Dreams Related To Hen

A hen and a cock mating

I dreamt of a hen and a cock mating.

Dreaming about a hen and cock mating represents a desire to procreate. You may desire to have a child or add to your current brood. However, there is a sense in these symbols that your mental state may not be up to the task at the moment. Perhaps you have a lot of other stress or variables in your life that need to be dealt with first before you consider having a baby.

A hen drowning in water

A brown chick pushed its mother hen into a bowl of water and the hen drowned, my sis removed the drowned hen from the water but it was already dead.

A dream that centers around the image of someone trying to save a hen could be interpreted as a warning sign. This symbol probably refers to an individual who has been leading or supporting your sister in reality. If you are the one who is mentoring your sister, the two of you would need to work together and assist each other in order to overcome some current or future hardship. If that assistant is somebody else, this vision is telling you to encourage your sister to be open and honest with her tutor or mentor so that the two of them would be able to tackle the issue.