomplishing what I set out to find.

Dreaming that you have left something behind and need to go back to that place to retrieve it symbolically represents the presence of a task or decision that you have yet to take care of. This outstanding issue is likely something you have been avoiding, as the image of entering through a door could point toward some indecisiveness about the matter. Maybe you are unsure about the consequences and want to avoid responsibility for the results, or maybe you are afraid that you can never return to where you were before the choice was made. In either case, exiting from the window is probably a suggestion from your subconscious to jump in feet first and not worry too much about things you do not have control over.

A house near the ocean with no doors

I was going to either rent or buy a house. It was kind of built into rock near the ocean, and there were several open entrances to this "house" or living space. Someone showing me the house said it was "dangerous", and I asked if it were dangerous because of the ocean or because of all the open entrances with no doors. The inside was very pleasant. Open from several open entrances, but it had a little nook with a fireplace inside that I really liked. I hung canvas doors for protection.

Houses in dreams represent your persona. Trying to rent or buy a house alludes to changing perspectives and personal adjustments. The presence of open entrances reveals your openness to ideas and experiences. Maybe you are also the kind of individual who is very trusting and easily swayed by your emotions, which could make you a target for certain unscrupulous figures in the real world. And yet, the location and seemingly sturdy foundation of this home means you may be able to weather any storm as long as you listen to your instincts and gut feelings.

A house destroyed by a truck

My house and the neighbors' house was destroyed with a huge truck intentionally by an angry man. He then comes after me and sprays with red-hot paint on the back of my legs.

Having your house destroyed by a truck during a dream vision often represents feeling overwhelmed in wake life, particularly by work or domestic responsibilities. Seeing your neighbor's house destroyed as well could be the manifestation of your sympathy for others who are facing a similar situation as you. The red paint could symbolize becoming emotionally unstable or worked up, suggesting that prolonged exposure to stress and unhappiness could negatively affect your ability to think and react rationally in front of others. It would be wise to find good ways to manage both your stress and workload lest you lash out at someone accidentally.

In a strange house with a crush

I have been everywhere for this dream, please help me. Me, my family and my crush we were all at my grandparents' house, but the house was like a carnival because it had at least three floors and odd walls. I and my crush walked around a bit. Then I heard my mother yelling that it was time to go. I got sad. I kissed my crush's cheek and told him I loved him and he kissed me back and said "Finally". The dream ended there. I'm bi female btw.

A spacious, strange house, such as the three-level carnival house you saw in your vision, is a mixed symbol. It suggests attending some sad event like a funeral but also meeting someone there who brings you happiness. This could be a family member you have not seen in some time or a friend whom you would invite to come along. In either case, expressing affection toward someone and receiving similar treatment in return is most likely a reflection of your actual situation in waking life, predicting that with careful planning some progress could be made on this love affair. Inviting this boy to important events, then, maybe the key to deepening the bond between the two of you.

Left in a big house by boyfriend

I was in a big modern house living with a boyfriend in the city. In the dream, I was in high school while he was 4 years older than me. He was in the NHL and I woke up with him gone, he called me on a tablet saying he had to leave last minute because he was switched to another team. I was kind of mad because I had to be at the big house alone and pack up everything to move where he was. Hockey girlfriend?

A dream wherein you see yourself living in a big new house denotes certain issues or challenges you would come across in your current relationship. Your boyfriend leaving you behind could be the manifestation of uncertainties in your waking life. There may even be a possibility of a long-distance relationship. Perhaps you live in constant fear of your boyfriend abandoning you at some point. The fact that he does eventually call you to follow him reflects the fact that he cares about you to an extent. However, you as a person desire more than simple caring. The best thing would be to reassess your relationship and see if it provides you with the emotional fulfillment you require.

Unusual-looking interiors of a house

There were no stairs in the house, just a circular area with a settee-like area to jump down to. Also had to crawl under tables and through stable-type doors.

A house with no stairs alludes to your simple lifestyle and humble existence. This can also be interpreted as a lack of ambition, especially since you find yourself crawling under furniture and doors within the dream. It illustrates your tendency to lower your standards or settle for something less than you deserve. This lack of motivation to succeed may stem from either insecurity or a tendency to be a perfectionist. Fear of failure may prevent you from taking any risks, hence you end up looking for easily achievable goals with no true value attached to them.

A house haunted by a girl

A young girl is haunting a house. She is not a threat to me but haunts my friend. She will pull me and my friends into a family portrait. There is also sometimes a war going on in the house but only I can see it. Or there was a swarm of bees near her.

