Dreams Related To Hearse

Driving a hearse

I was driving a hearse to drop it off.

Dreaming about hearses is often an ominous sign, an indication of a possible future illness or worsening health conditions. However, because you mentioned you were actually driving the hearse to drop it off, it could also mean that if you are to experience any adverse situations with your health, you would be able to overcome them and move on, even if the struggle may be prolonged and tiring. You would most likely be able to set yourself free from any serious issues and complications.

Deceased mother's body taken out of a hearse

A grey old hearse pulled into my driveway. My father tells someone "She liked to sit inside, put her there" and a woman who resembles my deceased grandmother on maternal side opens the hearse door and takes my deceased mother out, wrapped in a white cloth, black shoes on feet. I am watching from the window in the 2-family home we all shared when my mother was alive. I still live in this house. She pulls body up stairs and it becomes out of my sight. I wake up shaken up and afraid.

Your family home is generally considered a positive place to be in the dream realm as it represents safety and security. It can, however, also imply a tendency to not put yourself out there, leading to lost opportunities for love or success. Seeing your dearly departed mother is also considered a positive sign associated with being successful or receiving some kind of reward. The white cloth she was wrapped in may represent marriage or a marital relationship, perhaps pointing towards a partnership you currently have or an upcoming engagement. Perhaps you need to take more initiative to really improve that connection or get the most out of it. Black shoes similarly suggest an improvement in your life or an important event that could become a great source of joy. While you may have felt startled or wary when you woke up, this dream is filled with very positive and uplifting imagery that should bring you great comfort.