Dreams Related To High school

Being back in high school

Finding yourself back in high school portends a realization that you have made a mistake. Going back to school is a symbol of making bad or uninformed decisions, so your subconscious is telling you that you still have a lot to learn. For example, you may have neglected to pay your bills and you will only realize this once your power has been cut off or you lose your Internet connection. Getting more organized through apps and automated payments to avoid unnecessary inconvenience can help ace adulting. The tools are there, you just have to choose which ones can help you manage your life better.

High school classmates

Seeing your old pals or classmates from high school means you are trying to remedy a recent mistake. You have probably committed a bad decision and your conscience is nagging you about it. High school, in a traditional sense, is oftentimes riddled with rebellious behavior and bad decisions which means seeing this in your dreams is a sign of immaturity. On the other hand, you may just be yearning for recklessness because you have such a rigid and regimented lifestyle.

Going back to high school

Envisioning yourself back in high school illustrates the imitativeness of dreams compared to real life. You likely have a lesson you need to learn, so your subconscious is sending you back into an institution of learning. It could be a self-destructive pattern which you are unable to break or a life-long issue you have been avoiding. If high school was a memorable time for you, this could also represent escapism. You are reliving a moment of youthful joy to counteract the bleakness of your reality. Understanding the root of your problems will help you avoid making the same mistakes.