Dreams Related To Homosexual

Ex-fiance and ex-husband being homosexuals

I dreamt that my ex fiance and my ex husband were both homosexual. In this dream I was not surprised about ex fiance, but a little surprised about ex husband. After thinking about I thought (in the dream) that my ex husbands friends seemed secretive and gay.

The meaning of this dream about perceiving both of your ex's as homosexuals would actually depend on your attitude and level of tolerance toward people with this sexual orientation in waking life. If you harbor resentment and detest these individuals in reality, the dream vision is telling you about upcoming conflicts and disagreements with the person whom you are currently in a relationship with or planning on dating. The primary reason for such face-offs would be you tendency to say things before thinking or revealing too much information from inside of the relationship or about your man's private business to others. The more aggressive and hostile you were toward the people you thought were homosexual in your dream, the more serious troubles you are about to immerse yourself in. If, in real life, you are tolerant and accepting toward homosexuals, for example if one of your close friends or co-workers has this kind of sexual orientation, you can expect to go through a break-up with the person you are romantically involved with, but in this case it would happen because of reasons and motivations beyond your control, such as the other half in this romantic equation being uncomfortable with the way it is progressing.