Dreams Related To Heart

Raining with hearts

I'm a woman. It was raining animated purple hearts.

Dreams about rain, in general, point towards shutting yourself from others, either emotionally or physically. Rain tends to hide or obscure objects and people, and this forced seclusion may be because of a natural inclination towards being introverted and reserved or because you may be currently experiencing some feelings of sadness, depression, or humility. The source of these feelings could be related to the purple hearts, a symbol that suggests betrayal by someone you once spent a lot of time bonding with. Furthermore, the notion that these were animated hearts adds weight to the idea that you feel this individual's presence in your life was a sham. However, distancing yourself from others, from those who actually care for you, is not the answer. You should allow those who love you best to care for your when you are down.

Drawing a heart shape

Dreaming that you are drawing a heart shape, like when you are having a summer vacation with your family on a beach and playfully draw a heart in the sand using a shell or stick, could pertain to your regrets of being rejected by someone when trying to get their attention of establish a romantic bond with them. This could be symbolic of your deep seated desire for this person and wanting to kindle an affair in your waking life. Be patient as this rejection could just be a detour for a more long-lasting relationship for you.

A heart-shaped object

Having a dream about a heart-shaped object, for instance when you see a wooden heart toy that a child is playing with some other kids, could pertain to betrayal or deception in your current love or romantic relationship and could be most likely related to material or financial issues. If you were making or giving this object to others, then you would be the unwilling victim in the situation. If, on the other hand, you were given or found this object, you would be the one deceiving or betraying someone else thus escalating trust issues.

Having a heart attack

Suffering from a sudden heart attack during the course of REM sleep can have two varying interpretations depending on the sources you consult. Traditional sources tend to link heart attacks with specific incidents or events that would cause you great trouble in the future. These could be medical conditions or events that figuratively break your heart. More modern interpretations suggest this symbol is the manifestation of fears about such difficulties rather than the difficulties themselves.

Your heart beating

Dreaming that your heart is beating, such that when you see yourself standing on a diving board and about to jump into the water and you could almost hear the loud thumping of your heart due to nervousness, could predict getting into some embarrassing or shameful situation. Alternatively, this could allude to deep seated concerns or fears about how you act or what you say if you are currently healthy. You should be just yourself and there would be no need to having to control your emotions for any reason. If, on the other hand, you are ill at the moment, your condition may worsen or could become aggravated by additional sickness or maladies if not taken care of immediately.

Your own heart

To dream of your own heart, like when you see yourself holding and staring at your alive and beating heart in your palm similar to a toy, could indicate acquiring or contracting some type of sickness or illness in reality. Additionally, this dream vision could pertain to lacking or losing your motivation or energy level in going about your tasks in your normal life. You may take a pause and look at the cause of this diminishing drive and see how you could take the energy back and achieve your goals as you would normally do.

Heart encased in glass

I'm a male. In the dream I was looking around a room when a man appeared, holding a glass bowl. He shoved it into my chest and said I have glass covering my heart.

Glass, by itself, is associated with the presence of sensitive issues that are bothering you. The bowl, then, could represent the containment of such negative emotions. The idea that there is glass covering your heart, as the man mentioned, may reveal the lack of a defense or coping mechanism for dealing with future difficulties or challenges. If you are lacking a strong support system or someone you can rely deeply on, you may want to invest in such a plan or individual before they are actually needed.

A bleeding heart

To dream of a bleeding heart, for instance when you see an action packed movie in a theater and a bullet wounded the protagonist's chest causing the blood to gush out, could refer to your attitude of being indifferent towards someone or shunning them altogether. Be careful not to alienate those people surrounding you as you would not know when the time comes that you might need their help. Alternatively, it could also pertain to going on some adventure which would turn out to be unpleasant or a waste of your time and energy.

Having no heart

Having no heart in a dream, such that when you see yourself feeling heartless while watching poor people grovel for food around you without a single trace of emotion, beware as this could mean witnessing death as a result of an accident in real life. Be mindful in going about your daily tasks and activities so that these dangers could be avoided or prevented from taking place in the first place. Additionally, the vision could also allude to easy or effortless victory over enemies and adversaries who are plotting against you.

