Dreams Related To Hostage

Being held hostage with loved ones

I am a girl and my dream was about me and loved ones being held hostage. I called my friend for help and his soon to be ex wife answered his phone and she would not tell him we need his help. She left us for dead.

Being held hostage means you are depending too much on others to get by in life. The fact that your loved ones are also with you in this hostage situation suggests you have not been trained or prepared to be independent, even when you are already an adult. Perhaps they have coddled you as the baby of the family which has made you needy. For instance, you may tend to waste your money on extravagant things instead of prioritizing your bills and practical necessities. You are also drawn to mischievous people instead of the wise, practical ones. This happy-go-lucky attitude will soon be tested as the people you rely on to bail you out will no longer be willing to enable your irresponsible nature. That call represents a rejection and you would have to cope on your own, so prepare yourself for this test of character.

Being a hostage

Being held hostage in a dream, like being tied up and blindfolded inside a basement or some other dark room, speaks of being overly dependent on other people to get by in life. You could be relying too much on your parents or your friends to bail you out or get you out of a bad situation. You are comfortable knowing you have a safety net of loved ones. Unfortunately, this also means that you are unable to achieve anything on your own because there is always someone propping you up and helping you out.

Taking someone hostage

Holding or taking someone hostage in a dream, such as having a captive inside your own house or abducting a person in a vision, reveals your inability to succeed in reality because someone is jeopardizing your career. This person may be withholding relevant information or blocking opportunities so your own career has stagnated over the years. It may even be more subtle like making you question your own capabilities just so you do not surpass their achievements out of pure spite.

Helpless while being held hostage

A man held me and some friends hostage in a room and was cutting us with knives. I got out to get help but no one wanted to help, not even family members. There was a specific set of people that he was "after" because people walked in and out of the room but he did nothing to them. I was crying and begging for help and everyone kept saying that they're not helping and that I'm on my own. My mom was sitting outside in the car talking to her friend and I went crying to her and then woke up.

Being held hostage in the dream world reveals your sense of helplessness in wake life. You could be facing a situation in reality where you feel powerless or undermined by your superiors or other authorities. Alternatively, your captivity could also mirror the kind of dynamic you have with an influential personality. Being in the presence of this individual may bring out your passive side, shocking you into silence even when it goes against your principles. In that sense, the apparent apathy of the others in your dream likely means that only you have the power to free yourself from the tyranny of this powerful figure.

Being held hostage and being shot

Being held hostage and then being shot in the same vision suggests that you tend to rely too much on others to fight your battles for you. Instead of taking responsibility and acting for yourself, you depend on friends and family to do your work for you. While there are times when it is important to rely on those around you, it should never be a substitute for being able to accomplish things on your own. Others may get tired of helping you all the time when they see you make no effort to defend yourself.

Someone you know as a hostage

Seeing someone you know being held hostage in a dream, like a family member or someone at work, reveals problematic situations in reality. This hostage in the dream, or someone else you know in the waking world, could be doing something questionable behind your back and you could potentially get dragged into this sticky situation. This person may have lied to you for fear of being judged or punished. You may have to step up and find a way out of this dilemma to save this person as well as yourself from getting into more trouble.

Freeing a hostage

Setting a hostage free, whether it is your own hostage or possibly distracting the captor and then freeing their captive, is usually an auspicious dream symbol. Whatever obstacles or setbacks you may experience soon, this dream means you would be able to overcome them soon enough. You may even be better off than your previous state after you solve the challenges or problems in your path. In a way, the hostage in the dream vision actually refers to your potential, so once you are free from obstacles, success would be within reach.

Taken hostage by a stranger

I had a dream a guy I don't recognize took hostage of me and my little brother but he did nothing to him, he only let him see the mental abuse he put me through for what seemed like 2 days. But he also let us keep our phones, weird, right? Then we randomly were able to get out and my dad was there to get us and he was alive, but he died in the beginning ? And he died for some reason due to his diabetes and he was fed something he wasn't supposed to eat. The guy also raped a church lady.

To be held hostage in the dreamscape is a manifestation of the Carl Jung shadow concept. This symbolizes dependence on people like your family or friends whenever you find yourself in tough situations. The abuse and psychological torture suggest you are feeling pressured to cave in to expectations. However, having a phone with you means you have the power to get out of this situation should you choose to. Your brother bearing witness to the abuse is a projection of your acute awareness that you must serve as a role model to him, thereby you are conscious of making good decisions which he can emulate later in his life. The rape scenario is a forewarning of the consequences of your actions or inaction, while the death of your dad is another subtle message from your subconscious that there is brewing conflict in your household. You need to balance your parents' dreams for you with your own aspirations. Perhaps having a heart-to-heart talk will help manage their expectations if you are feeling stressed out about this.

