Dreams Related To Hill

Climbing up hill

Climbing up a hill in the dream world is synonymous with having difficulty communicating with the opposite sex or with romantic partners. In a sense, you are fighting an uphill battle, dealing with opposition from others and multiple obstacles in your path. Perhaps your lover is not interested in having the same level of intimacy as you, or maybe friends and family are trying to prevent the two of you from seeing each other. You may even be in a similar situation as Romeo and Juliet! While you may have some uncomfortable experiences for awhile, other symbols within you vision could reveal a happy ending if you are lucky.

A hill in front of you

A hill in front of you represents your long-term goals. You are probably in the early years of adulthood and you feel overwhelmed by all the challenges and responsibilities you need to take on before you get to your desired life. The thought of all the work you need to put in is probably paralyzing, so you need to take it one step at a time and break down your goals into manageable tasks. On the other hand, the hill could also mean you are attracted to someone who you feel is out of your league. Either find a way to rise to their level or start by being friends, so there is no pressure to impress this person.

Going down steep hills

A dream about going down a steep hill often indicates that a lot of the obstacles that were previously in your path would disappear due to a magnanimous power in your life. A challenge or struggle that bothered you before would now be removed from your way. The good news is that you could become more confident which would allow you to overcome other things or fix relationships that have been damaged in the past. It is important that you do not let the rush of freedom and excitement upset the balance in your life. Take things slow and let everything click together naturally.

Driving to the top of a hill

Succeeded driving to the top of a steep hill only to find destruction and no way down.

Driving to the top of a steep hill reflects your desire to learn more about yourself and get in touch with the parts of you that make you unique. Often, this symbol is thought to be part of a message from your subconscious that now is the time to make changes in your life that would help you align yourself with your future goals. The destruction you saw at the top means that not everything you discover along the way about yourself and those closest to you would be positive. You may find darkness and things that make you feel uncomfortable. However, accepting those aspects and looking for more ways to move past them could help you finally get the answers you are seeking.

Rolling down a hill

Rolling down a hill suggests you find pleasure in being a contrarian. While others practice minimalism and a zero waste lifestyle, you tend to live your life in excess. If your friends start taking up hobbies like hiking and camping, you hole yourself up at home and play video games all day. This rebellious personality often puts you at odds with your loved ones. On the other hand, this dream symbol can also represent your lack of control over your life. Your lack of self-motivation means you often need a more level-headed person or a mentor to push you into striving for a better life.

Running down a hill

Running down a hill reveals your tendency to avoid responsibility. Despite your age, you continue to exhibit immature behaviors such as binge drinking, posting profanities online and sleeping around. Your loved ones may have tolerated your behavior when you were young, but they will soon reach their limit and would no longer bail you out or give you a pass the next time you mess up. If you find yourself going off the rails, there may be no one there to catch you before you reach rock bottom.

Getting down the hill using steps

I was high up on a hill, there were lots of people about. There were steps down, but I couldn't get down as several of the steps were broken. I don't know how I managed to get down, but I did.

Seeing yourself in a high place, like the top of a hill or a high staircase, is a positive sign connected to the work you do or activities you join in real life. It indicates a kind, thoughtful disposition and a natural gift for helping those in trouble or need, such as members of your family, friends, acquaintances, or people you work with. Being able to descend the stairs even though some were damaged and broken symbolizes a blindness to social class, wealth, or other superficial factors, representing your sympathy and empathy towards anyone who needs your assistance whether they can return the favor or not.