Dreams Related To Hindu

Bulls and Hindu Gods

I went to one not fully constructed building with a group of people and a guide with us. There were 2 bulls blocking the way and one bull hit me also. Then the guide turned out to be Lord Shiva who went to one of the bulls and made him remember that he is Lord Vishu and after that both became invisible.

The unfinished building in your dream represents your unrealized potential. The building blocks of this building symbolize every step you take in life and the experiences you accumulate in the process. Ultimately, you are working towards becoming whole and fulfilling your role in society. Meanwhile, the bulls blocking your way are your destructive impulses and negative attitudes that are hindrances to your success. To curb your bad habits, you need to turn to your fundamental values as guided by your beliefs in life. Shiva represents your spirituality which you need to guide yourself into a fulfilling and productive path, instead of giving in to temptations and leading your life astray.