Heart beating out of chest

Envisioning a dream in which your heart is beating out of your chest symbolizes a feeling of anxiety or increased stress in your waking life. The heart is often associated with emotions, particularly those related to love and relationships, so this dream is highlighting a particular person or relationship that is causing you feelings of insecurity or loss. Furthermore, the dream also suggests a search for security and survival in your life, whether it be in a relationship, a job, or another aspect of your life. Overall, the dream is a signal for you to take a step back and re-evaluate your priorities and focus on self-care and well-being.

A heart in general

Dreaming of a heart in general, for example when you see big red hearts flashing on billboards while driving around the city during Valentine's Day celebration, could symbolize cordiality or strong attachment to someone, love, spiritual enlightenment or sincere empathy towards someone special in your waking life. You might feel a very strong bond with this person due to a specific character or event that took place between you both. That being said, you should nurture this special relationship as this could come in handy in navigating the complexities of life.

Heart beating fast

Feeling your own heart beating fast while you are dreaming, such as during a nightmare or after some strenuous activity in the dream, means your emotions may be getting the best of you in reality. A pounding or racing heart could be associated with anything from love to fear. However, the issue is that in letting your feelings guide your actions, you are setting yourself up for confrontations in the future. In wake life, if you find yourself getting worked up by a person you must interact with, put some space between the two of you and take some deep breaths. No good can come from rushing into a situation already tense with emotion, be it from a place of annoyance or affection.

A heart for married women

If you are a married woman and you had a dream about a heart, for instance when you see yourself holding a red heart-shaped balloon or chocolates while walking down a street, it could allude to possible concerns or worries about a male figure in your life. This could be your husband, father or son who may be stirring these anxieties subconsciously. You could examine these deep seated thoughts and address them appropriately before they escalate to negative situations.

Someone having a heart attack

Envisioning someone having a heart attack in the dream realm symbolizes feelings of emotional distress and failure in some aspect of your waking life. In general, this is related to personal, professional, or related matters and may reflect feelings of guilt or a lack of love from others. According to some dream workers, this vivid element of the dream indicates the person's inability to cope with these intense emotions, or the sense that they are suffocating under the weight of them. In essence, the dream is a message from the subconscious to take their life and well-being seriously and make positive changes for a happier and healthier future.

Heart during surgery

To see a heart during surgery, for example when a surgeon is conducting an open heart transplant in a patient and you can see the heart in the process via a large hospital monitor, could serve as a warning that there could be some issues with your health that could potentially lead to a debilitating stroke or heart attack in reality. It would not hurt to visit your doctor and confirm your overall state of health. Remember that health is wealth and not having it could cripple you if not properly monitored and taken care of.

Aching heart

Envisioning yourself with an aching heart in a dream, for instance when you are painfully clutching your heart and gasping for breath while your family is looking at you with worried eyes, could pertain to challenges and difficulties in something you are currently working on in reality. This may be due to an error or omission you have made in everything you have built or worked on. All of your hard work may go to waste or come crumbling down unless you are able able to do some damage control and prevent more mistakes from taking place.

An animal heart

To dream of an animal heart, for example when you see yourself eating an exotic food like roast suckling pig which includes serving the cooked heart of the animal, could be symbolic of big battles and confrontations with your enemies or adversaries looming ahead in reality. No need to worry though as you would be able to come out of these victorious, earning the respect and admiration of people you are trying to impress. You should thank your mind for the well-planned strategy and tactics leading to the well-deserved victory.

On the other hand, envisioning the heart of a dead animal predicts episodes of depression or sadness which you would have to learn to control and overcome. In doing so, you would be able to maintain an overall mental health or well-being and avoid further complications associated with these conditions later on. Keep in mind that you are what you think about and you can control any mental state you would like to be in.

Eating a heart of an animal

To dream of eating a heart of an animal, such that when you see yourself eating an exotic food as a dare from friends during a backpacking trip which includes eating the heart of that animal, could be a reflection of your determination and hard work you put into your projects, tasks and responsibilities. This grit would allow you to be successful and realize your wildest dreams and aspirations in life. Continue to harness your drive and you could achieve the best version of yourself that would in turn help you unlock your deepest goals and desires.

