Dreams Related To Hedgehog

Being with a family of hedgehogs

I dreamt that I rescued 3 hedgehogs during the daytime (Mom, Dad and Baby). I was taking them to the rescue as I knew they were unwell being out in the daytime. But as it got to the night time, even though it never got dark I knew it was night and the hedgehogs were fine and were sitting at a dining table and they could talk and we were chatting and I was bringing them lots of fresh foods. They ordered pears to eat which I also brought for them. It was all very happy and cheery.

Hedgehogs convey negative connotations as dream symbols. They are mostly associated with defensiveness and insecurity. Unfortunately, dining with the hedgehogs means you are quite proud of your sensitive nature. Instead of building up your confidence and taking criticisms well, you prefer to lash out and blame others for your shortcomings. Even when critiques come from people who genuinely care about you, you are easily offended. You tell yourself you are perfect and that people should accept you as you are, but there is also value in self-awareness and self-improvement. Learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie, so you can have a complete and objective view of who you are as a person.