Dreams Related To Homeless

Taking care of a homeless man

A homeless man tries to steal my wallet (the one I have in real life) but I take it out of his bag. I load his stuff in mom's car. My mom and I get his haircut and get him cleaned up and are in the car driving to take him to a shelter. He made me feel nervous being around him and a little scared. The man was weird and seemed mentally ill.

A homeless man as a dream symbol is usually a reminder for the dreamer to be grateful and to value what you have. This includes your loved ones, your health and your sense of security compared to other, less fortunate, people. Unfortunately, the other symbols in your dream suggest bad decisions. While you are financially secure, your own choices and actions could drive you into debt. This is illustrated by the homeless man trying to take or steal your wallet. You think you will always have your friends and family to bail you out or lend you money, but your recklessness and hedonism will eventually force them to withdraw support so you can learn how to manage your finances responsibly.

Being homeless

I dreamed I was homeless.

Dreams containing images of being homeless predict a possibility of soon experiencing great disappointments, frustrations and things which would turn out to be a complete opposite of what you were expecting to happen. The underlying cause of these circumstances is most likely the result of unfair treatment, disrespect or inferiority complex you may have or express in respect to other people around you.

Being chased by a homeless person

Dreaming of being chased by a homeless or vagrant person or people draws attention to an aspect of your waking life where you feel mentally overwhelmed or neglected. This dream serves as an omen to interpret the challenges you face and take proactive steps to address them, seeking support and finding stability in your life.

A homeless man stealing food

I bought french toast and an omelette to go at a restaurant. I gave up my seat at a table to a family while I waited for my food. I left and the street lights started falling. I put down my food and a homeless man in a yellow shirt stole my food. I screamed for help to stop him, but I couldn't catch him.

Both the french toast and omelet convey a positive message of satisfaction. Everything so far is going according to your plan and expectations. However, soon you will have to make certain sacrifices which would threaten your comfort and way of life. The falling street lights further point to depression. Once you are out of your comfort zone, you will begin to doubt your capability to get yourself out of this slump. Do not let hopelessness take over because while things will not be as great as you would want them to be, you are still luckier than others. In fact, the homeless man is a symbolic reminder to value what you have instead of whining about what you have lost.

Disliking a homeless person

Homeless type a girl person, I bought some old clothes she had. They were dirty, unwashed. I threw them in the garbage. My husband tried helping her, I had bad feelings about her, and wanted her gone. She was lazy, laying around.

Seeing a homeless person in a dream vision is usually a reminder about appreciating and valuing what you have, including your family and friends. Your bad feeling about this homeless girl means you are taking something or someone for granted. Clothes represent social status and public persona, so throwing her dirty clothes in the garbage illustrates your harsh or unfair treatment of someone in your social circle. An impending encounter or confrontation would reveal your personal biases towards a neglected, overlooked or undermined friend or colleague. This, in turn, would allow you to see what this person is truly worth.

Homeless woman

Dreams involving a vagrant typically reflect fear of losing financial wealth. In particular, seeing a homeless woman in the dream world indicates that you dread seeing yourself far from the limelight of success. Moreover, if a person sees a homeless girl, it could also suggest that some aspects of his or her life have experienced a total downfall. It could be anything ranging from sustaining personal relationships to flourishing in his or her endeavor. Perhaps you need to be more cautious in every decision you will make to avoid any misfortune associated with this dream.