Dreams Related To Heifer

A heifer in labor

There was a heifer in labor and was having a real hard time. I was trying to help her by talking to her and petting her. She ended up having three calves in which the last one was breech. But before the last one was born, still inside the heifer it started kicking and was causing the heifer to flop off the ground and she was in pain. I recall feeling obligated and irritated in the beginning of the dream but then turned into anxiety and worry, and at the end fear.

The heifer in labor represents your journey into adulthood. You will be forced to take on a lot of difficult and challenging responsibilities despite your inexperience. Those three calves will be your accomplishments, proving to everyone that you can handle tough tasks despite your lack of expertise and guidance. Unfortunately, you will not succeed in all your ventures. The last one may fail because the previous successes will make you feel complacent and even a little arrogant. Instead of your usual way of relying on your skills and resourcefulness, you will make the mistake of growing a sense of entitlement rather than retaining your grit.