A heartbreak

If you are dreaming about a heartbreak, for instance when you are sobbing your heart out while feeling sad watching a movie about a human tragedy, it could be interpreted that you are about to receive some disheartening news in the waking life. You could ensure that you are in overall healthy state of mind to prepare yourself for any kind of news coming your way and react in a more positive way. Alternatively, if you are dating and you had this heartbreak dream, it could signify a possibility of finally establishing a relationship with the special someone you are currently with.

A big heart

To dream about a big heart, such that when you envision a generous philanthropist who is giving out unconditional support and financial aid to various people and organizations and causing him or her to radiate with kindness, could mean luck and fortune in things you are presently trying to accomplish. Try to sustain this positive vibe to drive and motivate yourself to achieve your goals in real life. Always remember that kindness could go a long way in dealing with people and situations in your everyday life.

Jack of Hearts

Had a dream that I saw the jack of hearts by itself.

Dreaming about the jack of hearts is an auspicious symbol which could be interpreted in two ways. If you perceived it as a person capable of interacting with you, it means that your current or future lover or life partner is or will be the perfect choice for you who would never make you feel bad or disappointed no matter what life may throw at you at any given point. If you observed a depiction or an image of the jack of hearts, it means that you are about to receive some encouraging news about your current partner or some information leading to meeting such a special person and starting a new relationship.

Dying from a heart attack

I was somewhere and heard that I would be "called back home. I was needed there". It was clear that this meant I was going to die. There was a bunch of mundane "stuff" all while wondering if it could possibly be true. Then... I had a heart attack. It was so real... Felt as if my heart was being squeezed painfully. I was already in a hospital, found a doctor who did a scan of my heart. She showed me all of these spots on the monitor, and said that they were tiny holes, and with so many there was no way to fix them all. If there had been only a few, then maybe. But there were far too many, and there was nothing that she could do. I asked if I was going to die today, she said yes. I then immediately started thinking about my daughter, (she's 9, but was an infant in the dream) making sure that everything was in order for her. Then I went to my house to make sure that everything possibly embarrassing was gone... all while chasing kittens, knowing that it could happen at any time. I could die at any time. And, somehow there was a reason behind the death. It was determined by something greater than myself. (The kittens make sense, as we are fostering three little terrorists).

This vision is full of contradicting ideas and themes, suggesting a lot of turmoil or confusion in reality. It is also possible that you are on the cusp of some great change or shift in dynamics, causing a feeling of imbalance and unease. For instance, the first symbol in your vision is that of being called home or preparing to pass on to the next life. While this may seem like an ill omen, it is more so associated with new offers, opportunities or potential paths for greatness. This is opposed, however, by the almost physical pain of the heart attack, a sign closely related to difficulty and distress. In particular, this symbol suggests that your current state of affairs is causing you much trouble or grief, possibly due to a mistake you made some time ago. With that in mind, you may be having trouble reaching the next stage of your career, relationship or life in general due to this obstruction. Unless you are able to rectify the mistake, either by repair or apology, you may be stuck in the same place for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, your preparations for your daughter's comfort and your desire to get rid of any embarrassing bits from around the house could point toward an inclination to make amends to those who were hurt or affected by your past decisions.

Being diagnosed with heart problems

Having heart disease or experiencing a heart attack in your dream is usually a warning of emerging emotional conflicts. This situation may involve people you value the most, especially your loved ones. You might find yourself in a heated argument that could destroy an amicable relationship. Similarly, this dream might be directly related to your health. You might be swamped with many tasks and experience a lack of balance between your work and personal life. It is best to check up on yourself sometimes and prioritize your well-being.

Having heart problems

Dreaming about having heart problems or some heart-related disease indicates a lack of emotional or spiritual support in your life or a feeling of being disconnected from the people or something that you love. In general, it is a sign of a loss or failure that has left you feeling disheartened or unfulfilled. Furthermore, heart problems in a dream can also signify a need for acceptance and understanding. This could be in regard to a situation or relationship in your waking life that you are struggling with, or that you are not acknowledging and comprehending yourself.