The young girl haunting your friend in the dream means your friend could be hiding something from you. This secret may be connected to a past mistake or problems from before which are starting to manifest in the present. There could also be some guilt or shame involved. Additionally, the swarm of bees near the girl alludes to work and restlessness. As such, this issue or burden your friend is carrying could be connected to a former job or a past occupation. You could soon be contacted by this company or pursued by your friend's former employers.

In a house which belongs to an attacker

I had a dream that I was walking and someone was chasing me, so I ran to a house for help and it turned out to be the person that was chasing me's house and they tried to kill me.

This vision is a warning to not stand by idly while injustice is being done. Just as the unknown person chased and attacked you, so does this dream suggest your actions, or rather inaction, would catch up with you. Not stepping in to help those who are being hurt is as bad as treating them poorly yourself. You should try to act justly and protect those who are less fortunate than yourself.

Finding additional space inside the house

I have a dream every so often, that I will find a whole separate wing of my house. That no one knows is there. It's an entire apartment. But it is very dirty and unlivable. Yet I feel excited I found it, and want to be there.

Your own house is a familiar place that should be completely known to you. Saying that in your dream you discover a separate wing could be related to your own unawareness about certain aspects of yourself, as if the house was you and the separate wing was a part of your personality that you could be ignoring or making sure that other people cannot detect. Mentioning that although the space was dirty and seemed unlivable and you still wanted to be there could reveal that you are ready to give attention to the parts of your personality which will probably not please others but which you still need to address in order to feel complete.

A house break-in

I'm female, 25, I keep having a nightmare that someone breaks into my home and tries to murder my family, including my 3-year old daughter. I wake up crying and it's really scaring me.

Seeing a vision such as this is very troubling and with good reason. This symbol of someone breaking into your residence in order to murder your family is a highly ominous sign, although it is not related to such an event occurring in reality. Rather, this symbol suggests you would soon be betrayed by someone you thought you could trust or taken advantage of by someone who does not have your best interests at heart. In a sense, they are breaking down the walls between the two of you for their selfish desires. If you have been wary about someone you have been spending a lot of time with in reality, it is possible your subconscious has already picked up on their schemes. It may be better to avoid this individual until they show their true colors.

Houses, horse statues and a forest

On the left I saw a row of grey terrace houses, next to them 2 large horse statues taller than the houses. Then in front - a dark dense forest area. So the view was 90 degree angle - houses and horses on the left and the forest directly next to them. I felt that I had been given a vision to help me.

Houses in dreams symbolize the dreamer's self, both mind and body. So the row of terrace houses in your vision indicates aspects of yourself or even different versions of you and how you interact with the world. It can also represent your future which is characterized by domestication, stability and discipline. The neat lines and appearance of the houses as well as the grey color are all symbols of structure and order that you are striving for. However, the horse statues imply wildness and untamed energy. Your impulsive nature could be getting in the way of your life goals because they appear taller than the houses in your dream. This means you are not ready for responsibility and settling down yet. You still have a lot of passions you want to pursue, places you want to visit and a carefree lifestyle you want to lead. As a result, the dark and dense forest indicates looming conflict and discord within your household or involving family members. Your inability to follow a straight path towards a secure future could further aggravate and frustrate your loved ones who only want to see you succeed.

Deceased brother's house

I inherited my brother's house and presently selling it. My brother took his own life. I saw the house 8 times vividly in my dreams last night.

Seeing a house you own in the dream world should be considered as a symbolic warning that there may be some very serious and difficult troubles headed your way, particularly if you are in the middle of a project or task. This symbol could also be indicative of coming face to face with a situation that may cause substantial loss in your life. So in a sense, this vision is two-fold. It represents the loss you are feeling from the passing of your brother and the difficulty and stress associated with selling a house. It would be wise to try not to overexert or overextend yourself during this time.

Being inside someone else's house

In a house which is not our own.

The symbol of a house in your dream has multiple meanings, and its interpretation depends on many factors such as size, number of rooms, the condition of the house, and many others. If you are not interested in purchasing a house or moving to a new one in real life, the image of a house has nothing to do with actual events, but more with your subconscious. It is a representation of your own self. Being in a stranger's house symbolizes your uncomfortable feelings and dissatisfaction about yourself. You probably are experiencing or about to go through a change in your life that may cause you some restlessness.