A stranger taken hostage

Witnessing a stranger being held hostage in someone's garage or in the trunk of a car as the person is being transported to a holding location means you could catch an illness in reality. This health issue may have something to do with your poor diet, like eating a lot of junk food, or a generally unhealthy lifestyle with little to no exercise. In a way, the hostage represents your well-being, so if you do not learn to take care of yourself, you may end up with a pretty serious illness requiring constant medication.

People being taken hostages

Witnessing a bunch of people being taken hostage, such as a mass abduction of a group of students or the kidnapping of affluent individuals, means you would hear some success stories about people you know or a specific person in your social circle. It could be head-spinning or whirlwind triumph for your peer or friend borne out of a combination of hard work and luck. This news may bring out the envious side of you as someone who has been working hard all these years. You could get annoyed real fast hearing about this achievement over and over.

Being saved as a hostage by a friend

Me and people I don't know were held hostage and I saw my friend from a far getting away and followed him with other people he was with. Then I was safe and hugged him.

Being held hostage in the dream realm is often thought to represent having a more passive personality, at least according to some dream interpreters. These sources suggest that you tend to rely on others heavily for guidance, friendship and even direction in life. Following your friend out of the building rather than being saved suggests you have some ability to self-motivate. However, unless you practice self-discipline and avoid the temptation of instant gratification, you may find it difficult to make your dreams a reality.

Being held hostage and seducing someone

Was trapped somewhere, tried to call my mom and let her know I was being held hostage. Couldn't use my phone anymore because the men holding me and other people hostage didn't let us. I ended up seducing one of the men and having sex with him. We were in the bathroom sitting on the toilet and I had to poop, so I started pushing and nothing would come out. Eventually, it all comes out and I puke something out too. I wash up in the shower and then continue having sex.

Being kidnapped and held hostage in a dream vision usually represents the realization that we have missed out on something and "tied our own hands together." In this sense, you have come to the understanding that your fate is sealed due to a decision you made in the past. The source of your troubles can be seen in your inability to use the restroom, a sign which is often considered the manifestation of outdated beliefs or habits. Seducing one of the men and having sex with him could point toward the internal conflict you face by holding on to these ideas, suggesting you do see some mistakes with your current way of going about things but are unable to commit to change yet. Having everything come out at the end of the vision predicts eventually taking the steps to change your beliefs and actions to suit the times, though the internal conflict may still persist for some time longer.

An apartment taken hostage

First I was bitten on the nose by a wolf but then an apartment building I was in was taken hostage. They cut the cell service. I got free and went to get help. Some guy was following us and then I was with a strong woman and we ended up in the ocean and she killed him. Then I got back to the apartments but there was an Emergency Room on the other side. I was hiding in an inside river bed and people saw me. I ended up in a community meeting. Then I took a truck to get help.

Being bitten on the nose by a wolf and then being held hostage may reveal a sudden turn of events in your career which would cause you many problems. The hostage situation suggests things are going on around you that you are powerless to see or stop, while the wolf may represent a particular antagonist at your place of work. Together, these symbols show how someone you dislike may be plotting behind your back to get in the way of your success. Your escape and the image of the ocean both point toward discovering the truth before it is too late, giving you at least a little time to fix things. The truck you drive at the end of this vision reveals that this would be a new starting point for your life, possibly leading to a change of work or new living situation.

Being kept captive together with mother and cats

A man had my mother and I captive in a house. He kept cats and kittens in a cage to torture them. I sneaked to the back of the house to save a cat, it ran off. I sneaked back inside to where my mom was. My dream flips to where this man is yelling at me. I said no to his demands he said he will take my mom's eyes out her head. I ran over to my mom and got between him and my mom but he was a lot wider and taller than me. My mom didn't move at all while this whole thing was happening. He screams "I got her eyes".

Being held captive or hostage in dreams often depicts a sense of helplessness in reality. The man likely represents an authority figure or someone powerful in the real world who you feel is controlling your life and personal freedom. Alternatively, your captivity may also refer to your past mistakes and bad decisions which would put you and your mother into a bad situation. Fortunately, your defiance toward your captor reveals your determination to defend yourself and even outwit your tormentors at work or in your social circle. On the other hand, if the man represents your personal mistakes then your resistance could represent your efforts at correcting your blunders from the past.

Being held hostage as a black woman

I was a black woman being held hostage by thugs with knives.

Witnessing someone being held hostage is usually a bad omen. If the person is a stranger, then it means you would be afflicted by an illness which would render you incapacitated for days or even weeks. Your productivity would dip and you could incur a bit of debt. This health issue is likely linked to an unhealthy lifestyle, such as leading a sedentary life or eating too much processed foods. On the other hand, if the person is someone you know in reality, then this person is in a problematic situation. The knives further suggest financial losses because this person could get involved in illegal transactions or scams.