Dreams Related To Heights

Dreaming of heights

According to Freudian theories, dreaming about being in a high place, such as on top of a building or the summit of a mountain, may reflect being at the precipice of making a big decision in wake life. You may be concerned about the outcome of your choice and whom or what it may affect. This is especially true if you were alone at the top. Depending on other memorable symbols within the vision you may be able to find a solution that suits your situation the best.

Dreams about falling from great heights meaning

Fear of heights

Having a fear of high places while in REM sleep does not actually reflect such a fear in reality. This symbol is seen equally by both those who do and do not suffer from acrophobia. As a dream symbol, traditional sources suggest you are about to reach the conclusion of some project or plan you have been working on. However, whether or not the results of your efforts would be pleasing or not is unclear from this symbol alone.

Someone falling from height

Seeing someone falling from a height in the dream world could be a warning about the importance of maintaining control in your life. You may feel like your fortunes are out of your hands or that obstacles are pushing you off. Moreover, the person falling indicates someone in your life who is struggling, or it could be a reflection of your feelings of instability. From a spiritual perspective, this dream suggests the need to let go of negative influences or people who are holding you back. Overall, the dream is a reminder to stay focused on your goals and work towards success, but to be aware of warning signs.

Heights and ledges

Dream workers interpret dreaming of ledges and high places, like the rooftop or a mountain's summit, as a manifestation of an impending big decision in your life. This life-changing moment is likely keeping you up at night or exacerbating your insomnia. The stress of this decision is particularly telling if you find yourself alone on this ledge or summit. Other dream symbols you remember in this vision will help you make a decision that will be best for everyone involved.

Being scared of heights

Feeling scared or afraid of heights when you are in the dream realm, whether or not you have such a phobia in reality, indicates that something else is out of whack in your life. In a sense, your subconscious mind has redirected your attention to this easily identifiable fear because you may be uncomfortable or unready to face the true source of what is making you uncomfortable. In this case, the other symbolism present in the dream may give answers as to what is really bothering you or causing you to feel petrified in reality.

Fear of heights and sensing someone's presence

Dreamed about a fear of heights, then woke up and saw a little boy standing in my room pointing, smiling. It seemed so real after turning the light on didn't see him anymore.

A dream in which you see a smiling boy pointing at something only to disappear afterwards could be considered a sign of unexpected news coming your way. There is a possibility that you could make a surprising discovery in the near future without actually meaning to do so. This event would catch you off-guard and have long term ramifications for your future. It remains unclear whether the outcome of all this would be positive or negative for you.