Dreams Related To Help

Helping a stranger

Assisting or helping a stranger in a dream reflects the way you communicate with others in reality. As such, if the unknown person you helped appreciates or accepts your help, it means you have good communication skills and can relate well to others in various walks of life. If the person you were trying to aid seems to fear you or rejects your help, however, it means you may come across as condescending or judgmental to others, even if you do not really feel that way. In this case, you should consider this vision a sign to improve various qualities of your communication and find opportunities to serve others.

A woman calling for help

I dreamed someone was calling "Help Me". I heard it a second time, "Help Me", it was a woman, in a very distressed, painful sounding voice. I asked, "Where are you?". One more time she said "Help Me", the voice sounded like she was in serious trouble of some kind. I woke husband in the dream, handed him a flashlight so he could find her. Sounded like way off behind our house. I woke up, out of a very sound sleep. If it had been for real, my dog would have barked and he was sleeping.

Dreaming about someone else in a state of distress may point toward contentment and satisfaction with reality. You may be in a comfortable position that allows you the leeway to be generous and helpful to those in need. In a sense, the woman crying out in the vision represents your subconscious desire to be of service to others, sharing what you have so that all may benefit. Handing your husband a flashlight may further suggest a desire to host some sort of party or function where you could meet and take care of someone else, like a charity event or a birthday party. The success of this event would be sure to bring you much happiness when all is said and done.

Becoming blind and calling for help

Sitting on the couch, drawing in my Ipad and suddenly being electrocuted and debilitated, I attempt to call for help to my wife sleeping across from me but get no response. I struggle to get closer to her and say "Help", then the dream skips to me leaving the room and going toward the kitchen but I am almost blind. I can only see blurry and cannot focus or see anything and again I am looking and calling for help. Then it skips to me in the bed with my wife and I struggle to finally awaken.

A couch implies rest and relaxation both in reality and in dreams. This symbol is also associated with sex and intimacy. So the early part of your vision could mean that you are in a comfortable place in terms of your relationship, but perhaps there are some aspects that you feel are lacking and have been lacking for some time. Looking a little deeper, the inability to communicate with your wife in the vision may reflect a breakdown of communication in reality. For example, maybe you need to be more open about your feelings with her, or perhaps you do not feel like your values or desires are given the same weight as hers. Walking blindly towards the kitchen could further shed light on this situation, suggesting your subconscious is worried that you are stumbling around in the dark and heading towards worse problems down the line. It would be wise to address and solve minor problems that are bothering you and your wife before they turn into larger issues later on.

Helping others and making out at the same time

I'm a male 36 years of age. First I was taking care of an elderly woman. Once I cared for her I went back to make out with a girl I like and know. All of sudden it jumped to me helping people being slaves, both men and women. Then I jumped back to trying to make out with the girl this I didn't see her. Then I got surrounded by different women that wanted to fight me and so I told them all to come with it.

Dream scenarios of altruism interspersed with kissing or intimate scenes are projections of your positive attitude in the face of hardships. Therefore, you can expect blessings and triumphs on your horizon because of your ability to attract good energy. For example, taking care of the elderly points to an unexpected event that will give you a lot of joy and fulfillment in life. This could be a promotion or a title that will give you significant influence over others. Kissing someone you like reveals your optimism and that you are not averse to working hard if it means improving your current living conditions. Meanwhile, helping slaves means you are likely in a position of privilege with the ability to help others who may be oppressed or powerless. Finally, the final scene with the women conveys your willingness to address conflict head-on instead of hiding or avoiding it. Ultimately, you are on a journey towards enlightenment and empowerment, and there is a lot of work to be done.